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  1. The 2012 and 2013 vintages are life changing cigars, absolutely the best cigar that can be smoked. Equivalent to any Gran Reserva. you made me think about them, now I have to go smoke one of the few I have left!
  2. Thank you for the advice. Smoked one of the infected stock. Tasty little buggers!
  3. Hi all, Having a bit of a sad week over here, discovered a massive infestation in my walk in humidor. So far 250 sticks confirmed to have been infected, obvious holes and all. I am now going through the boxes one by one, any that exhibit any signs of infestation are being frozen yet again, this time for 5 days instead of 3. I had three questions: 1- What would be your recommendation to prevent this from reoccurring? 2- Does refreezing the cigars have any impact on flavor or aging potential? I read something about drying up oils or som
  4. Hello all, new to these forums. Introduced myself in another thread, 15 years smoking. I went through my humidors today, spent a a good hour checking all the boxes and reading my note, I have this habit of writing down my thoughts after smoking a cigar from any given box as I age my cigars for extended periods. I found a box of Cohiba Robusto Supremos from 2014, I had only smoked one upon release and the note on the box read “smoking well, significant potential, try in 2018” Well its 2018, so I pulled a double shot of espresso and got myself some kenafa to enjoy while I s
  5. Hello all! 14 years cigar obsessed here, smoked my first cigar as a Hugh school celebration and I have been hooked ever since. Currently working on adding a cigar lounge to my fine dining business. i have to say, I read a few of the other forums throughout the years and never thought of joining, they all seemed too generic, with few knowledgeable smokers. This board seems filled with high quality people. It is a pleasure being here.

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