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  1. Overdue for an introduction, so hello all! My name is Jim and i have been lurking for a while, purchasing from the 24:24 for a few weeks now, and enjoying cigars off and on for about 10 years or so. Still discovering exactly what i like, but have become a bit more serious about it and am enjoying the process. Tend to enjoy the creamier and cocoa side of the spectrum, and am really looking forward to experiencing the caramel from my cab of PLPC in 2023 haha. Monte no 2 and 4, HDM E2, HUHC, and RYJSC are my go to at the moment both on the golf course and at home. Huge sports fan, go Pats/sox/celtics! My other interests include golf, saltwater fly fishing, tarpon, scotch, wine, fine dining, and the oil and gas industry. Big thank you to all those that contribute!

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