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    My lady and our 5 girls, single malts, big game hunting with a pointy stick, downhill skiing, things that go bang, breathing underwater, adding value to entrepreneurial endevours.

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  1. Markspring1978

    Upmann Connie A 2017 12DCRC

    @99call your reviews are just off the charts. At least I think they are, my palate is so unrefined, you could tell me anything, and I would dutifully nod my head in agreement. I bought a PSP box of these babies that just showed up. They are going to go hibernate for a few years. You need to plan a trip to Montana for 2022, so you can come tell me what I am supposed to be experiencing, which I’m sure will be amazing.
  2. Good lord, I’m amazed you were able to remember anything. Impressive review...under the circumstances.
  3. Padron 26 Don Carlos #2 Ashton VSG Belicoso Oliva Melanio RyJ Reserva
  4. Markspring1978

    Cigar Room & Man Cave

    Very, very well done. This space is just outstanding on so many levels. When I saw the door to the “powder room”, I thought, “In no time, that will be a walk in”. One word of caution, ozone generators are used often in smoke odor mitigation, I own a disaster restoration business so, I’m very familiar with them. Ozone is an oxidizer which can be corrosive to natural leathers, natural rubbers, or other organic materials. Additionally, it is an irritant to your lungs, over the years, I’ve become sensitized to ozone gas. Granted we use it in much higher dosages with large commercial units. Also, ozone is a very poor penetrator, so the actual efficacy can be superficial. Alternatively, you could install activated carbon filters on your air handling system, this would be more effective than regular use of ozone in that the smoke particles would be removed rather than trying to chemically neutralize the smoke particles. Feel free to PM me if you want more info.
  5. Markspring1978


    Dammit. I had successfully talked myself out of them until you weighed in. Email inbound.
  6. Markspring1978


    So many strong... I wish the Tacos reviews were better.
  7. Markspring1978

    Juan Lopez No 2 2017 12DCRC

    “Toasted caraway seed”??? If you put toasted caraway seed in my mouth, I wouldn’t know what that was, much less in a smoke. I’m so jealous of you guys who have such discerning palates. I imagine it takes the experience to another level of enjoyment. Nice review, really well done. Now I’m off to find some caraway seed which I will toast over a blend of hickory and pecan wood.
  8. Markspring1978

    Sampler Question

    Many thanks.
  9. Nice job on a good review of a classic DC. “Spicy poo”. Nice.
  10. Just received a 20 count sampler pack from the FOH store. Question is, does anyone have an idea as to the age of the sampler contents? I’m assuming that they are pretty fresh and need to be put down for a while. I apologize if this has been covered a million times, I tried a search but didn’t come up with anything.
  11. My first purchases from our host...that have arrived at least going to be a Merry Christmas for me. Nice to get the Shorts with nearly 4 years of age on them.
  12. Very cool. Thanks for posting.
  13. Markspring1978

    Newbie from Atlanta

    Welcome, this is an awesome group, tons of good info, very helpful folks here.
  14. Markspring1978

    Newsham's Humidor Refurb

    I think the Spanish Cedar to overlay the stained bottom is a good idea. Also, I see that you have a bottle of Lysol near the cabinet, I would encourage you not to use that for cleaning the wood. The residual chemicals will saturate the wood and may become aerolized when you install fans and a humidificaton device and then adversely affect your cigars. If you are determined to clean the wood use a neutral detergent as a surfactant. Not glamorous, but Dawn dish detergent is the best. If you have already used the Lysol, I would recommend that you rinse very thoroughly with the neutral detergent before you move forward. Then VERY thoroughly dry the wood before installing the cedar. If you feed that you need a disinfecting cleanse, I would recommend one with a botanical/natural essence, thymol, which is naturally derived from the thyme plant. Benefect is the best for this, My company is a water and mold remediation business, so we deal with damaged materials every day.
  15. Glad you and Chille are okay. Last year we had a 5.8 quake in Montana. This is the meme we sent to everyone who was asking if we were okay, not a lot to get damaged in Montana...

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