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  1. Cars, back in the day when you could work on them. Transmission, motor and carburetor! They put so much crap on cars these days, you cant work on them, and when something breaks, it's a fortune to fix it! Seems like they have a damn sensor for everything!
  2. Just bottled water, and not picky on the brand!
  3. I bet you got a good price! They were prob giving them away! Lol
  4. This is a big universe, I totally believe that others share it with us.
  5. I normally like to smoke in peace and quiet, it is my time to think and wind down. But have no problem in public, I especially like taking a cigar when I go to the casino, I position myself next to a cigarette smoker, to make sure they are consumed in my cloud! The little things make me smile!
  6. Man that's tough, the question should be which one you like the most. I like vitolas from all of the above. But if forced to answer, have to go with R&J
  7. Get the occasional cracked foot, but as said, since you light the foot, doesnt seem to bother me. The only ones that I serious problem with are slb mag 50s. Seems like there are more cracked than not cracked. Maybe due to such a thin delicate wrapper. As much as I like the 50, I quit ordering them.
  8. Cant wait for the nudies! Have a question Prez, apologize if it was covered in another thread I missed. Will you be freezing nudies pre shipment?
  9. From my younger days, before I met my wife. Staind- Its been a while
  10. I really don't concern myself with any of it. Whatever, or whoever you want to be is ok in my book as long as you are happy. The way I see things, your lifestyle has no bearing on mine. It may not be your cup of tea, but who are you to criticize?
  11. Texans will make the playoffs, but outed in the first or second round as usual. Everyone has to watch out for those chiefs for sure!

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