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  1. Once you get acquainted with market pricing and you see a number like that, it just sets off the scrutiny bells like nothing else
  2. Speaking of discontinued, anyone have a recent date on MDO4’s? Ive been sniffing around for them for a while but aside from the occasional Bond Roberts sighting I never see them.
  3. Hey all, FOH’s 49 NRW weekend had me smoking a MC Petit Edmundo and a Trinidad Vigia, and both happened to be underfilled, squishy and wide open draw. I’ve had plugged cigars in all sizes, but i was surprised to have two back to back underfilled sticks. It got me to thinking ( as probably any newbie chasing consistency out of Cuba) Is there a size of cigar you find to be more consistent, regardless of who makes it? Maybe petit coronas just work better than these hand cannons? Just looking for any observations/opinions. Cheers and to your good health.
  4. Cigar is a little squishy, and the draw is very open First draws are very light bodied, cedar and then a bit of leather left behind. The first third continues on much like that, big volume on smoke production but not a lot on flavor. Seems very underfilled compared to the last box I had. No real flavor change through the second third, just a small building of cedar and leather with the occasional almost salty twang coming in. Burn has been a bit uneven and has required several touch ups. Final third has a bit of signature Trini bread joining the mix but not much. Rating: 82 While I did enjoy smoking this Vigia, I have to blame its muted flavor on just being underfilled. This is the first out of this box so here’s hoping i get some firmer draws on the others.
  5. Sorry I cant figure out picture orientation, and I may be fudging it a bit since this is week before last but I asked my girlfriend of 3 years to marry me while on a hike during perfect fall weather in New England and life has been too busy to post until now. Had a nice treat of Veuve on a bench outside the park and then a 2018 Epi 2 at home. ring is worth double my cigar collection easy but damned if it isn’t a good investment all the same Cheers gents hope you all are enjoying life’s changes big or small
  6. ...its like seeing a high-end, hand carved mahogany bottle case with a unique opening mechanism. It opens to a beautiful crystal bottle, backlit by LED’s, full of Fireball.
  7. The guy at the liquor store asked if I was having a party when he looked at my cart, but it’s just for me this year.
  8. Ill make everyone feel better by smoking a 2019 Sir Winston as that really is my top tier that I haven’t tried yet
  9. I thought it was pretty cool! I’m only a few years in to the hobby so I find these review experiments to good for honing tasting abilities. I smoked Mag 54’s, the dipped one seemed to have a more “wet earth” flavor going on, not too much change in how the stick smoked. Thumbs up from me for any similar review ideas from FoH
  10. Not as experienced with this marca, and this is only the second I’ve had from this young box. The draw is like an open highway, I like an easy draw but I can tell right away this might be an issue. The 54 starts off really well, with rich tobacco notes, damp wood and sweetness come in on the first draws. This develops into a deeper sweetness of molasses, with a slight sour citrus rind coming through. Wood notes becoming drier and more cedar-y. Right around halfway, the flavor shifted to a dry, tangy /sour /wood. At the onset it was pleasant but it slowly developed into bitterness into the first third. I let it go out when this overwhelmed the palate, maybe 15 minutes short of nubbing it. overall: 84, really great start and good flavor transitions, tobacco has great flavor, but if the draw was tighter I think it would have smoked better. Also some years on it would help. Very interested in the dip, which I’ll try tomorrow, as the last half of this cigar I would say had a “dry” taste, just a mild sourness that wasn’t unpleasant. Kind of like a tannic wine dries out the mouth. Wet Edit My second stick from this box has a slight chip in the foot and a small ding further up the wrapper, I’m hoping this doesn’t foul things up. My hesitation led me to do a quick dunk in a glass of water rather than under the tap. First few puffs, I’m getting a lot of earthy/leafy funk, certainly more than the dry stick. Still has the rich tobacco flavor, slight hint of spice. This second example is much better filled than the first, the draw being right in my sweet spot of “slight resistance without strain” At the start of the first third, some bitter notes are starting early. I’ll take some of the blame for that for smoking a young stick a little too fast. Sourdough toast starting to come in. Unfortunately after a relight at the last third, the bitterness has overwhelmed my palate. All I’m getting is bitter earth flavor. Im fine with that, this has been another great cigar with just some reminders at it develops that I should let them keep resting. This second one I would rate a bit lower, around 82; I’m not getting those fun citrus rind notes and this stick was rather one dimensional with its constant deep earth flavor. Thanks Rob for another fun experiment!
  11. After losing my first FoH stand on a boat ride I’m very excited for this experiment!
  12. Howdy gents, I’ve been hunting for a decent vintage humidor and I’m finding a lot with either tin, zinc, or copper for an interior lining, does anyone have experience in using one of these? I like the aesthetic but I’m obviously concerned about any sort of flavor offset from storing in metal, any first or secondhand knowledge would be appreciated. Cheers!
  13. I was intrigued by these, they even make a smaller, more utilitarian version here: My issue, at least in my mind, is that I wouldn’t want to risk dulling my cutter by ever using it as a knife. I do really like the look and style, but originally this blade was $400, for that money I just got a Xikar XO and another box of CC. I would definitely like to hear about performance on these, as well as the Les Fines
  14. Great samplers man and a great way to get people off on the right foot, I’m sure I’m not the only one who overspent on NC’s/boxes that I wasn’t sure on. I’d add a Vigia and a CoRo just because those are my personal fav’s but gg all around
  15. Sales rep for a business supply distributor, ~550 CC, 100 NC. I’m about 2 years into cigars in general and the NC’s are left from my initial sampling foray, they’ll probably be around forever unless I make 20 friends who enjoy them. I should probably smoke more of them while my CC’s come of age, but once you develop a taste for Cubans it’s hard to go back

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