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  1. That's great news! I bought a 6 er a couple year ago on here and regretted not buying a box ever since. It was one of the last times the came up on 24:24.
  2. Was wondering the same thing. Could it be true????
  3. I just had the first one from the box. Draw was perfect for me and I do not like an even slight draw. Overall a good solid stick. Probably a 90-91 for me. I thought the lancero was much better to me than the corona size but looking back on my notes I gave that a 91 as well...either way enjoyable.
  4. Thanks for the article. Wouldn’t it be great to go back 100 years and try the cigars of the day? Would they be similar to what we have today?
  5. I have seen others attribute this to your cigar being too moist. Early on I had a cheap desktop humidor with florist foam and no real hygrometer. I remember this happening several times and it is an unpleasant taste. I don’t know for sure if too much moisture is the issue but I do know since going to Bovedas and tracking humidity and keeping it stable that I have not had this issue in years. I feel like that was the culprit in my situation.
  6. I have been into the bourbon a touch tonight so I am willing to admit my NC transgressions and take the wrath of my CC brethren ? . I am a sucker for all the Black Friday, Christmas, new year discount codes, etc. This Is most of them but there are some high end Fuentes and a few others hiding somewhere. Oh and Sky Flower lancero at 20% off, why not? I am a big Avo/Davidoff fan and love that umami mushroom flavor. I describe it as Brie cheese. The AVO LE’s were great deals. Being in the states I follow several blogs and got caught up in a few other releases. Overall I like to try new t
  7. ???? maybe I will try again. My late thirties self may appreciate it much more than my early twenties self. Saw it in the theatre with a good friend and we still talk about how much we didn’t enjoy it. Ha but my attention span may be better now than then.
  8. Master and Commander with Russell Crowe. Absolute snooze fest.
  9. Not to confuse things further but I feel like NC’s without cello need the higher RH and ones wrapped in cello are extremely forgiving. I tried keeping different RH’s in different humidors but gave up as I didn’t see much difference Things have settled in the middle around 65/65 give or take +/- 3% and 3 degrees. Everything smokes well and dry boxing the CC’s has been helpful but not necessary.
  10. Thanks for the review. I was looking at a box on more than 1 occasion. Kind of glad I didn’t go for it. If I see a single or 2 I might give them a go.
  11. From the front it looks like a hippo with its head just above water.
  12. Have you tried the Jason Dumont yet. If so how were they?
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