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  1. Bought all 3 boxes at Delhi airport for a great price!
  2. The smoke of epi2 reserva is more silky and deeper in flavors, smoke time is much longer than the regular production due to well filled fillers. I do feel the taste is a bit different than the regular production, not a better epi2, but a better hoyo experience. As for the construction, I had a few with less than ideal, especially for with it cost. But that’s with all Cubans in general. Out of all the RR GR I experienced, the wide Churchill’s was the worst. I buy the RR and GR to add to smoke rotation, not for a replacement of its regular counterpart. If you enjoy it, it’s worth having a box or more. Cheers.
  3. Hi everyone, Been lurking for some time. Started smoking only CC since 2002. I age my own cigars and been active on the forum lately as it's time to stock up. This forum only adds fuel to the fire, the to buy list escalate quickly and packages arrived so frequent that wife is alarmed Cheers, Peter
  4. 6 months ago was magnum46, Epi2, Lusie Lately, 08 magnum 50, Connie A, RA Eshmoun

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