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  1. The good old if the cigar is bad now, give it a few years line. Classic 😁
  2. Rural California mountain town. 80% people at work have no thought of covid protocol. Company can’t enforce any rules as we are about 20% understaffed.
  3. I’ve been buying a whole cow every year the last 3 years. Went from $6.5/lb to $7.5/lb last year. Fully processed and packaged. Next year no price increase. Pasture grass fed only. Our local grocery from prime steaks is 30-40$ /lb.
  4. Interested to know if anyone has ever bought one? I mean, imagine a guy in a cigar lounge, I’m stateside and grab an opus x for $30-$50( pointing out the most expensive usually )And the guy next to me is smoking a $1000 Gurkha? I’d be laughing the entire time 😁
  5. That party lineup looks great 👍🏻 already pulled out the Connie 2 from the Christmas sampler… don’t know if I want to like it, cause if I do, I must buy a box😁
  6. Merry Christmas all!!! needed a quick smoke with a coffee to start the day, 1st third- wow this stick starts with a kick, full body and full flavor, biscotti without the chocolate, draw and construction are perfect, huge smoke output 2nd third more of the same, every puff is full of flavor final third- this stick just performs , pairing perfectly with coffee, body goes to medium and mellows out with some sweetness starting to come thru. Best short I can remember smoking. Glorious 93 points - surprisingly impressive
  7. I’m thinking I got a great box. 2014 great year, 7 years aged. Perfect storm.
  8. One of my favorite boxes, just a few left. 1st third- wow, soft light tobacco cream, just under medium. Flavorful and refined 2nd third- marshmallow and sweet cream to the forefront, great light toasted flavor final third- the same continued. Construction was flawless, draw perfect, great smoke output. 94 all day
  9. Fresh off a missed guess on the blind tasting of this cigar, thought I’d revisit it, as it was in the desktop humidor right next to cigar 1🙄, 1st third- draw is perfect, construction also, very sweet, light tobacco, tingle on the tongue 2nd third- not much transition, good twang to this one. Decided to pour a whiskey to pair final third- burn was perfect, paired nicely with the bourbon as it was a softer 93 proof. Not much excitement to this stick, but it performed perfectly!! 90 points
  10. Lighting- very mellow, muted. No outline flavor 1st third- pepper creeping in, spice,nutmeg,cinnamon 2nd third- woody ,spice, still below medium, very mild smoke, not a lot of output Final third- needs relight, burn issues getting hot and bitter ,, quick purge and it’s back. Wanna say salty, woody, white pepper, still below medium to me. Then it dies with 2in to go, pitched it Score 85

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