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  1. 1994 was working at a company just after college and the Army. I half jokingly mentioned to my boss to "pick up a box of Cuban's" when she was on vacation in the Caribbean. She returned with a full 25 box of Monte Christo Tubos!! I was about to get married and enjoyed one out on the deck at my parents house. Pure joy and relaxation (mixed with being a bit of cocky 20-something). That box lasted 10+ years as I would typically only smoke one or two per year in the summer when camping up in northern Minnesota with my little kids running around (BWCA). One summer I was in my house during the summer when both of my sons (probably then 9 and 12ish) came up to me respectfully with a stupid grin on their faces and a serious question . The said "Cmon dad - will you smoke a cigar? - we wanna watch...". Whoa! I guess they do pay attention. At some point the Tubos ran out and the empty box ended up on one of my sons dressers holding his precious stuff. Non-cubans never seemed to be able to hold up to my memories of that box of Tubos and I began to search for other ways to source better cigars. I guess you always go back to your first. Fast forward to 2019. Now one son is a Sr. in College and one just joined the air force. Early this year we had a chance to head up to the hunting shack and do some Snowmobiling and we were all able to relax with a beer and great cuban cigars. I give thanks daily to God for all of the good times and bad - one area that I am especially thankful for is the occasional ability to hang out with my sons and smoke a cigar. Sometimes it is the little things..
  2. The best thing (and simultaneously the worst thing) you can do to facilitate homebrewing is buy a kegerator. No cleaning bottles, no mess, you just drain the beer into the keg and put some pressure on it! At the same time it makes it far too easy to have a tasty beer or two. Every time I walk past it it seems to asking if I am thirsty.
  3. Yeah, I hate to break to to everyone but the earth is getting cooler right now not warmer. The sun cycles control the temperature on earth and the current cycle appears to be pointing to some potential problems coming due to the shorter growing seasons and crop production. ...only an intellectual would be able to point out that the sun has no effect on global warming. Strange but true
  4. Purchased a Wine cabinet off of craigslist for $20. After ripping out the wine rack I lined it with Spanish Cedar (as it turns out, the stuff is not cheap!) and built some shelves out of the same. Exterior made of pine but it is all sealed off from the inside using the cedar. The door is sealed fairly well and is held closed by several rare earth magnets. I have a Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0 in addition to some silicon beads keeping the humidity at 65-66%. Humidifier, fans and lights are all powered internally via a USB pass through port normally used to retrofit in a car/boat and rigged to run 12 volts off of an old computer power brick screwed into the bottom. No need for heating/cooling here in Minnesota as our basement is pretty stable at 65-70 year round. What do you think? Too much glass? - I know some of you like your cigars to sleep in the dark... Mostly Cubans in it with other cigars in the top humidor. Gives me a little room for growth of the collection Now... on to completing the powered vent in the cigar room (garage)

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