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    My lady and our 5 girls, single malts, big game hunting with a pointy stick, downhill skiing, things that go bang, breathing underwater, adding value to entrepreneurial endevours.

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  1. Markspring1978

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Started with Connie B- took it on a walk up the mountain. Draw was super tight. Gave up on it at the halfway point. Got home, went for the old standby. Connie A, LUB JUN 15. It didn’t disappoint. All class. All the way to the end. Perfect draw. Perfect construction. Burned a razor line all the way to the nub. I have two boxes of this code. Wish I had two dozen.
  2. A couple of 6ers and two boxes of beautiful PSP CoRo. One of the CoRo is getting split with some BOTL here on FOH. Thanks fellas. P.S. Bonus Photo- This is my deck this morning. Lots of guys think it would be awesome to live at the top of a mountain in Montana. First day of summer...
  3. Markspring1978

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2018 Fundadores. Unfortunately it was plugged. PerfecDraw was at the office. Improvised with a corn scewer, so if you ever get in a pinch, this is an option.
  4. Markspring1978

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2001 Serie A- great smoke, tons of flavor. Cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate.
  5. Incredible find. Nice work.
  6. Just a heads up for US members that @Buck14 and @inter4alia have initiated a really strong effort on this pass. Check it out in the US sub-forum.
  7. Markspring1978


    Young Trini Fundies have been good as of late.
  8. Box is on the way to @MigsG, should be there on Wednesday. Here’e the complete re-booted inventory. The generous adds by @FatherOfPugs: Its been fun playing. Best to everyone else in the pass.
  9. Okay fellas, PUTS/TAKES approved. Still waiting for a little bit more replacement stock from @FatherOfPugs, that should arrive tomorrow. Box will be on the way to @MigsG on Monday. And yes, I more-or-less ripped off @Buck14 format for this. Thanks Buck. At this point there is only one other put from the 1999-2001 period. I added a Partagas Churchill's de Luxe. These are discontinued. I can confirm that I have not experienced any construction or taste issues with this cigar. I have adjusted some of the point values on a few of these puts to make them a little more attainable for the Newbies. Please take one and enjoy! Pretty wide variety of vitolas, ages, and point values to add to the mix. As mentioned in an earlier post, Father of Pugs and I have swapped out all of the duplicates. This will give everyone many more unique choices. This resulted in the number of takes being a lot more than I ever would typically "take". I have added a few of these "takes" to the freebies bags to fill some empty spots in those bags, please help yourself. All yellow cells are duplicates that were removed. Finally, don't forget all the work of our superstar box pass host who has done a remarkable job at organizing a terrific pass. And, he just had his first baby, you know what you do with people who have their first baby, right? You smoke a cigar. Hint. Hint. Will post one last picture on Monday of the bags all re-filled on Monday before it goes out to the next person. Thanks again to everyone in this community for a great event. You all make this place awesome.
  10. Fundadores are a great Lonsdale, but I’m not sure I’d even compare them with La Trovas. Depends on what you like. Both are wonderful cigars, if you appreciate the Trini marca. It would be like comparing a Party 898 with an E2. As to rankings of EL, RE and LCDH, that is super subjective. Opinions are all over the map. One person will rave about a Talisman, the next guy despises it. I am one who has chased ELs, and I do like some of them. But good regular production stock with 5-8 years on it, is what floats my boat at this juncture of my journey.
  11. I’ll send you a PM- the La Trova was already taken. Maybe, just maybe, another one will find its way in the updated stock...
  12. One of my all-time great finds. I’m totally ecstatic about this one. In fact, until they showed up today, I was pretty pessimistic that they would actually make it to Montana. Des Dieux= “Of the gods”. Definitely how I would describe them. I might just amend my puts that I just sent to @FatherOfPugs for the handicapped box pass to throw one of these babies in there.
  13. Markspring1978

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Yeah man. Those are some of my favorites. Love ‘em. Glad you enjoyed it. I’m going to be in Chi-Town for business middle of next month, you, me, and @Buck14 should get together and smoke another one of those.
  14. The goods have arrived a day early. All is looking good. When upgrades arrive from @FatherOfPugs this weekend, duplicates will get swapped out and the package will leave Big Sky Country next Monday. My puts/takes will be sent in for approval tonight, will post those tomorrow.

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