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    My lady and our 5 girls, single malts, big game hunting with a pointy stick, downhill skiing, things that go bang, breathing underwater, adding value to entrepreneurial endevours.

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  1. One could argue that these are collectively one film. My nod is to #1 because Brando is iconic in that role.
  2. Markspring1978

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    That is a killer price on the 80th. I have a box from ‘15, they are amazing.
  3. I have smelled the Tom Ford offering. It was fantastic, I would wear it, but at $500 a bottle, I’d rather have a box of Sir Winston’s.
  4. @FatherOfPugs, this is awesome. Cherish the moment, the time each of my girls was born is among my greatest memories. I’ll guess May 23rd at 0352 Are you going to set aside a box with the date code of the birth? I have a box of Sir Winston set aside with the month of my latest daughter’s birthdate.
  5. Congrats @99call! Nice job.
  6. Markspring1978

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Exhibition #4 MCS FEB 06- very nice smoke.
  7. Markspring1978

  8. I was pretty excited about this smoke. The Genios/Robusto Extra (52x140) is my favorite size, the Connie A most notably, and that’s what the Hermitage comes in at. The wrapper is smooth and a lovely rosado color. I decided to pair this with a 2012 LBV Port. The serious port drinkers here like @Ken Gargett and @BrightonCorgi would likely not be impressed with my selection, but hey, here in Montana it’s slim pickings for Port. A cold draw yielded aromas of cedar and barnyard. However, I could tell right away that this cigar might have construction issues as the draw was just off. This fella is just about 18 months old, I was concerned about it being too young, this is the first I have smoked from this box. I keep my humidor at 65%, I did not drybox before smoking. After lighting up I was immediately greeted with all the markers of a cigar that is too young; bitterness with a slightly sweet aftertaste, a bit like walnuts, although not exactly in a good sense. Over the first 1/3 the bitterness was also very tannic and dried my mouth out and I was left with an aftertaste of minerals and ash. The burn was really poor and uneven with the draw exacerbating the subpar flavors. As the first third moved into the second, I was encouraged to start to get some positive notes of dark chocolate and toasted tobacco. But they were more whiffs than full flavors. The lousy burn persisted and I had to re-light about 6 times. As I came down the home-stretch on the second third, nothing had given me too much to be excited about. This included the 38 degree temperatures and landscape of snow on my porch. So, I called it a day. So, you’re probably picking up on a general dissatisfaction in this smoke. I was excited about this one, and it was pretty much a complete disappointment. These definitely need more time down, and hopefully that will improve them. As this stands right now I would rate this a 6 out of 10 or a 63 out of 100.
  9. Markspring1978

    My Vegas Mishap

    Picked one up, have been meaning to for some time. Perhaps because I live in Montana where it’s pretty dry, I rarely experience draw issues. I keep my humidor at 65/65. My thought was unlucky run.
  10. Markspring1978

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    @FatherOfPugs - I have been thinking about a future box pass that has a whiskey element, not whole bottles, just samples. Something to think about... Anyway, a couple pickups in Vegas. Whiskey selection in Montana is lousy.
  11. Markspring1978

    My Vegas Mishap

    Carry on.
  12. Markspring1978

    My Vegas Mishap

    I stored the cigars in a small Pelican hard case with a 65% Boveda. Interesting comments, I suppose that it is possible that the higher temps in Vegas caused more moisture to be released and that may have resulted in higher MC in the cigars. As there were no issues the day before, I didn’t consider that, but possible. Hindsight, I would have dryboxed and then traveled with no Boveda. Had an awesome trip, except for day 2 with the cigars. I bet on Texas Tech straight up, and that worked out well. Took Auburn with the points, so that worked out as well, even though everyone is sure to remind me of what a wus I am. Also took a trip to Top Golf, we don’t have those in Montana. What a blast!
  13. Had a great weekend in Vegas for a friend’s bachelor party. Saturday was a great cigar day, excellent ‘16 Connie A, an ‘09 Choix, and a ‘15 Mag 56. All were remarkable cigars. Sunday was officially my worst cigar day ever. Started with a ‘15 Punch DC, intending to do a review for the weekend comp. Was really looking forward to this smoke, unfortunately it was plugged and after 30 minutes I had a terrible headache and gave up. After an hour or so, the banging subsided in my head, I lit up a ‘17 CoRo. Couldn’t believe the same result. Plugged. I tried to hang in there, but the cigar was a disaster. Completely blew apart, terrible burn. That night I lit up a ‘15 Party E2, hoping to end on a positive note. Couldn’t believe it, third plugged in a row. Not as bad as the DC and CoRo, but still not good. I guess it was bad luck. Fortunately, the previous day was awesome, and my bad luck was only with cigars, and didn’t extend to the craps table!
  14. Markspring1978

    Most recent box codes for:

    La Trova- ARS JUN 18
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