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  1. FWIW, my ambient humidity is often too high to dry box in the open, so I use a 58% Boveda in a sealed plastic box.
  2. The Italians taught the French how to cook - just saying. Pizza for the win.
  3. As a newbie, this seems reasonable to me. I’d also think that a cigar that requires aging to be representative (other than 90 days rest) is unavailable to a new smoker, if we’re talking about buying singles from a cigar store.
  4. Mad Max was fun, but The Matrix was a new way if looking at the world. In terms of lasting import, I go with Matrix by a mile.
  5. Thanks so much for starting this thread. I’m also new to CC and haven’t found anything like the flavors described by FOH members. I’ve smoked maybe 25 singles from a variety of marcas and vitolas and mostly they just taste like cigars, if that makes sense. I love the FOH community and I’ve followed other members advice about storing at 62 and resting for 60 days and dry boxing at 58. I understand that it’s a journey, and it may be that CCs are not for me, but this post inspires me to keep trying - thanks.
  6. Edward, there are several Habanos stores in Puglia - the official Habanos website has a Buy-Smoke section with an interactive map of locations around the world. The Habanos Point store in Fasano called Tabaccheria DiBari Vitoantonio is run by some very nice people and has a good selection - I've been there a few times and the owner has been very helpful to a newcomer like me. There is also one in Carovigno called Habanos Cafe Bar with a smaller selection, but also run by nice people, and some in Lecce as well. There are also Habanos Specialist stores in Bari and Taranto. Cigar prices in Italy are regulated by the government - you can find the official price list online - so prices should be the same anywhere you go. Have fun - Puglia is one of the gems of Italy, but shhh - that's just between us, don't tell anyone.
  7. Thanks for the welcome. I've joined the NY/NJ sub. I am not much of a poster, rather more of an avid reader, but I'll chime in if I think I have something to offer. Thanks again!
  8. Hello everyone, from New York City. I’m new to Cuban cigars, but I’m a pipe smoker and it’s interesting to see how the two worlds compare. My cigar awakening was due to a 1964 Padron, the first cigar I had that was as interesting as a pipe. I’m really interested in learning more about Cubans and the wider variety of flavors they seem to offer, and thanks to everyone on the forum I am learning gobs from lurking here.

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