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  1. What sounded like a simple concept clearly evaded many of us, but THANKS to mbflash80 for organizing this and patiently explaining it over and over! Wasn't a very good game, but at least this competition gave me a reason to watch. Thanks again!
  2. The newest must-have FOH accessory!
  3. It’s crossed my mind to slide the bands off when I get a shipment that has dried out a touch during transit....
  4. I personally don’t like bands on cigars while I’m smoking...would love unbanded. Not sure where Habanos gets the glue but It’s easier to tear the cigar in half than pull that band apart. Have to start carrying a letter opener in my kit to get them off!
  5. ac031898

    $3200 to spend on Humidor.

    Vigilant does nice work, but they are pricey. I had them quote a double-wide cabinet humidor (similar to an upper kitchen cabinet) as part of a small wine storage room last summer and the pricing on the humidor box (no humidification, no glass for doors, basic trim/stain, stock wood) was more than the wine racking itself. I think the total quote was around $3,000 before shipping (around $500 for just the humidor cabinet) for a very basic, fairly small cabinet...half-assed mock-up of what I was working on is below
  6. ac031898

    Nashville FOH Members?

    Sorry to hear the nature of your trip, but hope all goes well! Will be in town in a couple of weeks - if you happen to be there, I’d happily meet up
  7. Same here, really appreciate you organizing and don’t care how the numbers get chosen (unless I get bad ones).
  8. ac031898

    Graycliff Cigars

    Yeah, I had that thought too. Plus I don’t like the idea of all my stuff in my bag & carryon sitting in the smoke with me either. They also allow cigar smoking (not sure if you have to buy there or can bring your own) in the Atlanta airport...Terminal D upstairs in the Terrapin Taphouse. Looks like a decent spot if you get stuck - bar food, drinks & cigars. It also seems quite a bit bigger so maybe smoke isn’t as big of an issue
  9. ac031898

    Graycliff Cigars

    Graycliff has a branded lounge at the Nashville airport that I pass by all the time...I have always been curious about them myself. I just pulled up their website and it looks like they also have a location in the Bahamas & Cincinnati airports too. Will have to give it a shot when I have some time to kill - it also states that you can enter the lounge for $5, which really wouldn't be a bad deal since I usually have some sticks on me when I travel.
  10. I would be in if there are enough people. I can make the $10/stick piece work, but anyone out there who’s been in this a while may be underwhelmed by my assortment - mostly regular production as I build up my collection (although mostly PSP quality)!
  11. The Long Island Cuban Cigar & Bourbon Experience...featuring non-Cuban cigars! After poking around on their website, doesn't appear that they actually have any Cuban cigars. I was wondering if they'd found a creative way around not being able to sell Cuban cigars, but looks from their website like it's just a name and they stock non-Cubans. Still a cool concept, was just wondering if they were operating in some sort of loophole!
  12. I’m cutting out carbs and booze...for the first 48 hours. After that I will have fallen off the wagon and will have to turn to ipecac chasers
  13. Bought a box back in Dec based on the reviews from El Prez & Cuba Tasting thread...have only gotten into a few so far but really awesome smokes!
  14. ac031898

    Cigar Inventory Spreadsheet

    This! Or even worse, if my wife were to figure out how much I spend on cigars....

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