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  1. I believe most studies are skewed to project the outcome sought these days. also, a person smoking 5+ cigars a day may have a different lifestyle of diet and exercise than a 1 a day smoker. Beyond the fear these agencies are pushing... live life free, as you see fit, enjoy the ride friends, you only get 1 ticket
  2. Probably going to open up a box of Trinidad esmeralda and see what the hype is about!! Enjoy the Holiday
  3. Trinidad Reyes, that cookie dough blast has been smoking the house down this year
  4. Tough, a manager that is not talented in His field, does he really add value? I say Not a Chance!!! Also talent doesn’t so much like to do the clerical end of a trade or profession. They really want to just do what they’re good at. another thing that is hard, is being really talented in your field, and managing people that do the work at a below par level. The frustration is ridiculous!!!
  5. Got the bbq fired up, weather bout 60deg F, slight mountain breeze the light up- sweet cedar and chocolate, draw is good, not to light 1st third- sweet and sweet, the cedar and chocolate are at the forefront, a light baking spice in the background 2nd third- here comes that Partagas spice, very mild though, the chocolate and light cedar are staying strong. The body is medium at best. Smooth, no edges , distinct flavors. Delicious final third- had to cut the smoking session early, so didn’t get through this, but think these are almost ready to dive into. No burn issues and the bitterness from previous examples is gone. Score 91
  6. Excellent sampler!!! Trinidad would be a definite add, since it profile is so different. Also something from the Cohiba siglo line. Maybe siglo ll. Just because they are smoking so well young
  7. As I look down at the clock, its just past 5 o’clock, so I’m waiting for the thread to appear my e-mail pre typed for my dear push refresh still I see 24:24 Tuesday it be sir winnies are up i push send with a thump I was quick today di sends a reply another day I’ll have to try 😢😢
  8. . But assuming the plugged cigar has less smoke output, which in turn is less heat pulled thru the stick, and more time the smoke spends traveling thru the filler it might add to the flavor enhancement experienced
  9. Colibri v-cut.... every time since I bought one years ago No better experience than with this cut
  10. No full season.If they do play, probably not worth watching if the ban covid players,. No fans??? Why bother. Most like to “go out” to watch games... where can you go.?? Tv ratings are down across the board for “ kneeling sports” . No college football = no football . maybe they will launch the vr experience so we can see them not tackle, not hit, and not play hard up close in 3D...
  11. In top tier shops, in high end communities ,these might be near the top. but if a B&M has these sticks, over $25 each without question. No way are they top selling across America. Maybe top rated, or reviewed. A lot of good sticks for 1/3 price of these sell more

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