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  1. To my surprise it was actually pretty good reminded me of Weller special reserve but a tad bit better
  2. Not a fan this was a huge let down! I still have one unopened that I probably won't open.
  3. My wife has a cricut cutter, and she does these I have quite a few of these mugs! She enjoys doing crafts.
  4. Just when I was thinking about picking up a box I'm glad I didnt
  5. Hear it's pretty good has alot of potential if they can start cranking out aged stuff instead of their young stuff
  6. On the Way Up In Your Estimation ? 1. RYJ Churchill 2. Punch Short de Punch (My favorite ATM) 3. On The Way Down In Your Estimation ? 1. HDM Epicure Especial 2. QDO 50 3.Monte #1
  7. Right figured that they would be on bond roberts but the picture looks like a 24:24 picture that's why I inquired.
  8. Monte especial #1 and some 4 roses single barrel
  9. These are my go to! Absolutely fantastic cigars!! I need to stock up on these!
  10. This is my smoker made from a 55 gallon drum and I use about 12-15 pounds of charcoal with wood chips. I have a window and add more charcoal and wood as needed but j never go above 265 as a temp work in 5 degree incriments start at 225 and work up no matter the meat I always aim for a 10-12 hour cook window. I also have a meat thermometer attached to the side of the barrel. Some finished product attached as well.
  11. Short de punch absolutely hate the format but damn they are phenomenal!!! With some Russell's reserve single barrel
  12. Beatin biscuits is delicious definitely better than this year's release, grannys batch but country ham blew was the best one since Kentucky chew!
  13. Most definitely! I finally found it and got a discount on it after the bourbon war 4 year and bourbon country were great! I preferred them over the Weller special reserve! Great price and great bourbon
  14. Pinhook bohemian bourbon high proof 114.5 2020 release

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