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  1. Got a box. Will try one in the next couple of weeks and report back
  2. just curious what RH do you generally store your cigars at? do you generally drybox everything before you smoke?
  3. Absolutely love these, I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about serous plug issues on some of the earlier boxes. My box has been fine so far.
  4. 97 Sancho Molinos - sort of worries about these. They smell like cardboard and damp basement. Hopefully they smoke better then they smell 😧 98 Punch Monarcas Tubos
  5. Had my first the other week from a sampler. Was the best smoke ive had recently. pulled the trigger on the three box sale that was up on 2424 recently. Really hope they are as good as that single i had.
  6. Excited for this review weekend, I’m pretty sure this is my favorite vitola. That perfect balance of wrapper/binder ratio. And the way it fits in my hand. Always feels just right This came from a 10 pack of tubos. Have been storing them out of the tubes .threw away the box a while ago and didn’t write down the code. Opens with a candy apple sweetness. Draw is exactly how I like it. Burn is flawless. Off to a promising start. Haven’t had one of these in months. still tasting apples but as the second third opens up, the flavors become warmer and sweeter almost like apple pie and tobacco. I can almost taste a pecan graham cracker crust. That signature Cuban flavor ( twang I guess?) begins to show its face as well . Burn and draw remain excellent. A peppery kick and develops halfway through. Beginning of final third the cigar slips through my fingers and I accidentally pinch the cherry with two of my knuckles. Don’t think I burnt myself, hope the pinch doesn’t effect the flavor and burn. Good news! Flavor is still on point, getting more intense and rich as I smoke. Final third is balanced and nuanced. Sweet apples, savory and spicy creaminess dominate the final third. Went into this smoke with low expectations and was happily rewarded. I’ve never had a cigar that tasted so distinctly of apples. Was a welcomed treat. Running low, time to buy another box of these. 91/100
  7. Is flavor spillage a thing to worry about? I think this is the first I’m hearing/reading about this other then flavored cigars effecting non flavored cigars
  8. roger that. I managed to snag a box of the PCs that were up on 2424 today. looking forward. Ive been smoking through a 2014 box of pantellas extra that i picked up on a 2424 a few weeks back. cant get enough of them. also have a 5 pack of cardboard perlas coming in the mail with a few years of age on them.
  9. Those of you who enjoy RG, do you enjoy Montes as well? When I read flavor profiles about both marcas they sound very similar. I’ve been enjoying RG way more then The montes I’ve smoked. RG is missing Some of that chocolate intensity that turns me away from montes.
  10. Cracked open the box of 2014 Rafael gonalez pantellas extra I got in recent 2424. Had low expectations for whatever reason. That cigar took me off guard, blew me away. Hopefully the rest of the box smokes like that first.
  11. Light Colorado wrapper with a slight sheen. Not the prettiest looking cigar not the ugliest. Draw way more open then I prefer, on the verge of wind tunnel. Starts off with a light coffee and cream flavor, leather spices and nutmeg join the mix in the second third. Despite the wide open draw and uneven burn the cigar is very flavorful. Plenty of smoke output with a slight peppery and massively creamy finish. End up having to toss it about the band dude to the smoke being too hot for my level of comfort 84/100
  12. Sorry, I should clarify. I have AC units in the bedroom and living room. I guess just depending on the weather it’s difficult to regulate. I guess I can keep all the ac on at all times? It’s just difficult to predict what the weather will be when I’m not home
  13. so i was thinking about making a separate post about this in the watering hole. I live in an apartment that was built in the 80s. it does not have central regulated HVAC. it is almost impossible to keep my cigars at a consistent temperature. Being that I'm not home for the majority of the day 8-5 ish. what would be your ( and others) advice on how to best store/regulate my cigars. especially during the hot summer months. Sometimes my temperature will swing by 5-8 digress. going as high as 74 and as low as 66 when my ac is on, at night.

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