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  1. Yeah we get quite a bit of allocations, but the big stores are shady and the employees play dumb like they don't know what allocations are and they buy them up and put like 2 bottles out on the shelf, and the mom and pop stores charge secondary, but if you're loyal and buy all the less allocated stuff then when they get a the good stuff they sell it to you slightly above retail! But pappys doesn't impress me just like Weller doesn't either. I always tend to sell that stuff. But I've gotten very fortunate this year!
  2. Loyalty is key, relationships. I've gotten 2 EHT BP, 2020 birthday bourbon, RHF, old Fitz, ETL, blanton's gold. And I'm still not done! California gets allocations just depends on what you want to pay, secondary or slightly above retail
  3. Even the 1.75L Buffalo trace are allocated now! Hard to get! It's insane
  4. The highlight of this line up!! Ruby is definitely the best out of the 1824 color series! Big score for you! Wish I could find it here
  5. These two my wife picked up for me 2014 4 roses LE and Willett 6 year family estate rye
  6. I enjoyed it very much so don't know if I'll ever go back to drinking regular Elijah Craig again. If you like smores it's very tasty! But Elijah Craig is always so consistent!
  7. I've had both and I liked the rye better, and I prefer Elijah Craig toasted barrel over michters, the michters was hot and spicy. But their rye toasted was so good! But definitely better stuff out there than the 10 year
  8. Their bourbon is okay, the best one is the rye, and I'm not a huge rye fan but it's one I will buy and drink. The rye takes the cake.
  9. Definitely grab it, it's tasty and if you get it at retail it's going for 2.5x it's retail price on secondary but I am drinking it great pour!
  10. Such a shame they are discontinuing the yippie Kai yay offering it was the best one I think!
  11. I'm actually looking for a 2017 and 2018 for my son's birth year and the year I became a paramedic! Hopefully the prices are as close to retail as possible!
  12. Soild pick, wish I could still find these sitting on the shelf. Can't wait for 2020 release
  13. You must live in a very skinny part of Texas that doesn't get allocations. But from what I've seen Texas got alot of great allocated stuff.
  14. Honestly I just get lucky and haggle until I get what I want at the price I want
  15. I'm always looking for more gold or straight from the barrel
  16. Honestly the best way to get it atleast here in California is to make friends with store owners, I always get stuff put aside but I'm a loyal customer it's how I'm able to get HTF stuff and allocated bottles. Plus with so many more stores than allocations to go around you got just hunt and get to know the sales reps and when the delivery dates are, that's what has helped me.

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