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    Fishing so I can smoke. Vinyl records.

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  1. Burningman

    Today’s meat...

    This guy is the man! I think he's smoked everything under the sun by now. Definitely a good resource for the backyard cook.
  2. +1 All of their maduro offerings are good. I've had an average experience with the natural wrappers.
  3. Burningman

    Flagship cigars

    As @Islandboy says try samplers. Begin with samplers from a vitola you regularly smoke then venture out from there.
  4. LOL! The balance sheet has them making x amount of dollars on those cigars so that's what they will bring in. Period!
  5. In my humidor now: Tatuaje Petit Reserva Padron Lonsdale Maduro Perdomo 10th anniversary Maduro Hemmingway Classic The first two I will spend money on and are in my rotation. The Perdomos are no longer made and I have enough Hemmingway that I will probably not buy any again for many, many years. The first two are a fantastic value and IMO truly excellent cigars.
  6. Technics 1200 turntable with Shure needle. Newer offerings in stores now look and feel flimsy. The sound produced from the old setup is far superior to new record players. A proper full service barber. Classic cocktails. Coin operated video games. Still play them when I see them. Vintage menswear. The Twilight Zone the original series. A nice shoe shine from a professional. Traveling by train when time permits.
  7. In order to find decent priced NC you have to do a lot of digging. As @JamesKPolkEsq says Padron makes a great value cigar but finding anything else that is reasonably priced and is quality is a difficult exercise. There's this giant hype machine pushing NC all over the place and the vendors inflate prices. Many spend so much on elaborate packaging, branding, and "swag" to try and get more people on the bandwagon. It's a big reason I don't bother with it. Many times I find that when I smoke a NC I find I think its solid but IMO should be sold at a lot lower price point simply because I have enjoyed other smokes that are much more reasonably priced just as much. Often times I find I enjoyed the cheaper smoke a lot more.
  8. I guess its a simple matter of preference. I definitely have not written off NCs however my issue with the NC market is the vastness of different products available. Finding those gems takes a good amount of effort. Effort I am just not willing to make. I have my 3 favorites which are the aforementioned Tat Petit Reserva, Regular Padron Lonsdales, and some panatelas from an independent company I discovered a few years ago. Also the trend to produce heavier ring gauges in abundance and veer away from making smaller cigars limits the selections available for me. I went to a lounge a few weeks back and they had maybe 4-5 cigars under 50rg. Half of those were Tatuaje anyway so I purchased a Petit Cazadores and called it a day.
  9. That looks fantastic! I would definitely order this. Fries on the side? Or perhaps a salad with some slightly bitter/spicy greens?
  10. Burningman

    Partagas Serie D No.4

    The one PSD4 I've had was very good. I just prefer the skinnier ring gauge Party offerings. However if I find a good deal I'd definitely pull the trigger on a box. I have some tubos that may end up victims of arson soon...
  11. Burningman

    Unloved,unwanted and unavailable

    So what's the time frame roughly for these coming out? 3-6 months?
  12. Pack a cheapie that you won't mind losing. Personally I would avoid the hassle and look to source on locally if a lighter is a must. Personally I like to avoid the hassles and go with matches from a local vendor or your hotel. Decent hotels will have cigar matches or at least the small boxes at the front desk or bar area. Not as convenient but it beats getting the third degree from customs. My 2 cents
  13. Burningman

    Back to back

    I can do two PCs or smaller back to back. My tolerance won't allow me to smoke more unless I just finished a large meal. If I do I will look to have 2 cigars that have contrasting profiles. Having said this if I smoke more than 1 per day it will be at different times of day such as a cigar after breakfast and another in the evening.

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