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    Fishing so I can smoke. Vinyl records.

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  1. Burningman

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Trinidad Reyes AGR MAR 11 Good little cigar. First out of a box of 12.
  2. I enjoy gin but agree completely that the hangover from it is really awful! I tend to go with vodka if drinking late into the evening.
  3. Burningman

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Monte #1 unknown age & box code. This cigar came as a bonus from FOH with a box purchase a few months ago. It was tasty and satisfying. Very leathery halfway through. It really impressed in the final third tasting like walnuts and slightly salty/sweet. About 1.5 hours from start to finish.
  4. So oily. You struck gold Sir!
  5. Nice review. Thanks for posting!
  6. True. I'm just the paranoid type that will constantly be checking the cigars if the temps in the house reach the mid 70s Fahrenheit. I'm OK with having to possibly make adjustments to compensate for the cooler storage area.
  7. IMO go with the cooler basement. From what you state there is also less fluctuation there so I would say this is your best bet. However it sounds like you live in a very temperate climate. Either way if you end up getting a little heat wave this summer you will have piece of mind knowing your cigars are in the coolest part of your house. Cheers!
  8. Murphy's law. I finally have time to participate and you choose the two brands I don't have! Smoked my last Punch last week and finding QDO Coronas is like searching for a White Rhino in the wild!
  9. Burningman

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Partagas PCE ABR 2010. I can't remember the box code. This cigar was stellar from start to finish! Fantastic construction.
  10. Burningman

    Turntables and Vinyl

    Nice setup Sir!👍
  11. It appears alcohol has a positive affect on reviewers. Thanks for posting!
  12. Burningman

    HSA Price Increases

    I have 2 reasonably priced NC I reach for periodically. Tatuaje petit cazadores Reserva and regular Padron Lonsdale. If you are patient and age these cigars they are wonderful smokes at very reasonable prices. Not every NC is priced through the roof but it does take time to figure out which, if any are your cup of tea. 🍵
  13. Burningman

    The vulgarity of NC marketing

    Don't like over the top packaging at all. One of the bigger turnoffs for me with the NC world. Keep your dangling tassels and gawdy graphics.
  14. Thanks for posting. Sounds like you had one heck of an afternoon! Cheers!
  15. Burningman


    Both Juan Lopez are very good cigars. If you can age them at least a few years your patience will be rewarded.
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