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  1. Mine was a Romeo Y Julieta CC (didn't take note of which stick only the brand) back when I was 20. I was sitting on the porch with "the boys" (my husband, at the time he was just my boyfriend, lived in a bachelor pad with 4 others) and their friends one spring morning. Our one international friend of the group was a Czech who, for his birthday every year, would get CCs sent to him as a gift from his mom back home. He passed them all out this year, including me and as I took it I thought "Hell - I can keep up with the boys!". Also, I didn't know what I was doing (beyond desperately wanting to show up the guys) when I was smoking that stick. So after about 15 minutes, I politely removed myself from the crowd out back and vomited in the bathroom. With tears in my eyes and my hair half way in the toilet bowl, in that moment I vowed to never let that happen again and learn everything that was to know about this ritual. And just like that, I was hooked. Hooked on learning more about cigars, not vomiting, that is.
  2. Welcome! I hope you enjoy the community and everyone's contributions, as we will be looking forard to yours. Cheers, - J
  3. Does anyone have a link so I could pick up one of those cutters? It looks really unique. I've got an soft spot for cool cutters (conversation starters). That's why I got my shuriken cutter. It doesn't even work that amazingly. But I have it.
  4. This guy gets it! Welcome to this side of the online humidor my friend.
  5. Welcome! Northern Minn folk are hearty bunch, so turn on your propane and smoke a CC online with us anytime.
  6. I've heard it exclaimed in my presence a time or two. Rebutting with a friendly laugh and "Oh, you know me... I'm not a size queen." usually brings forth the other aspects of the stick (like flavor) in quick defense.
  7. My friends give me grief over this opinion of mine, so I want to change my mind. Currently, I hold the belief that if a cigar (CC or NC) is foil wrapped/in a tubo it is hiding something/attempting to inflate the value of the stick by artificially injecting some mystery. Accepting that poor conditions will affect a cigar far beyond its container, all things being equal (quality cigar, beautifully created, perfect storage conditions), why do they want to hide it if it is good?
  8. Disenchantment on Netflix was a fun watch (though it started a bit slow). Paradise PD is my "Simpsons+Family Guy+South Park" guilty pleasure.
  9. I'm with you on the Western movie marathons. I really like barnyard flavors, so my first thought was "well, maybe I might like this?" but then I read on to the bad part, pretty quick. I wish these were better so I could appreciate the heck out of them!
  10. There is a lovely bunch of us at the Anthony's on River, most Wednesdays. Feel free to pop on in and say hi!
  11. My latest literature score was Jose O. Padron's "Memorable Moments In My Life - The Story of an American Dream". It is a heavy hardback and I've not gotten all the way through it but I'm digging the intimate story telling. AMS (American Market Selection) is just a short hand way for me to talk about candela/double claro or green wrappers. There something about the profile that I really dig. I wish I could get others to join with me on my bandwagon, but I understand how many are set in their ways already.
  12. RIght now "the guys" of the warehouse and I have the baseball game (Rockies vs.Dogers) on, volume up. We can't spare eyes for it, but its fun to follow on the ears!
  13. Greetings fellow enthusiasts! As a SOTL I've been enjoying cigars of all kinds for almost 10 years in the SW desert. I'm a huge nerd for cigar literature and love ot geek out about blends, brands and lines from all over the world. Logistics being what they are, I most often enjoy AMS but like to treat myself with the real deal every special occasion or so. I look forward to chatting with and connecting to new BOTL/SOTLs here!

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