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  1. This is really a great project and you've made a lot of progress. I'm very interested in seeing how this goes as we have one of these iceboxes and I've often thought about a humidor conversion but not sure I have the necessary skills. It's been in her family since it was new so it's actually in pretty good shape to begin with.
  2. Even with the popularity of bourbon still growing, it seems there are still lots of good bourbons under $50. You certainly can't go wrong with anything on that list. I find myself going back to several of the same brands with those being Buffalo Trace, Maker's Mark, Eagle Rare and Four Rose's Small Batch most often. Our local distillery, Cedar Ridge also makes a very nice bourbon in the $35 per bottle range.
  3. Interesting list and lots of things I haven't tried but would like to try. I agree with the others about the absence of offerings from Ron Zacapa.
  4. I've enjoyed cigars for a lot of years but not nearly as frequently over the last few years. I've also been a member of several cigar forums over the years and actually got my start many years ago way back on the old JR cigar board. Yeah, that was a long time ago!. Anyway, I'm currently easing my way into retirement with that fully happening in November. Now that I have more time on my hands I can begin to enjoy the fruits of the working years. I'm looking forward to learning about what I've missed and what's been happening in the cigar world.

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