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  1. Well well well.. Guess these needed a home as well, all 3 of these and I spent less than 700$
  2. Thank you brother! I appreciate it, I am always up for a trade. That's how I get some most I barter and get deals on
  3. I'd highly recommend you don't. My state is shit and the alcohol sits for a reason way overpriced, but I talked em down
  4. Found 2019 EHT barrel proof sitting in the shelf collecting dust
  5. Most definitely! This one and boone county are my favorites it's almost a daily thing for me!
  6. These are so few and far in between! Especially since willett didn't do alot of picks this year! I got this one and the charity one! They charity one was really expensive!
  7. Still more to come from a weekend visiting the in laws
  8. I'm seriously going to put it up at auction if I can figure out how to! And I'm just a paramedic I don't make that much I just play the market and watch it and pay what I want. This is the non aged stated one, it's currently going from 900$-1.2k secondary! It's stitzel Weller juice, that was supposed to be bottled under the old Fitz brand when it was stizel-weller before heaven hill
  9. If you know this bottle and what it's worth then you know it's a ?
  10. My wife picked these up, was lucky enough to find the signed one sitting on the shelf
  11. They are a great time I've been to the last couple and it's always a good time! @SubcomandanteI highly recommend going
  12. Alan does a great job even his mistakes he offers are a steal I hang out with him when he hosts cigar and dinner events! Very humble and great person to be around! He gives away cigar cases as raffles along with other great prizes! His two finger cigar case is great as well
  13. I have a custom project carbon! Alan is a great guy and really cares about the quality! My wife ordered me a custom one for Father's day!
  14. LOL alot of these never made it to my collection! But I have some rare bourbons lol Didn't know there was a FOH bourbon bash!
  15. I've been very fortunate to come across these and get some good deals on them! I'm still not done, all these BTACs are from 2018, 2019. And these didn't even make it to my collection lol

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