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  1. Hello, I'm new to FOH but have enjoyed the occasional CC since my Dad introduced me to them 20 years ago when I was in college. He was part of a crew that golfed, drank, travelled, and smoked CC together, so part of my interest in Habanos in someways is the connection I make with Cuban cigars to my father. Before the blogospere and online forums existed, they were genuine enthusiasts -- some had ventilated smoking rooms, walk in humidors, aging cabinets, etc. I distinctly remember seeing 90s Cigar Aficionado covers with Sly Stallone, Arnold, Demi Moore, etc near his cigar 'stuff'. I'm back in the US now after nearly 10 years in London, so having access to some nice cigar shops allowed me to smoke fine CC at will. I always had a small assortment of cigars resting in my desktop humidor. Since I've been back stateside, my stash has been running thin so I have been smoking less frequently. Recently, I've had a couple close friends travel to Havana and pick up some boxes, which has forced me to move up from a desktop humidor to a coolerdor. I discovered FOH as I was trying to get some intel online regarding the coolerdor setup, and was really impressed with the quality of posts and authentic community feel. To all those that contribute frequently, thank you for being generous with your time & knowledge. I'm sure there have been tons of 'read only' users (like me previously) that you've helped tremendously!

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