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  1. Oh that’s awesome. Thanks for the info. I’ll be looking into that today.
  2. I live in west Shawnee. I would love to hear about your trip when you get back. What part of North KC? Liberty, parkville? And Cuba is pretty much out now for us Americans.
  3. So I was thinking the other day about planning a trip for me and the wife. Then I got to thinking, where on earth are some of the best LCDH for selection and prices. Of course our amazing host here el prez you are the best hands down. So that said where would you go? FYI, if it matters I live in Kansas smack dab in the middle of the USA.
  4. Here in the states like other people have said the word “Cuban cigar” is a two worded cuss word to them. Almost every cigar B&M store will bash them. Of course they will, they can’t sell them!! Which I would politely say to them and then they usually stop talking.
  5. Wow those prices are insane, I am an avid bourbon connoisseur. Here in the states particularly Kansas most liquor stores don’t up charge for the seasonal bourbons that come out every year. You just have to wait in line for several hours to get some, lol. Picked up George T. Stagg for $85 and most others under $70 like blantons, and I picked up weller antique for $35. And Eagle Rare goes for about $40 and is usually stocked all the time now. I have about 10 bottles (you know, just in case) lmao.
  6. I just posted a quick video on the front page of the forum. Show your doctor this video as I did, lmao...
  7. Great little video! Showed this to my doctor, and he laughed.
  8. Look at the color difference on those!! Gotta love it. Smell absolutely wonderful.
  9. I agree about when prez does this!! Sure knows how to hype us up to spend our money!! Wish this was thrown up twice a week. Love seeing what’s about to come to 24:24.
  10. Here’s a good list to start with: My Father, LFD, Arturo Fuente Don Carlos, Padron
  11. You mean my box of Cohibas with the red dot and a glass top from Mexico’s finest beaches aren’t real????!!!
  12. Hold on to your hat, this is gonna get wild!!! Can’t wait!

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