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  1. A couple of 24:24 pickups. The Coloniales are especially attractive. The 54’s are LTO ENE 20
  2. Nothing fancy but a nice box of Party Shorts arrived yesterday. I was expecting a LGR SEP 19 but received a UEB JUL 18 box instead. Not bad!!! These have an intriguing mint and cedar smell coming off of them. I have not picked that smell up before on a box of cigars but it is a pleasant smell.
  3. I really enjoy these. I got a little bit of a deal but Davidoff/Avo seem to take the Apple route and rarely allow retailers to offer much of a discount.
  4. 10 Count Siglo VI. I have been on the site since 2018 and the VI has been a rare sight on 24:24. They have been up quite often in 2020. I am happy to have snagged some.
  5. Same here. I have an oasis and never could get it to work flawlessly. The day I got my wineador I went with 60% heartfelt beads and set up a coolerdor with boveda and everything has been consistent since. Plus no power cord to manage or fan to keep clear.
  6. I am too cheap to toss it without giving it a shot first. Ha No burn restrictions yet. The fires usually ramp up in July and August around here unfortunately.
  7. First the food. Salmon Benedict has become a Mother’s Day tradition over the last few years and always turns out amazing. I smoked the salmon and overall it is easy to put together but takes some planning to get all on the plate hot. After breakfast I poured another cup of coffee and went to the deck to light up this coro. Why did I pick this to smoke? Honestly I could not stand to look at it anymore. I wanted an esplendido or something similarly sized but this cigar with the giant split was so ugly I had to put it out of its misery. I believe this came in the Christmas sampler and I must have dropped it at some point. As you can see the burn was uneven and the wrapper continued to flake the entire time. Those concerns aside this tasted wonderful. It was the best Cohiba I have had since my first Siglo VI. This coro was smooth hay with a touch of citrus at times. It was much better than the one in the blind tasting sampler. Based on this specimen I would love to add a box to my humidor. It was a great day, great food and great weather. I give the cigar a 94.
  8. What rh do you recommend for 62-64f? I watched your videos and set out for the 70F 60rh target but then moved my wineador to the basement which has been consistently cooler than planned.
  9. I have been going the other way, cigars excluded, and have been cleaning house. Whatever is taking up space is getting tossed, given away or sold on eBay.
  10. All of them. Coffee with cream is my favorite pairing.
  11. I knew he liked cigars, I believe he said he smokes 6 a day, but was surprised how many he was smoking in then1997 footage. That was in season and he was ripping them left and right.
  12. You get an A+ for effort. What was the final smoking time or did you toss it after the 4 hrs?
  13. If it was meant to be religious then I may have missed the point as well, but it made me chuckle thinking about doing this as siblings growing up. I found a childhood game compared to a renaissance painting and biblical wording funny due to the absurdity of it.
  14. I may burn that one first based on your recommendation.

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