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  1. Alcohol I tend to drink armangnac, bourbon and scotch Non alcohol it's either sparkling water, or coffee
  2. GTS 2020 Parkers 2020 heavy char Thomas S Moore bourbon finished in wine barrels new release from Barton
  3. Lots of connections, one I got on a trade and the other two I bought, not at secondary and not at retail.
  4. Another pappy 15 to add to the collection
  5. My man I wish you all the best of luck! I love when other people get these bottles and or share them! Here I'm lucky they have more stores than bottles, but it's the second biggest market, so there is secondary all around but I always get deals
  6. Neither one was purchased at secondary, most of my collection isn't bought at secondary This box is from AGO 20,not quite ready to dive into it yet
  7. Another pappy 15!! Had to put in the leg work for this onea
  8. Blanton's straight from the barrel, bookers country ham and Hancock's president reserve.
  9. Pappy 15!! 2020 is one of the best ones I've had in awhile
  10. Well well we'll the hardest of the BTAC line up ? coming home with me
  11. Four hundred out the door, and I actually traded it. Got offered a pappy 15 and cash
  12. 18 year marriage had to scrub the receipt price due to moderation hopefully I don't get in trouble, but I did not pay secondary
  13. Most of these are unicorns, only a couple on this list are easily accessible. But my favorite and realistic one to obtain is the willett family estate bourbon! Easily one of my favorite pours.

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