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  1. Thanks for the review. I was looking at a box on more than 1 occasion. Kind of glad I didn’t go for it. If I see a single or 2 I might give them a go.
  2. From the front it looks like a hippo with its head just above water.
  3. Have you tried the Jason Dumont yet. If so how were they?
  4. I am in the same situation. It has been nearly 2 months since COVID and cigars are still off. Taste and smell is normal when it comes to food but not so with cigars for some reason. They all taste the same. I have had 2 cigars that tasted normal, one was Connie A on a Thanksgiving that made think I was back to normal, but no such luck. Having zero smell while I was sick was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life. I could open a bag of coffee, take the biggest inhale and there was nothing. Just cold air and no smell of any kind.....
  5. I ponder it. Cited research aside how can it not have some kind of effect on health? For me personally 3-5 cigars a week and some weeks only,1 cigar the risk seems low. I have plenty of other health related issues to consider.
  6. The Salomones are oily but maybe darker than Claro/Colorado. The monte 2 are a shade lighter than the Salomones but not near as oily as the first picture in the thread. It was fun pulling several boxes out and looking at the shades of the wrapper and comparing. Many that I swore were light colored were in fact darker than I remembered. Churchills are similar color to the monte 2.
  7. Will do. I have an unwritten rule that a box needs to sit in my humidor for a year before digging in, but most likely will get the urge and light one up around Christmas.
  8. More 24:24 goodies. TUA AGO 20 Partagas Salomones and UMR ABR 20 Hoyo Epicure Especial.
  9. Fresh off the truck - RAT NOV 19 Punch 48’s.
  10. Today’s mail call came in strong with some hard to find sticks. The presentation on the bull is pretty solid when you open the box and the smell hits you.
  11. I have a Cojuno 2012 in my humidor some where, but I think it is a Capa Especial . I will have to dig it out! The one thing about Tatuaje is that you need a be a detective to figure out what cigar is what because the bands rarely tell you anything. Just the name and a different color scheme on a lot of the sticks.
  12. I had to pick up the newest installment of the Tatuaje Monster series just because I came across a box and figured why not. I am a Connecticut wrapper fan so 25 Dalias at $5 a stick was an easy decision.

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