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  1. Hang in there mate . More or less same thing happened to me so I went back to university and couldn’t be happier !
  2. Can’t do it. But I walk the dog and use my bicycle , so that’s something
  3. I voted Cohiba. I always keep trying , I really do , and it’s not that I haven’t had any good ones , and aged ones , and I visited El Laguito and it was really nice , and yet , and yet ...the brand just doesn’t do it for me I’m afraid... which makes it’s super premium luxury aura all the more (dare I say it) irritating to me
  4. Still waiting for those Capitols and Club Kings ..........
  5. I started Catch 22 in 1994 on holiday in Rome , only to finish it at home in 2002 . Can highly recommend giving it another go
  6. Flying - just have to do it , be it business or family vacation . Just so glad when I step off that plane......

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