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  1. Ahhhh! Finally! Prez is right, these things are a work of art! Just stunning! Didnt say anything to my wife, she asked me how many more I could order 😁
  2. BarryVT


  3. Can any members familiar with tampa cigar history take a look at these and give me whatever information you can. I recently purchased these, and have narrowed it down to the 1950s, and that's all I can find. There isnt much information out there so any help is appreciated!
  4. Hopefully it's more stable than the dreaded bronco ll, that thing was a widow maker.
  5. Looks like I did too, I was under the impression we would be notified with a pop up, been checking every hour this week religiously! Hmmm
  6. I agree 100%! My wife and I do this every night, forensic files works better than any ceiling fan or sound machine, just turn the volume real low where you can barely hear his voice, and let him lull you to sleep, disappointed though in forensic files 2 because the new narrator does not do it for me.
  7. My wife will usually smoke anything that I smoke, but really enjoys the PL panatelas and monte carlos, and the fonseca delicias and cosacos.
  8. Everyone is going to have an opinion. But the way I see it, an overrated cigar is just a cigar that you dont like as much as someone else. And that's ok, everyone's taste is different. Then taste versus price point comes into play. Some may not believe the taste justifies the cost. That's ok as well.
  9. My god! Thank you so much Mikeltee! Could not have said it better! No place for that crap here!
  10. I hear this often from people buying in cuba, I have heard to freeze everything coming out of cuba, do they not freeze cigars sold in cuba? Or do they freeze cigars sold in cuba, and the beetles are reintroduced due to climate or custom rolls? I do realize all exports are frozen as of 2005.
  11. I was actually thinking the same thing! I know 2 or 3 places that have them right now. Cant imagine these are from the original 2000 release. If they were, than what they are asking would be a great price!

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