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  1. My question is, why fight at all? How about we all get a little thicker skin, celebrate our differences, and be willing to laugh at our various cultural heritages. No culture is without its flaws. Who cares? That is the spice of life. I fear that the “product of our time” will be a very bland, and in reality, a distorted view of who we really are as a society. Furthermore, I believe it is quite naive to overlay our current cultural norms over the past. While we are bent out of shape judging our ancestors according to our own self-righteousness, I suspect that they would be horrified to see the lazy, incompetent bunch narcissists that we are.
  2. Exactly, we cancel Pepe Le Pew and celebrate Cardi B.
  3. So, here’s the 100 pointer from CA this month. As to my own opinion on the matter...I have had some very good cigars. From the past 12 months some that stick out are an ERDM Tainos from 2001, a BCG from 2007, a Punch DC from 1992, and a Boli Inmensas from 1998. I’m not entirely sure how they could be better, any one of these I would rate at a 97-99 on the subjective 100 point scale. However, I’ve never smoked a Dunhill Estupendo, a 1988-1992 CoLa, or a CGR. Having not experienced any of those, I hold out belief that my best experiences could be even better. Keeps me coming back for more.
  4. Habanos SA hit this one out of the park Some old classics.
  5. Wish they hadn’t stopped making these. One of my all-time favorites.
  6. Congrats @El Presidente and all the Bucks fans who have suffered forever.
  7. Agreed. I think I’ll have my wife start to refer to me as Lord Lonsdale.
  8. Indeed they are a classic, one of my favorites. Provenance is an LCDH in Europe, and inspection didn’t yield any red flags, so hoping for the best.
  9. Most likely provincial factories. 2020 codes for major factories: GEM= Upmann, TUA= Partagas, RAT= La Corona, MAR= El Laguito.
  10. Today’s round of shameless bragging. June 1997, Partagas factory. Unless @Fugu tells me otherwise. Cool thing, this box is from the date of my high school graduation.
  11. I’m at a friend’s house in Georgia right now. This is in his vault. 19 bottles of PVW. Never seen anything like it.
  12. Looks interesting.
  13. OGA was ‘11. MUR was ‘13. Consensus seems to be ALT for ‘12.
  14. Today’s arrival. Lots in transit right now. These DD are top of their game. Check out the oily wrappers. And love that they were rolled at Partagas.
  15. I don’t think PTV is a legit factory code. Also the spacing on the VI is wrong and font looks off. I think the only thing the forger got right on this box was spelling “Siglo” correctly.

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