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  1. +1 for the punch 48. I have been wanting to try those for awhile now.
  2. Today’s mail call came in strong with some hard to find sticks. The presentation on the bull is pretty solid when you open the box and the smell hits you.
  3. I have a Cojuno 2012 in my humidor some where, but I think it is a Capa Especial . I will have to dig it out! The one thing about Tatuaje is that you need a be a detective to figure out what cigar is what because the bands rarely tell you anything. Just the name and a different color scheme on a lot of the sticks.
  4. I had to pick up the newest installment of the Tatuaje Monster series just because I came across a box and figured why not. I am a Connecticut wrapper fan so 25 Dalias at $5 a stick was an easy decision.
  6. I am super excited for this box. It is PLA AGO 15 from 24:24. The size is just right and the wrappers are mottled. The paper on the top is starting to box press and has some oils stains starting to show. Not sure they are the best examples but the box is speaking to me.
  7. Enjoyed mediocrity in my picks last year so might as well go for another round.
  8. Great work! I love the look and lines of the new cabinets and appliances.
  9. I took the kids to Ghostbusters at the drive-in a few weeks ago and will still probably get this wrong. Watching legacy movies outside has been a ton of fun this summer, this week it was the Goonies and Empire Strikes Back before that. The only thing to make it better would be a cigar.
  10. It was a Partagás mail call day. A lusi 10 pack and box D4’s.
  11. Not a bad pick up. I like these a lot. Had a Serie V lancero last night and it was a touch harsh. Good but not great.
  12. Drip coffee and cream is my go to and I have not found a cigar it didn't work with. I must say the Nudies (both N1 and N3) have been wonderful with coffee.
  13. This was not the best example of this cigar. From the get go it had an odd floral taste mixed with strong pepper coming and going. The draw was tight and the cigar wanted to go out. To combat this the cigar required at least a double puff on most draws which, as you can guess made things get pretty hot. The burn was good only requiring a minor touch up or two but eventually the stick started tunneling. The signature peanut butter flavors never developed. There were hints in the first third but they never got going. Other examples I have smoked had that pb flavor which to me tastes exactly like a Chick-O-Stick or the inside of a Butterfinger instead of pure peanut butter. The cigar was a 70/100 but the sunset was a 10/10

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