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  1. I think we have very different fundamental definitions of freedom. For example, here is the definition of use of force in the UK, posted on their website: The fact that a person cannot do whatever is needed to defend their life and property illustrates that the very understanding and basic premise of liberty is misunderstood. The Tony Martin case immediately comes to mind. I love you Brits, and I have great memories spending time in your land, but again, I would be miserable in the conditions imposed on freedom that you chaps endure.
  2. This is why we, Americans, aren’t part of the British Empire today. We are obsessed with freedom, and that, I would humbly submit is a good thing. You don’t have to like it, you can criticize it from afar, but it is what we choose to be. Sure freedom is a little messy sometimes. And there is certainly risk that accompanies it. But that is what we choose and I’m good with it. This is not to say that, in a free society, personal responsibility is not paramount. Freedom only works when individuals govern themselves. This goes both ways. I’m not a fan of masks, and their effectiveness is debatable, but I’ll wear one out of consideration for others. But, if you are in an at-risk demographic, why are you leaving your house to eat out, protest, or do anything, mask or no mask? Many Americans are reacting to this issue because so many areas of their freedom have been infringed. I’ve been to Japan, and it’s an interesting country with nice people. But, having lived with the blessings of freedom, I would be miserable if I lived there. Most people don’t even know what freedom feels like because either they haven’t experienced it, or their freedoms have been so eroded over time, that they don’t recognize the bondage for what it is. This is particularly noteworthy in the arena of freedom of thought and freedom of conscience.
  3. I’m over this whole thing. Every aspect of it. It’s a non-issue at this point. The cattle are out of the barn. And fortunately for all of us, this thing is far less lethal than what was feared, or what some continue to fear.
  4. I just did a calculation, I have enough stock to get me to 2071. Will that stop me from buying more? No. Do I have a problem? Define “problem”.
  5. On the plus side, it does seem that they spelled Cohiba correctly. Take the wins where you can get them.
  6. Agreed that stability is the real issue here. However, the cigars being “too dry” would be the least of my concerns. At 80 degrees F, the ambient air will hold about 30% more grains of moisture per pound of air, than the 70 degree air(106 grains versus 75 grains). When the temp drops, without a form of dehumidification (desiccant), the RH% will spike and thus the water activity (AW) on the surface of the wrapper. This results in a high risk of microbial (fungal) proliferation. If you smoke your stash quick enough, probably not a problem, but not good if you have sticks aging or resting.
  7. MdO #1 OSU JUN 02. First from a birthday box for my daughter who turned 18 yesterday. One a year on her birthday will give me 24 more years of MdO bliss. This was a VERY good smoke.
  8. I feel that stable temps are very important, if you are trying to age your cigars properly. Higher temps definitely accelerates the progress. If aging isn’t important to you, stable temps are still important, mostly for preservation of the wrappers and in the prevention of fungal proliferation. For me, I would be very concerned about my sticks reaching 80 degrees F. I keep my office, where most of my collection is housed between 66-68 degrees.
  9. Another day on Zoom...🥵 One of my favorites, BPC that I picked up in a box pass from @inter4alia ULA AGO 14
  10. Unreal. Thanks for sharing. We have it so good, puts our ingratitude into perspective.
  11. I would imagine that many good men and women who have chosen a career in law enforcement are feeling very discouraged right now. If that is you, and you are here looking at this thread, hang in there. We appreciate you. And like any person who is trying to do the right thing, you deserve dignity and respect.
  12. I believe this is price per 1,000. At least that is how most of the old dealer catalogs were organized. This would make the Super Estupendo $0.69 and the Corona Gorda $0.30 each. Which seems to be in the ballpark, for the time.

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