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  1. Anyone know about BOS code? On a box of 2018 siglo VI box I might buy . “BOS nov 18”
  2. whats this pcc aged program? dont think ive seen it mentioned here before
  3. id be interested you think something like this would get more attention if it was once or twice a month in the watering hole vs posting in the dedicated trade sub forum?
  4. Smoked my first last week, was very disappointed. 75% of the cigar smoked like air. Seems everyone else is having better experiences then i did. Will come back to my box in a few months.
  5. Can’t hurt to try though. Maybe I don’t know what I’m missing out on.
  6. The jumbo airtight containers from the container store. I think 60 quarts? Don’t recall off top of my head
  7. I actually don’t drybox. Don’t think Ive Ever dry boxed any of my cigars. They usually burn well coming out of storage. Maybe I should give it a shot anyway
  8. Awesome. Thanks for the replies and reassurance
  9. I guess this is regarding long term storage. Tupperware that I will only open a handful of times a year. I was talking to a friend about storage. He thinks that the way boxes are organized within the Tupperware and the location of the boveda packs matters. He thinks the humidity packs should be in the center of the Tupperware and that the boxes within should have “ breathing room” so humidity can enter the boxes. According to his theory if boxes are too tightly stacked against one another there is no room for the humidity to enter the boxes from left to right, up or down etc leading to humidity issues What I have been doing is playing Tetris and trying to get as many boxes as possible into my giant Tupperware, stacking them as tightly as possible to maximize storage space. I then put in a 320g 65rh pack or two wherever they fit. Is it possible the boxes that are jammed into the bottom of the Tupperware aren’t getting enough humidity if the boveda packs are toward the top of the Tupperware? Just curious, those who have been using Tupperware to store boxes over the years . How do you guys store your boxes in your Tupperware? Do you out any thought into organizing your boxes? How have the cigars that been stored like this over years smoked with some age on them? Are they any different then cigars that have been stored in proper humidors that give the boxes more room to “breathe”? I haven’t been overthinking my storage. Just trying keeping them stable at 65rh 68f .
  10. Did you say you’re training your girl to light your cigars for you?
  11. Maybe I haven't searched properly but from the few threads on FOH and The handful of other reviews out there feedback seamed like a mixed bag. Nice to hear you’ve heard otherwise
  12. Anyone smoke these recently? From the reviews I gathered they didn’t get the best reception when they were released. wondering if they’ve developed in the right direction over the years.

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