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  1. It was good. Creamy toasted tobacco but not much more. I’ll give it another 6 months or so before torching the next one. Thanks. I used Apollo and Warrior for bittering hops and Citra for flavor, aroma and dry hops. Ended up at 7% ABV. Turned out great. Way to easy to drink when it’s on tap 🙄
  2. UBM JUN 18 San Juan with a home brewed IPA.
  3. It’s mostly state land in the Cloquet State Forest. Seemingly endless two track trails that spur off of forest roads. The trails can vary from graded forest roads to rocky, muddy grown over trails that will end at a deer stand. Awesome area.
  4. Nice day for a wheeler ride. Unfortunately the black flies were out in force.
  5. Enjoying a beautiful day here in Minnesota. The Party Short was great as well!
  6. My prize from the Punch Drunk Love review week arrived and they look awesome! Thanks Rob and crew for this incredibly generous prize!
  7. This box is in my Newair humidor that maintains an RH of about 62%. It’s unplugged (during the winter months) so the storage temp and the dry box temp are whatever the house temp is. In winter months it’s usually in the mid to upper 60’s. My dry box RH is typically between 45% and 50%... at least during the winter months.
  8. Enjoying a HDM Petit Robusto while burning a large brush pile. Perfect.

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