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  1. This box is in my Newair humidor that maintains an RH of about 62%. It’s unplugged (during the winter months) so the storage temp and the dry box temp are whatever the house temp is. In winter months it’s usually in the mid to upper 60’s. My dry box RH is typically between 45% and 50%... at least during the winter months.
  2. Enjoying a HDM Petit Robusto while burning a large brush pile. Perfect.
  3. For sure. During the winter months I probably spend more time in my shop than the house. I’m looking forward to spring when I can get the pontoon back in the water and smoke my cigars while cruising the lake ?
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ll definitely keep this in mind for the next time. If I lived that close to Bells I’d be a regular in their taproom. I’d be making regular trips to Founders and Dark Horse as well.
  5. This is my first Fundadore from the 2019 Xmas sampler. It’s been resting at 62%RH and was dry boxed for 3 days at 40%RH. I gave it a straight cut and the draw was a little tight but perfectly acceptable. The cold draw was light tobacco with really no barnyard to it. I paired it with what is probably my favorite IPA. Or for the purpose of this review my most loved IPA... Bells Hopslam. Since my wife is in the Twin Cities visiting our kids and grandkids I’m going to have to go with the beer as my loved one. I know.... I could do worse. I will add that I’m fortunate to have a heated shop to sm
  6. This is my third stick from this box. They’re always a treat as PSD4’s have always been solid performers for me. Perfectly constructed with a firm but very acceptable draw. It was dry boxed for 3 days at 52% and paired with a Diet Coke. It started off mostly leather and wood. Some spice came in late in the first third with maybe a touch of cream but the cream didn’t last long. The burn was razor sharp from beginning to end. By the end of the second third it was mostly cedar and spice which is how it finished. These will always hold a spot in my rotation alongside Party Shorts, HDM Petit
  7. Another Partagas Short review. Most of us have them in our rotation as they’re reasonably priced and IMO consistently reliable. Today’s stick is no different. It’s been dry boxing at 52% for three days. The cold draw is perfect. Paired with a Diet Coke. The first third is toasted tobacco, slightly woody and is burning perfectly. Wonky burns are becoming less and less for me since I’ve started dry boxing. The cigar really didn’t change much (other than getting more powerful) right up until I put it down. Which is usually my experience with this particular cigar. I’m ok with that as I d
  8. This is from my first FOH box purchase back in 2018. TRU JUN 18. It’s been resting since it arrived at 62RH and was dry boxed for 3 days at about 52RH. It’s well constructed (but did have a good sized split at the foot) and has a somewhat loose but acceptable draw. I prefer to pair most of my smokes with a good IPA but when it’s a morning smoke I go with a Diet Coke. I’ve tried pairing with coffee in the past but found it just doesn’t work for me. Prelight draw was mostly tobacco and barnyard which is usually the case for me with few exceptions. It started off extremely light with almos
  9. This cigar is from last year’s Christmas sampler. UAO May 2019. It was dry boxed for two days at about 50rh. I gave it a v-cut and the draw was perfect. I’ve had only one of these prior to this stick and it wasn’t the best experience so I’m hoping for a better one this time around. I paired it with a Diet Coke. It started off with lemon and hay and stayed that way for most of the smoke. It was just under medium in strength and stayed that way until the last 3rd. About halfway through a honey flavor slowly crept in and the hay disappeared. The burn was nearly perfect which isn’t always th

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