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  1. ohbob976

    Box of the Day

    @El Presidente is that box of non plus for auction the one in the picture you posted here? Or is that a 2424 box?
  2. ohbob976

    Box of the Day

    looks like they are candy coated 🤤
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I was smoking a La flor re Gran Bretana when I posted this, I know it was a quality cigar. Had a unique dry sort of grapefruit sharpness yet I wasn’t enjoying it at all. @CaptainQuintero I think we have similar tastes. Recently I gravitate toward sweeter fuller smoke. Leaning towards uppmans, Trinidad’s , Juan Lopez
  4. If it has changed at all? Trying to figure out if is should hold onto some boxes that I 100% don’t enjoy at the moment and hope my palate changes over the years. Or if I should sell them and just buy cigars I know for a fact I will enjoy. Got me curious about how the palates of you seasoned smokers have changed over the years.
  5. This thread made me reach for the box of psp JL 1s i recently purchased. Been resting for about a month. Was certainly enjoyable but I prefer the JL2. I think the JL2 has some extra sweetness and almost citrus zest that I gravitate towards. The JL 1 was quality though. Excited to see how the box evolves over time.
  6. Ive smoked a few from a 2011 box. Honestly enjoy the younger jl2's more. the 2011 is missing something, too mellow almost.
  7. Ahhh true. Sounds like fun
  8. ohbob976

    In the future ....

    Lol. Of course!
  9. ohbob976

    In the future ....

    So what happens when 2 autonomous cars are heading on a collisions course. Maybe one car is carrying a mother and child, the other car is carrying a single male or female. Only one of the cars has the chance to not crash and burn. Will these cars talk to each other mid crash and figure out who’s life is more valuable? These things can get funky on a moral philosophical level.
  10. Give it a shot you might be surprised. The contrast between the two cigars sometimes highlights the unique flavors you wouldn't have origianlly have picked up on. other times it’s just a pain and not worth it
  11. What’s a cigar testing competition?
  12. I’ve had times where it’s just too much and the cigars keep burning out. Other times lighting up a second makes me appreciate the flavors of the first that I couldn’t appreciate originally.
  13. Or is that just disrespectful and gluttonous in your opinion. Ive don’t it a few times during long car rides. Get to compare and contrast sort of. Maybe if i wasn’t enjoying the first cigar I lit up, lite up another one and go back and forth.
  14. Smoked a young Lusi yesterday and a young Winston the day before as well. Winston outshined the Lusi by a mile.
  15. Smoked a RyJ cazadores they had some serious kick and flavor that I would associate with some NCs

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