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  1. Still not a believer in plume, but I keep coming back to the point of this study, which was to find crystalline structures on aged cigars... Tatuaje El Triunfador from 2014. Make sure to change the video resolution to 1080p and full screen. I know this is a property of Conn. Broadleaf. I haven't seen anyone explain why this would not be crystalline structures causing the sparkle.
  2. I am now fully submerged, slowly floating down into the depths of the ocean... Cohiba Edicion Limitada 2014 Robustos Supremos (ARG NOV 14)
  3. Not sure if non-Cuban is allowed around here, but I feel this one met the requirements of the theme ?
  4. Whelp, now I need more of these. Might be in my top 3 now... Partagas Edicion Limitada 2017 Series No.1
  5. Decided to go up to the knees today... Ramon Allones Edicion Limitada 2015 Club Allones
  6. This thread has been great to read through. Thanks to everyone for posting all the slayed unicorns. I am inspired, but not enough to burn the true treasures, so I'll just dip my toes into the water with you maniacs. Cohiba Lancero (UAO OCT 18) Thank you @Bucky McSwensen
  7. No glitter contamination to worry about. It's not an artifact, I took the video because I noticed the sparkling under the light in person, and figured I should document it before I set it on fire. I do think, as @Kaptain Karl points out, it is very likely to just be the characteristics of the Conn wrapper... oily, toothy, rough, and dark. Combine that with some overhead lighting in a dim room, and you could get this effect without crystallization. Whoever has the means to micro-photograph one of these sticks, I'll gladly send one their way, as long as they smoke it and write a
  8. Buffalo, NY, USA. I smoked the stick in the video, but purchased a few more out of the same box. I can verify the same lighting effect on another before picking one to send (whether to you, or the FoH guys if they want to test).
  9. Thanks for this super informative thread, and thanks to all the people putting the work in to get to the bottom of this! For the sake of the "crystallized oils" investigation, I thought I'd share a video I took of a slightly aged AF Anejo that was sparkling and glistening in the light... This is what I'd expect something like crystallized oils to look like (not dust or fuzz). I don't have the equipment to take such super zoom photos, but if anyone really considers this to be the mythical crystalline structures, I'd be down for sending one in.
  10. Well, y'all sucked me into this aged Cuban hype, so I might as well fess up and confess my sins... A few of these were from my previous post, where I had picked up a box of PD4s and 5 singles, but I figured I'd come back and share a few more of my CC purchases... La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No. 3 (2002) Vegueros Especiales No.2 (1998) Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion No. 4 (2004) Ramon Allones Petit Unicos RE Canada (2009) Ramon Allones Specially Selected (JUN 2018) Bolivar Royal Coronas (JUN 2018) El Rey del Mundo Choix du Roi RE Belux (2016)
  11. Thanks for confirmation and advice. I am 95% sure my hygrometers are still correct, but it's never a bad idea to double check. I will eventually get the CC noob sampler, which should bring me up to speed on a lot of the "classics" I haven't tried yet...
  12. I have yet to try a Punch Punch, but it's on my list. I feel your pain though, I've had 2 out of 4 NC cigars do this to me this week. I did have my humidor RH dip down from 62% to 59% while I was overseas, but quickly fixed this once home... I can't imagine one week of 3% drop caused my issues, as normally tunneling is a rolling defect, but hopefully this is just an anomaly...
  13. You helped a lot! That confirms what I assumed. TSM isn't a known factory yet, my PD4's could have been made in one of a few different factories, they look fine so don't worry. I'll stop by and contribute to that factory code thread, since it seems that's how this is worked out...

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