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  1. I’ve been walking the dog a lot . Fruit , veggies , no over-eating
  2. Last night. Klopp in the background Tonight
  3. Another 2018 Entretiempos. Again incredibly floral and no chewing gum beforehand this time
  4. The only time I thought the Cuban blenders must have had a little experiment with Nicaraguan-style flavours was with the 2015 Club Allones... but in the end I find all NC’s miss something at their core. Their so-called strength is always on the outside , whereas CC’s strength are on the inside IMO
  5. May ‘18 Entretiempos. Very floral , almost seems infused (!) P.S. My bad , I forgot I had some cherry chewing gum earlier new bands !!!!!! Liking the new band ! And the cigar as well . Doesn’t taste like a Quintero though
  6. I don’t much like flying , but I wouldn’t be so afraid if I could smoke a cigar

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