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  1. Massive peanut bomb!! It's a great pour for the price!
  2. This toasted barrel makes this bourbon very tasty and a pleasure to drink! If you can find it grab it and you won't be disappointed!
  3. 300$ a bottle so I cleaned them out of their stock! They needed the money and well these bottles went to good friends of mine!
  4. I got them from a restaurant, they are hurting and need the business.
  5. A case of GTS from 2019 and a spare bottle of GTS so 4 total
  6. ETL, RHF, blanton's and Hancock's reserve are all the same mash bill, they use Buffalo trace high rye mash bill #2
  7. Bourbon season is great how's it going for everyone else
  8. There actually is, later in the year is when things usually hit shelfs, alloctions, BTAC, pappy etc
  9. Been looking for these limited releases.. Bottles this old are non existant here in California
  10. Well well well this is a pretty rainbow if I say so myself. The whole core Weller line up
  11. Smoke wagon private barrel 8 year store pick, won this on a raffle
  12. Both C919 and A120 were right there with C919 being better but from the sounds of it B520 is the best one in years
  13. My collection is looking pretty nice after that haul! Still need some more allocated stuff but I'll get it in time without paying secondary
  14. Super excited for the B520 and smoke wagon small batch! Heard Caribou crossing is blanton's of the north, and I won a raffle for a store pick 8 year smoke wagon!
  15. Vacation was very good to me! Store pick on the blantons and OWA 107. Finally got my favorite RHF!
  16. I get super lucky the owner holds bottles for me and gives em to me at msrp. I try and stay away from the van Winkles and etc cause I know if I wait long enough I'll get em at msrp cause the new stock comes on. I've had this ETL and it was kind of a let down.
  17. Elmer T Lee and surprisingly I didn't pay secondary for it.
  18. It's pretty tasty I like it. I need to get more of it!
  19. Yes sir I bought it for the age statement and regret it, I tend to try and go after the stuff that no one wants.

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