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  1. Rumors is well balanced well put together album I feel DSOTM and Pink Floyd are a little overrated like that hyped RE that just disappointed.
  2. I'd kill for some of those la reina! Need to get my hands on a 5 or 6 er.
  3. Monte #2 This ash is darker compared to the other I smoked from the same box
  4. Woodford reserve double oaked with a couple drops of peach seltzer water pretty tasty.
  5. Of course California is mentioned here why not we try to find bad in everything but we are willing to go out of our way for ridiculous laws another reason I'm trying to leave! Nothing is sin tax worthy!
  6. RACC this morning with coffee Unsweetened cocoa tons of fruit with some baking spice glorious glad I grabbed this before I walked out of the house to go to work.
  7. PL picadores Quality toasted tobacco with some nougat and a hint of stone fruit is what comes to mind but PL clean tobacco taste does it for me
  8. A big thank you to @Markspring1978 Some la trova 18 And Fonseca #1 from 17

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