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  1. The cream and sugar aspect of a hdm, maybe a petite robusto, will go well with new smokers. If you have a good box of R and J that has that cherry flavor, works out well these are the 2 I pass out to new smokers and go over well
  2. Score prediction -Chiefs 35 Bucks 34 Saturday night smoke, v-cut and draw is good, a little resistance 1st third- classic D4, solid smoke production, nice draw, spice and bell pepper 2nd third- not focusing on the the smoke due to phone calls, but construction is perfect, powerful and flavorful final third- more of the same, no touchups needed, great D4. Great construction, great smoke production, very enjoyable.
  3. Just got a 20 year term for 500k. I disclosed cigar smoking, to get the lowest rate, they wanted the number to be less than 12 cigars a year. So I said I smoked 11 a year ?.
  4. I said never, unless they crop a lot of extra filler tobacco they need to rid themselves of, don’t think a regular production stick will happen, regional may be a different story.
  5. Good work getting through the whole sampler ??, appreciate the reviews ?
  6. Another one from the sampler, really appreciate the opportunity to have got this offering and chance to smoke some larger formats, current production construction has been amazing, definitely will be grabbing some 2020 stock this year. 1st third- bland with a hint of cardboard, wondering if my taste buds are shocked from dinner, the aroma pre light was sweet with cherry. 2nd third- construction and draw are great! Just not getting anything from this stick final third- still nothing, it’s cold out so I pitch it score -82
  7. Another one from the sampler. v-cut and let’s light er up!! 1st third- rich leather and some sweet wood, unusually mellow, body at medium 2nd third- construction and draw are great, same flavor profile , staying at medium body final third- more of the same. No transition to speak of, more sweet than I’m used to for a BBF. The rich leather flavor was enjoyable, but left me wanting more. Also wanted for strength, but never showed up. score-88
  8. It’s not like they are adding this animal to the list of other protein sources to choose from, they are saying it’s your only choice?. Hopefully brighter days are ahead on the island
  9. Another one from the sampler. Construction feels loose, pre draw has good airflow 1st third- very mellow, light chocolate, sweet cream. Smoke production is great. 2nd third- more of the same, a little funky on the burn, multiple touch ups needed, but it is cold and raining outside. Flavor profile staying the same, but I am on a phone call so not really focused. final third- a good smoke, at over an hour total, different profile than I’m used to, stayed below medium body and strength, smoke output was great, that sweet chocolate was like a desert. A good change of pace. scor
  10. My sincere condolences, May he live on thru your memories and stories

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