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  1. Hello


    thanks so much for your reply! Some very useful tips already!!!

    1- no it is in the first floor of my restaurant. I have attached here a picture of the exterior.


    2- that’s a great point and probably why I am suffering with variable humidity, no no sealing was done. I assumed glass walls and thick cedar lining would be enough.


    3- the AC does have a drain pipe to the exterior of the building, what I noticed is that the cooler I set the temp the more humid it gets.


    4- the mold was mostly on cigars stored in middle of the shelves


    cant say how thankful I am for your reply, I really need someone with experience to guide me out of this disaster. I  have currently isolated the moldy cigars, about 25% have varying degrees of mold on them, but nothing too bad IE in the foot or coming out of the cigars themselves.


    my plan is to


    1- salvage the cigars somehow


    2- rebuild the walk in to prevent future catastrophies


    thanks for any advice regarding both subjects!!!



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  2. Hello gents


    thanks to all those who participated in my earlier mold thread.


    so I have identified two issues as the source of my mold problems in my walk in humidifier. The dirty air filter and fluctuating humidity. I built this room one year ago and transferred my cigars from five large cabinets, but had nothing but problems since.


    the air filter thing was easy to resolve, the fluctuating humidity is not. I have all the humidifiers off for three days to test, and it seems the humidity fluctuates between 62 and 77 using two calibrated hygrometers with +- 2 accuracy. At one point it even reached 81 degrees humidity!!!


    I suppose the culprit is my AC unit. I have a small one ton unit built into the room to circulate cold air, the problem is it might be introducing humidity in different levels? The duct is external of course.


    what is done usually to resolve this? How can I keep my cigars cool at 18 degrees or 65 degrees and humidity steady at 64-66???


    please help! This is my main focus in life at this moment.


    I am attaching a few pictures of the Spanish cedar walk in for your review. Sorry about the mess I am going through the stock and making sure moldy cigars are dealt with.


    thank you in advance!!!!!













  3. I am sorry for posting so often, but I still don’t have a comprehensive answer to what needs to be done, this is important to me as I have invested a tremendous amount of money and time into this hobby, and most importantly I M very emotionally invested in these cigars after aging them for so long.


    yes not checking the filter was a stupid thing!


    do I freeze the cigars? If so just the affected ones or all of them? Do I wipe the cedar wood of the wall in? Keep or discard the boxes with infected cigars? The ones that don’t show mold yet, do I freeze those as well? It’s going to be a hell of a hassle but if it has to be done...

  4. Thanks for all the feedback gents.


    so brush them off, let them sit for a couple of days. And proceed to smoke them is the advice


    By the way after checking the walk in I found out the likely culprit. It wasn’t high humidity or temp.


    I have a back up humidifier, that hasn’t had the filter cleaned in over 2 years. I don’t even look at it. As I was cleaning out the entire room I opened it up and it was filled with dirt, likely from particles from the cigars. This has probabely been the cause of the mold




    So completely cleaned out the offending humidifier, pic attached.


    also attached are the smaller humidifiers I will use for now.


    I have taken a picture of the corner where the large one sits, looks fine no mold anywhere. Do I need to clean it out as well, as in wipe the walls? Is there a product that is recommended to deal with mold?


    thanks for your advice guys 





    Crap. I am going through the entire stock and this one box of EL Romeo De Luxe cigars that was stored on top of the offending humidifier look absolutely horrible. This is bad mold, looks disgusting 





    So the stuff cleaned off easily, they now look and smell great. I have isolated the worse affected sticks in a dry humidor and placed a 69% no Veda in there.


    My question to you, taking all that into consideration, would  you smoke them if no more mold shows up after a week or two?


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  5. Also, after cleaning, three cigars out of one box have green blotches on them, I have seen this many times as in small blotches, but since this box was covered in white stuff I am a bit concerned.


    is this green stuff actual mold? The bad stuff? Dangerous to smoke?


    really heart broken, don’t want to chuck these expensive cigars that I have been aging but definitely don’t want to smoke something that could seriously damage my health


    51 minutes ago, Cigar Surgeon said:

    The rare /r/cubancigars cross post!

    Yes, it's mold and always mold. As long as it isn't in the foot I've always wiped it and been good to go. The key would be to eliminate the conditions that created mold in the first place. You mentioned your humidity goes up to 70 at times, I'm guessing it probably has exceeded that as well.

    I would recommend bringing your humidity down to cap out around 67 at the high end.

    Haha, yes posted on Reddit and discovered it was full of people just posting without knowing what they are talking about.


    I am glad I headed here, I am sure someone with experience will kindly take the time to inform me on what to do

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  6. Thanks for the feedback so far. Looking forward to hearing some more advice.


    I am still confused after reading so much online, main questions:


    can I smoke these?


    what do I need to do before smoking them?


    is this to be expected or a bad situation? How can I prevent this?


    I have a walk in with 200+ boxes, never saw this bad a situation, what’s weird is it’s just this release, two boxes. The other boxes are ok, some have white stuff but fairly controlled 

  7. Hope I posted this in the right section...


    hello all


    so I have been aging cigars for a long time, over 20 years, and have seen every possible issue, from beetles to dry cigars etc, but I recently stumbled upon two boxes of the same release that looked scary, tremendous amount of white stuff on them!

    I had seen some white stuff before, but never this much! So I immediately isolated them from my home walk in humidor and wiped them clean, the stuff comes off easily, no residue at all except a sheen on the wrapper.


    they smell wonderful, no white stuff on the foot of the cigars, walk in has constant circulation as an AC and aristocrat humidity control are installed. Temp always between 68 - 72 humidity is at 68 most of the time, sometime goes up to 70, sometime goes down to 62 if I forget to fill in the water tank for a few days, but fairly stable overall.


    so is this mold? Plume doesn’t really exist as per your excellent study posted in these forums? If it is mold whatever type, what do I do? I found a few more boxes with the stuff, though nothing quite this bad!


    I am hesitant to smoke them for health reasons, and really hate to throw them away as they seem fine after wiping gently!


    oh, and as per my other cigars, some have green blotches on them.


    please help!!!!





  8. Hi all,


    Having a bit of a sad week over here, discovered a massive infestation in my walk in humidor. So far 250 sticks confirmed to have been infected, obvious holes and all.


    I am now going through the boxes one by one, any that exhibit any signs of infestation are being frozen yet again, this time for 5 days instead of 3.


    I had three questions:


    1- What would be your recommendation to prevent this from reoccurring?


    2- Does refreezing the cigars have any impact on flavor or aging potential? I read something about drying up oils or somesuch...


    3- What to do with the infected sticks? some of them are priceless including 2003 Cohiba DC EL :(((( Someone says there is a way to fix them but did not clarify

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  9. Hello all!


    14 years cigar obsessed here, smoked my first cigar as a Hugh school celebration and I have been hooked ever since. Currently working on adding a cigar lounge to my fine dining business.


    i have to say, I read a few of the other forums throughout the years and never thought of joining, they all seemed too generic, with few knowledgeable smokers. This board seems filled with high quality people. It is a pleasure being here.

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