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  1. Definitely want to foam the ceiling and walls, but that is best left to the pros. Seal around the door and seal off or remove any hvac vents in the room. Just use a portable space heater. Might want to consider a negative pressure room as well Just my opinion
  2. Im behind a couple episodes, but I've been listening to Triplecapped lately
  3. Montecristo petit no.2 TEO MAY 18 in honor of my dad. Passed away 2 years ago today
  4. Siglo IV TEM MAR 10 from a brother on another forum. Had this set aside as my birthday smoke, but so much other stuff had gone down. Finally well enough to smoke it.
  5. HUHC is definitely a great cigar. It's a staple in my humidor.
  6. Hello all, I'm Clive. I'm from southeastern Michigan. I've been browsing the site for a while, finally joined. I've been smoking cigars since 2000, got into Cubans in 2018. I was lucky enough to visit Havana once, and would love to visit again and spend more than a day there. Such a beautiful city. I'm a fire/burglar alarm service technician by trade. Married with 2 grown kids. I enjoy cigars obviously, bourbon, rum, boating, cars, and firearms.

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