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  1. I like them but the peanut butter note is more like a Chico-o-stick or center of a butterfinger to my pallet. It tastes like it peanut butter but in a fake candy way. Also love that Left Hand Stout mentioned by @Nevrknow that’s some great stuff. I will be pairing it with an 898 soon.
  2. I can pick out some flavors, some of the time. Whether all I get is tobacco is another story. I feel like I can tell the difference between different cigars and know what I enjoy but am not confident in telling someone else cigar “x” is a chocolate bomb etc.
  3. I have a box of 10 of both the 54 and 50. Also had a few singles from the Christmas sampler. I have only sampled a few but didn’t love them. Honestly seemed like smoking air. Decided to let the sit and see what happens.
  4. VR Famosos for sure, psd4, hdm epi 2. Cohiba if you can justify the price.
  5. Had one since 2008. It’s basically all I use but recently have been using the punch on the bottom of my Prometheus lighter for the sake of carrying less stuff. Never had an issue with the perfect cutter.
  6. I bought a box of 10 each for a good price. The LGC are at least 25% more if you are lucky. Can’t say I have seen the magicos in awhile but I rarely look outside of FOH anymore.
  7. I enjoyed both but agree that the magicos is the better cigar. There a couple other posts about both cigars somewhere on the forum.
  8. I just picked these up from the Warped DROP site. Moon Garden Nocturnal Harvest. I love mottled wrappers.
  9. All are PSP and hit my mailbox today. Pretty pleased with the look of these!
  10. That's great news! I bought a 6 er a couple year ago on here and regretted not buying a box ever since. It was one of the last times the came up on 24:24.

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