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  1. Picked up a quarter box of these about 2 months ago from a 2424. The first one i smoked from the pack had this super funky burn. I think the binder/wrapper was too thick and wouldnt burn properly. Was hoping for a better experience this time around. Prelight. good looking, well constructed cigar. Didnt feel any soft spots. Flavorful Barnyard and coconut cold draw got me excited to put a flame to it. Draw was on the tighter side, but nothing to be alarmed about. I Generally enjoy a draw with some resistance. 1/3 Initial puffs had the sweetness that usually tells me the cigar im getting into will be a good one. Was very flavorful off the bat, slight saltiness on the tip of my tongue. usually cigars take a little while for me to pick up on and enjoy the flavors of. This one was immediately satisfying. couldnt exactly pick up on specific flavor profiles. I dont think ive ever been able to pick up on specific flavors while in the first stage of a cigar. Half way into the first third the resistance on the draw starts to bother me and im not getting as much smoke as i would like. Getting a funky ash burning pattern Ive never seen before. 2/3 Starting to loose that initial excitement that i had going into the cigar. Bitter tannic flavors pick up and draw continues to give me smoke production issues. Getting frustrated especially becasue i was off to such a promising start. decide to take out the cutter and snip up until im satisfied with the draw. Im picking up on toasted tobacco flavors at this point but lacking that classic baking spice sweat cream i look for and enjoy in a Hoyo. 3/3 vanilla starts to creep in along with those classic Hoyo cream and spice flavors but Im still having draw and smoke production issues. At this point i run out of patience and chuck it. Who knows, maybe it needs more time in the humidor. I will revisit these in another month. score 4/10 Edit: hmmm not sure what Im doing wrong here. how do i get the pictures to show without having to download them. First time posting a review. IMG_3748.HEIC IMG_3750.HEIC IMG_3753.HEIC IMG_3754.HEIC IMG_3756.HEIC
  2. Great review! Had super high hopes for this one. The single I had was incredibly tannic. Didn’t get any of these flavors you speak of. I need to try another one before making a final decision I guess
  3. Ooohhhh man those are making my mouth water. gotta grt my hands on some psp JL2's you going to smoke them young? or put them down for a while.
  4. not The most flattering picture. Lgc 4 2015 RH 2015 and montes from 2424
  5. ohbob976

    Your last 90 days "go to"

    JL2 JL2 JL2 now if I can only get my paws on a psp box one of these weeks! I keep sleeping on the 2424 the days they pop up and am destroyed every time. Please keep those psp/hqs coming so I can get a chance!
  6. I bought A psp/ hq 2018 DC 50 cab from 2424 a month or two ago. If that tells us anything..
  7. ohbob976

    Partagas question

    Oh man, all this talk about shorts is getting me super excited to crack into this box of psp’s that just came in the mail. I’ve only had one, don’t remember exactly how it smoked, just remember enjoying it.
  8. ohbob976

    Proliferating Peanut Profiles

    Going to set aside a Punch DC for tomorrow. Will be my first! Hope i get that peanut experience. Good call on the Sir Winnie. Definitely has that profile to a degree
  9. ohbob976

    Proliferating Peanut Profiles

    just made a post today asking about proliferating peanut profile smoked a cuaba cuaba divinos that made me ask for similar profile recommendations. maybe i get a little bit of that flavor in the vigia and the QD 50.. i think i have to smoke a few more to solidify my opinion edit: just saw your post in the thread
  10. I know that Cuaba can have quality control issues. but i just smoked through 5 divinos that i got in a sampler and they were all delicious little peanuty nut bombs. certainly one dimensional, but that was ok for a quick smoke. Anything you guys can suggest in a similar vein? maybe with more consistency and complexity? i know its best to get hand selected boxes when it comes to cigars with quality control issues. do you think ill run into those issues if i buy a box here from the inernation FoH shop? is buying from the shop and not 2424 considered buying "blind"? I've basically only purchased cigars here through the 2424. thanks for the help
  11. congrats!! maybe ill write my first review for next weekends comp
  12. ohbob976

    AP Regional Help

    Something reasonably thin(ish) and Long( ish) please
  13. ohbob976

    AP Regional Help

    Juan Lopez lancero
  14. ohbob976

    I may be a cynic ......

    Pretty sure this one was on my list of cigars to try before I discovered Cubans

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