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  1. My wife got this one time release from willett in the mail today
  2. Well I only bought one and it was secondary but it was a short barrel, but I actually have a 4th coming in. @Stogiepuffer
  3. Boone county small batch 12 year these are non existant my wife has been getting all my good deliveries Willett x wolves whiskey collab
  4. Finally got a bottle I've been chasing a long time
  5. No worries, I totally understand I'd settle for a sample 🤣
  6. How about a case of michters toasted barrel bourbon
  7. Awesome concept!! Cheers to you fellas for doing this!! And if you have any spare bottles I'd love to try some 😅 huge bourbon chaser here!!
  8. This year's EHT special release I've got 2 actually
  9. Alcohol I tend to drink armangnac, bourbon and scotch Non alcohol it's either sparkling water, or coffee
  10. Michters barrel strength rye 2021 Weller single barrel

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