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  1. That lobster shirt is the most tacky and most beautiful shirt I have ever seen.
  2. How is this the first I am hearing about this site? I just had an Alex Siglo VI Friday night.
  3. https://brizardandco.com/products/the-show-band-3-cigar-case-black-leather I was given one of these as a gift (it has an embossed logo on the front) and it is very nice. Honestly, nicer then any place I would be taking my cigars to, but I would definitely recommend it.
  4. It is not a beetle hole. Check out the pictures in another recent thread here. You are good. Freeze your cigars anyway.
  5. Not a Cuban cigar but I vividly remember standing in the humidor of my favorite B&M when the tobacconist was explain a special cigar to another customer. Not knowing much at the time I did not pay much attention. That cigar was the Tatuaje Federal 90th anniversary.
  6. Can you just move all of your cigars into the tupperdor for now? Might be the best option.
  7. I have never heard of or experience the wood in a humidor becoming rotten or sour. Before you go too crazy trying to figure it out, begin with the simplified answer of the cigars them selves. Some cigars can taste off any times and some brands use blends that have a long finish that you can taste for a long time. Others can chin in on their experience but for me most NC cigars taste like bitter ash and char half way through (Drew estate included). Hope this helps
  8. Cool idea. I hope he is successful. It circumvents most issues with a B&M. He should park at football stadiums during tailgating times.
  9. Is the hydrometer sensor in the direct path of the fan? It could be what is throwing off the readings so much.
  10. Hold on tight, it’s a slippery slope from now on 😀

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