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  1. Ive always avoided the Anejados line because it felt like a gimmick. Also for whatever reason Ive always been skeptical that they are in fact aged cigars. Another reason ive avoided them is because almost every review ive ever read about the Anejados line has been negative.
  2. roger that. thanks for update. edited sensitive information. sorry about that
  3. i just realized i never received that (edited) gadget that one guy was on here recruit tester for. anyone who signed up to be a tester receive the (edited) gizmo?
  4. went last season. had amazing time but snow wasnt great over the weekend we were there
  5. Bought a box of la Reina. Paid too much for them, oh well. code should be UAO but reads MAR instead. Assuming this is a Cuba being Cuba moment? Purchased from a lcdh so I know they aren’t fake or anything ( 99.9% sure these aren’t being faked anyway)
  6. happy with the my first sig III box. most recent 2424. LGR 19
  7. does 00-01/02 not fall into the "bad year" category? i hear so much about people avoiding those years. more so then 98.
  8. when people talk about best year. is it mostly construction and wrapper quality that get taken into account? or do you guys notice flavor of cigars being off during the not so great year. for example will a "psp" high quality offering from 2017 be just as flavorful as a "psp" high quality offering from 2014?
  9. Would you say 2019 has been significantly more impressive then 2018?
  10. At what point is it determined that a given year is a good or bad year?
  11. slb. I think they might age better? having a tighter seal
  12. I’ve only been smoking for a few years so don’t have much experience noting how my cigars change overtime. I’m hoping these cigars just keep getting better with time but yeah I hear you. The one I smoked showed zero signs of youth
  13. You inspired me to light one up for the first time. One of the best cigars I’ve had in months! Elegant, fruity, floral nutty erdm flavor profile. flawlessly constructed, gradually builds and progress and evolves As I smoked. Man. What an awesome experience. This cigar is a gem. thanks for the push @Islandboy

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