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    Fishing so I can smoke. Vinyl records.

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  1. Generally coffee or cold water. Every once in a while it will be a chilled scotch or rum.
  2. Party PCE ASE SEP 10. Very consistent box. Cheap and cheerful gold!
  3. YouTube channels to help steer you in the right direction: How to BBQ Right T-Roy Cooks Good luck!
  4. I have few NC in the humidor. All are long time favorites. All are aged to mellow them out. They make for a nice change of pace
  5. Totally agree. Regular Padron Lonsdale Maduros are fantastic with some age on them.
  6. I will not take inventory. If I do not count them I won't begin questioning my judgment.
  7. Tatuaje Brown Label are very good. I find that strong peppery Nicaraguan tobacco pairs well with maduro wrappers. I also go with the maduro when smoking Padrons.
  8. They will be thrown onto my funeral pyre. Boxes and all! 😁
  9. Awesome news! I'm sure you will kill it.

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