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  1. @Markspring1978 very informative, thanks!
  2. ac031898

    Louisville KY

    Freudian slip with the Non-Cigars reference? [emoji23]
  3. Sounds like a great time, wish I could make it!
  4. Babe Ruth enjoying a cigar and watching Game of Thrones thinking “who’s gonna survive the battle of Wintefell?” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Second the BBF & Partagas D4 recommendations
  6. Just received a box of AML MAY 07
  7. great idea! I'm usually pretty handy and can tackle most everyday projects around the house, but would love another source of info from folks with more/different DIY experience
  8. When the last round of changes were announced, it took OFAC quite a while to issue the updated rules. At the time I was booked on a cruise to Havana with family members - as I recall, it basically worked as follows: Anyone who had purchased travel (flights/boats/etc) prior to the announcement that changes were coming were grandfathered in if travel occurred after the new regulations were announced Prior rules were in place until OFAC announced the new rules, so if you decided to purchase travel after the announcement, your travel was ok if you got it in before the rules were announced - although there was no clear at your own risk The big tourist industries (cruises, etc) had clearly been set up to serve in a loop-hole, and the new regulations probably helped sell more excursions since they 'officially' met the new regulations (easy choice for a typical cruise tourist) Normally, I'd say based on recent history that if you already have travel purchased or intend to travel soon, you're probably ok...BUT recent US political climate shows us that you can't really count on things to happen as they normally used to anymore
  9. Holy moly, that’s a great looking cab! Nice job!
  10. I mean, he did say he was trying to keep it as inconspicuous as possible... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Read the Q&A...seems legit: “The code takes about 2 month to reach the web site, some time more. So the code doesn't going to show any information until 1 o 2 month from now.” Just a hustler hustlin’
  12. Potential upside in moving to the basement...maybe it’s less obvious to your significant other how big that stockpile is getting...

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