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  1. Get the occasional cracked foot, but as said, since you light the foot, doesnt seem to bother me. The only ones that I serious problem with are slb mag 50s. Seems like there are more cracked than not cracked. Maybe due to such a thin delicate wrapper. As much as I like the 50, I quit ordering them.
  2. Cant wait for the nudies! Have a question Prez, apologize if it was covered in another thread I missed. Will you be freezing nudies pre shipment?
  3. From my younger days, before I met my wife. Staind- Its been a while
  4. I really don't concern myself with any of it. Whatever, or whoever you want to be is ok in my book as long as you are happy. The way I see things, your lifestyle has no bearing on mine. It may not be your cup of tea, but who are you to criticize?
  5. Texans will make the playoffs, but outed in the first or second round as usual. Everyone has to watch out for those chiefs for sure!
  6. Can't remember what I had for dinner last night, no way in hell I can remember first movie! Lol
  7. Must agree, a totally different cigar than it was 2 years ago! But the best of July was an OBM June 2016 Lusi! Outstanding
  8. I personally love cello on cigars, to me it helps the cigar maintain its aroma much longer. Kinda like a cheaper version of the tubo. Yes it is porous, but also can be helpful if you have fluctuations in storing conditions. I too like to see the nice yellowed oil buildup on cello when removed. Think are especially helpful if you have singles, that don't have a box of their own to call home.
  9. I agree! He may have been offended. Some people refuse to believe they are buying fakes. And like I said. I have never met or spoken to him previously
  10. Yeh, I told if he got in cuba, it was cuban tobacco, just not factory blend or quality. Didn't want to throw floor sweepings in there and piss him off, although I prob did. Never met him, gave him my info, never heard from him. Hope he enjoyed my 2016 lusi! Lol
  11. By the time I got it from my daughter who lives in California, a month had gone by, and the wrapper was completely unraveled. No triple cap though. Seems like they tried to replicate a lusi, but was about 1/2 inch short. I got her friends address, and mailed it back to her father with one of my real lusi's. So he could compare actual cigars and bands, and not get bamboozled on his next trip to cuba. Included a fake and real cohiba band as well. I kept the tube though, it is so unusual, the detail burned into the wood.
  12. Backstory, my daughter in college, was visiting her friend, her friends dad, heard I smoked cigars, so gave this to her to pass along to me. He gets these in cuba when he goes there. First, the tube is quite eccentric, looks like a lot of work for a fake. Secondly, what was inside was a fake partagas. This is actually my first fake partagas to come across.

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