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  1. For some reason I'm not surprised! Atleast here in the US it doesn't come as a shock to me! I'm speaking from experience as I am a paramedic. People call 911 for am ambulance to get a ride from one side of town to another, it's gotten so bad that we have banned people from using an ambulance!
  2. Closest I’ll be getting to a redback is the redback boots I wear for work lol
  3. Getting ready to move myself and not looking forward to it
  4. Well if he knew what was going on then the right thing to do would be to make him sell the team along with some fines and time in jail but i dont see any of this happening.
  5. Well at least after watching @El Presidente And @Ken Gargett I feel my cigar IQ grow the entertainment of you two is a bonus I watch for the knowledge on cigars.
  6. Depends on the season but then again California has either hot or cold not much in between.
  7. Wow great insight to the history, importance and passion that goes into the Habanos festival
  8. Those reyes and HDM DC!! Both look magnificent.
  9. This is the why the red Sox and Yankees and rivalry will always be the most notorious in all of sports! We Yankees and red Sox love to agree to disagree! I just see getting more for your money with Harper his work ethic and longevity as a player who loves the game and not just the money. And already the Yankees are favored to win the AL east ? but I will say the red Sox had a great season but with the Yankees farm system and what Cashman has done with it the Yankees are only going to get better in time ?
  10. To say the Red Sox didn’t buy their championship this past season when they won would be a lie (Yankees fan) they did pay for JD. which is what they Yankees would do if they bought machado or Harper, as a Yankees fan I was relieved they didn’t sign machado, Harper is the better player and would make a great addition at 1st base ? so I would have signed with a championship team and the money would come in time.
  11. Habanos needs to make more 109s or something of that nature.
  12. So the next question is for @El Presidente is when are these boxes of 10 going to be available???? ??

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