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  1. Looks awesome - would never have guessed it wasn’t always a humidor!
  2. I picked up a MSU ABR 2018 cab earlier and it’s been smoking pretty well, but definitely getting better as it spends more time down.
  3. Guess I need to start eating (or maybe smoking) pencils to develop my palette
  4. Only the most critical and a bag of onions! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. ac031898

    Unethical Pricing

    I tend to agree with most of the comments above on the idea that prices aren't too high if people are willing to pay them, and there's no duress. That being said, I would think that since this is an on-base establishment, the authority that manages the relationship with the retailer could/should have some influence on not charging exorbitantly high prices to its service members.
  6. Love the determination and creativity...great project!
  7. Officially the TSA doesn’t allow torch lighters in carryon and only in checked luggage if in an approved container. They do allow a standard butane lighter in carryon. I keep a Bic and punch in my carryon for most trips. If you really want a torch, you can bring something like the Soto pocket torch that converts a standard lighter to torch. To be fully compliant you’d probably want that checked vs carryon.
  8. Not an IT person here but I found that a decent tablet with a nice Bluetooth keyboard has actually been a better option for me than a traditional laptop. I have a normal work laptop but have found that I can do 99% of what I need to do (work or personal) on my Samsung tablet, with a keyboard when desired. Plus I get the flexibility of a stand-alone tablet when I want that for the airplane, etc. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A which ran about $300 about 18 months ago. Not on the high end of tablets but seems to do routine tasks quite well. Might be the opposite of the earlier recommendation to buy as much as you can get...I’ve come around the to idea of buying something reasonably affordable without the bells & whistles that I can replace in a couple of years vs trying to buy something with a hefty price tag to last 5+ years. Just my 2 cents. Good luck!
  9. Not pretty but gets the job done on a tiny apartment balcony. This time of year in St. Louis you have to be careful with the heater or you’ll have ‘Chet’s Nuts’ roasting on an open fire...
  10. To be honest, that’s a pretty good deal for a peacock. Just sayin...
  11. ac031898

    LAX-Travel Lodge

    There are tons of hotels close to LAX and nearly all have free shuttle (or a very cheap Uber/taxi if you don't want to wait for the shuttle). I have not had good experiences at Travelodge properties (although haven't stayed at the LAX location in particular). I have stayed at the Courtyard & Fairfield Inn and both were nice with reasonable rates. Looks like you can stay at the Fairfield Inn or ALOFT hotels for less than $130/night.
  12. ac031898

    Boveda smart sensor

    Agree with you on that...they look very similar. Probably made in the same factory. Sensor tags require a gateway too, and the automation is mostly through other apps like IFTTT, etc. I randomly found them on the web when working on a beer tap project and tried them out...relatively easy setup & cheap although they can be a little squirrelly sometimes. Also there are some other sensors - water, outdoor, etc but haven’t tried those yet. The silly thing is that Bovedas really do keep the rh constant and I’ve never had any real issues but I still feel the NEED to check it just to be sure!
  13. While I can’t speak for CCs specifically, I work in consumer packaged goods and it is fairly rare to take pricing down, even in a recession. Main issue is that even though a manufacturer/distributor may take costs down, that decrease is rarely fully passed through by retailers to consumers (if at all) since the cost reduction artificially increases the retailers margin rate and a decrease in retail price makes it harder to comp revenue from the prior year. One of those situations where real world dynamics interfere with the textbook examples of supply & demand. Kinda like airline baggage fees...may have been justified by $100+ barrel oil prices, but they never went away when oil slumped. Go figure!
  14. ac031898

    Boveda smart sensor

    I use wireless sensor tags - looks similar in function to Sensorpush, but I like that they have models that store data if they lose connection for whatever reason (so then it re-uploads once it reconnects). Also like the real-time viewing, charts, alerts & potential for automation with IFTTT if you want to get real nerdy with it!
  15. ac031898

    For 2019

    Count me in for metal!

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