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  1. I have a box of PL Montecarlo's on the way to me because I was curious about trying them. Do they age like the PLPC's? How much time do you put the Montecarlo's down for before you feel like they have hit their stride?
  2. Thanks for the advice guys! Much appreciated!
  3. I have been looking for a good way to store my cigars and someone told me "Tupperware, Boveda 65%, done." So I have read through 7 pages of threads in this Humidor Tutorial section as well as other articles and videos online. I'm left with a few questions. 1) Boveda recommends 2 60g packs for every 50 cigars your humidor can hold. A piece of Tupperware isn't rated by the numbers of cigars it can hold, it's rated by volume. It's also an airtight environment, unlike a humidor which would naturally leak humidity. Assuming a 7 liter Tupperware container how many 60g (or 320g) Boveda packs wou
  4. I'll check them out. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Lots of good information in there. Thank you.
  6. I'm just getting into cigars. I don't really know anything about them. I flew to Cuba for work last year and bought a buddy of mine some Cohiba's. I didn't even know what I was buying. For some reason he has it in his head that Cohiba's are the best but he doesn't know anything about cigars either. Cohiba's seem really strong to me. I think whenever he gets around to smoking them he is gonna puke because he isn't use to smoking cigars. He just had a baby boy so I ordered him a box of MONTECRISTO - NO.2's. From what I've read and heard from people, thats a really nice cigar with good flavor tha

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