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  1. I smoke a lot of meat and for that reason I say cow. Pig is great but generally you are looking at a lot of prep and a lot of hours to get the final product. Cow can be grilled quick or cooked low and slow if necessary. Based on that it’s cow for me as I think you start with a more desirable product, but pig is magical when done right.
  2. Wow Cohiba has a lot of offerings and I have not had them all but it’s Siglo VI for me. The best cigar I have ever had hands down. I’ve been chasing that experience and have not come close. Tried the coro, media siglo, and siglo iii and iv but the sig vi is it for me. Based on this poll the lancero seems to be a must try.
  3. I don’t know know why but I feel like I get more nuanced flavor from the non plus. Love them both though.
  4. I love bond but If it wasn’t for Connery I don’t think I would care about the franchise much. I may have to visit the books one day.
  5. Star Wars without a doubt ........but the sad thing is a younger demographic than what is on this forum would probably vote the other way........
  6. The first movie I took my son to was the LEGO movie. I still chuckle when I think about him eating Junior Mints for the first time. He never stopped watching the movie but would blow out of his mouth like he was trying to cool it off.
  7. I remember my uncle taking me to Back to the Future II. Probably not my first movie but the one I remember clearly.
  8. Agreed! Received a bottle as a gift today.
  9. I’m in....this should be fun and maybe educational as well. 😂😂

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