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    Fishing so I can smoke. Vinyl records.

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  1. Burningman

    Hey there from San Francisco

    It certainly is! Been a while but it's still a hot spot. I preferred 1015 but Palladium, The D&A lounge, Paradise Lounge, and Snodrift were among my favorites. Thanks for jogging my memory. It was a glorious time....😉
  2. I didn't believe it either until my own experiences trying to smoke "wet" Cubans and trying dry boxing methods to remedy the issue. Over time I figured out storing Habanos at a lower rh is just more convenient. I'll still dry box a NC here and there but they smoke great for me right out of my cooler. Anyway I shoot for 65rh for CC and keep all my NC at 70rh with good results.
  3. Burningman

    Hello from Stockholm, Sweden!

    Welcome! I think you will enjoy the site. There are plenty of members in your area.
  4. Take the most guaranteed money for sure. One rolled ankle or bean ball and you will never be the same. Secure your future ASAP. Everything else is icing on the cake. My 2 cents
  5. Burningman

    will there be an ayala brown?

    If they start doing this with leeches and snakes I'm in! Feeding them to predators, that is.
  6. In my experience the NC do better at 70% RH. They don't feel wet at that humidity the way CC do. It's rare that I have to dry box or have burn issues. I keep a small cooler for NC separate from Habanos for this reason.
  7. Thank you for posting this review. It is true not many have posted. I may give these a try next time they appear on 24 24
  8. Burningman

    Enforced Ageing

    Every cloud has a silver lining. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the cigars you have. If some are not to your liking sit on them a while longer and try them later. They may yet come around and turn into something great.
  9. I rolled the dice on a box of these. I'm hopeful I received a good box. They definitely look the part and the price was too good to pass on. If they turn out to be average I'll pass them out to guys who insist on smoking the largest cigar possible just for the sake of lighting a big smoke. This way if they toss it 1/3 of they way through I won't cringe.
  10. Burningman

    Would this bother you?

    As long as it's not near the foot I would wipe it off and move on. I have been lucky and only received cigars that looked slightly dusty. Not a big deal.
  11. Burningman

    A Sampler of Cubans

    IMO start with what you know and branch out from there. Sub 50 RG cigars do it for me but it took a while to figure out. Most of what I have are between 35 and 42 RG. Smoke a variety and enjoy the ride!
  12. Burningman


    Dos Gusanos is decent and IMO a bargain compared to most of the brands out there. Now that mezcal is chic the days of this spirit being the cheap alternative to tequilas are over.
  13. Burningman

    Custom rolls

    Forgive me for not clarifying. I was referring to custom rolls offered on websites that sell Habanos online. A few offer bespoke cigars but I stick to the marcas I know. I was asking if anyone could shed some light as to the quality of these smokes.
  14. Burningman

    Custom rolls

    I'm glad someone revived this thread as I am usually hesitant to buy bespoke cigars from sites. Normally I opt for the marcas I know. I'm not sure if posting about this would violate the forum rules however if anyone is able to grant me some advice please PM me. Gracias!

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