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  1. I second this! Is it a secret?
  2. Astar20

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    Noooooooooo the time lanceros come up and I was too late!!!!! 😭😭😭
  3. Being from California I'm spoiled I live in between Napa and the central coast and it's pretty wild how much the wine differs I'm a central coast kind of guy but this winery has great wines for a great price ranging from 17$-40$ and above this has to be the one that grabbed me and its fantastic I just finished the bottle with a monte #2 as I post this and it made the monte #2 just shine! Chronic cellars is where it's at!
  4. 1-2 years 1. JL2 2.SLR regios 3.RG PC 3-5 years 4. PL Montecarlo 5. PLPC
  5. Astar20

    Box of the Day

    JL2 my weakness
  6. Astar20

    Stop the Montesco

    I only say 54 because I have x2 boxes of QDO 54. But I’m not really sure if I’ll enjoy them.
  7. Astar20

    Stop the Montesco

    Anything bigger than a 54, tired of the short fatter cigars, the vigías have got to go. Need more long and skinnies, and or Julieta No. 2
  8. China would seem like the most viable buyer! Interesting to see the affects it would have in the market!
  9. Half a box of the CCE 😊 they look and smell amazing I could smell through the wrapping.
  10. Ouch sports and @Ken Gargett are not on good terms.
  11. Same here, unbelievable for both Liverpool and Tottenham!
  12. Less than 24 hours after Liverpool stunned Barcelona, Tottenham Hotspur stunned the very young and talented Ajax. All English champions league final should be pretty interesting.
  13. Wow both English clubs staged an epic comeback both Liverpool and Tottenham hotspur. This is going to make for an interesting finale.

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