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  1. Four roses single barrel select, barrel strength and pinhook bourbon been hearing great things about pinhook
  2. Punch short de punch, wow I'm impressed glorious buttery savory spice. I hate the format but think I'm going to go deep on these!
  3. I'd love to see an esplendido 50 cab, CCE since the Mantua was such a hit. And a BBF would also look great as a 50 cab
  4. My box is from 18 and these are so dark but wow what a great under the radar cigar! I'm trying to keep my grubby mitts off them but they are a very dark chocolate, citrusy, woody stellar stick! Definitely a great value and underrated cigar!
  5. Monte #2 with some Stagg Jr batch 9 Monte is big cocoa biscuit with the Stagg Jr is a cherry bomb!!! Great pair
  6. I most definitely think it is! The close you get to retail the better but either way they make great whiskey! I've had interactions with the owners they are great people! Batch 4 is higher rye, but this batch 5 is a creme brulee bomb!
  7. I think both especially with the skinny vitolas, currently I'm smoking a cazzie and I'm half way done and it's take me 1.25 hours and it's been enjoyable! Long slow draw and long times between draws! But that's just my preference.
  8. Kicked this up out while looking for another bottle, if you haven't had anything from old Carter you're missing out. Higher end price tag but worth it in my opinion.
  9. 1.) RG PC 2.) Trinidad Reyes 3.) HDM epi #2 Bonus Fonseca #1
  10. Been hearing good things about pinhook, on the hunt for the high proof purple top one myself. Hopefully that one you got is as good as I hear about the others.
  11. Didn't get to put in as much effort as I would have liked... Thanks to Covid-19 I am working alot more...
  12. I was fortunate to get these in a trade and I'm so glad I did. Cold cut: a beautiful aroma of cedar and leather. The pre light draw is bursting with cedar, dry cocoa, leather and some malt. 1st third: This initial inch, sweet cedar, please woody notes with some faint cocoa drifting in and out. Quite a bit of salt but it's very pleasant. Beautiful burn. Medium to under medium in body. 2nd third: The cocoa aspect really amps up. This meaty, savory note comes in. Towards the end up the 2/3 this very pleasant graham cracker comes in. Picks up in body medium perhaps a little over.
  13. Bolivar CG from 15, thanks to @VRATJV07 Wow this is just a gorgeous melting pot, of cedar, Graham cracker, cocoa and malt.
  14. La Trova unknown box code my first ever figured I'd smoke something nice before a 72..
  15. No just the Connie one I got just didn't do much for me tasted like burnt cardboard very uninteresting and one dimension
  16. All of these EL 54+ RG due to all these LE and Regional releases have been getting out of hand!
  17. My mouth hurts looking at this picture! Feel like I need a tetanus booster having smoked this.
  18. Something my wife put together with her cricut machine. All kinds of different bands CC and NC.
  19. Legent is great Russell's is fantastic (single barrel is the way to go, especially store picks) Can't go wrong with four roses, michters or old forester. One of the barrel proof bottles if you can find it at retail (49$) would be Stagg Jr

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