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  1. I’m very sorry for your loss. He seemed like a great friend. Your post was extremely well written and I could feel your pain. I hope you can find some peace. I’m also happy you had an opportunity to say goodbye. You’ll always think of him when you light up a Monte 4 which is a great thing. Take care. ps. Does your wife know you call her lady piggy?
  2. @Bijan did they ever switch to the gold bands? Bought a box in 2017 and they were white then, well after they would have already switched
  3. I would start with trying to target what is making you feel this way. Life is hard. Relationships, careers, families, lifestyles, etc. are all things that influence our every day lives. Each one of those things brings on a huge level of stress if something isn’t going right. It could be leaving a toxic relationship or a job that doesn’t make you happy. I would begin with identifying the source of the unhappiness and try to make a change. Don’t expect things to change on their own. If you don’t know what is going on, you may be in a funk mentally. Try working out more, eating better,
  4. Trinidad Coloniales GRM OCT 20. These have a mirror oily sheen to them. Should’ve bought two boxes.
  5. @joeypots some of the best cigars I’ve ever had were within hours after delivery. On top of that, some of the best cigars within the boxes I’ve had were the ones that were ROTT. I think Ray may have hit the nail in the head by saying it was shit luck due to consistency problems
  6. You guys make a good point regarding consistency throughout the cigar oppose to resting. I didn’t think of it that way. That said, it seems as though shipping at a higher Rh and inside tight packaging essentially wet boxes the cigars. Some of the best cigars I’ve ever had flavor wise were ROTT. I may have to try wet boxing some cigars and seeing if they over perform dry boxed cigars. I know that certain cigars seem to perform better at a higher Rh such as Fonseca 1s.
  7. I was trying to go to sleep recently and all I could think about was smoking a cigar. My son is three weeks old and I’m looking at “Daily smokes” like I just discovered naked ladies on the internet since I don’t have the time to light one up. I got a box of Magnum 50s in the mail today and I was dying to know how it was. Typically, I like to smoke cigars ROTT within the first day of arrival or I don’t touch them for months. The gap between the first day and next 60+ Days are met with extreme disappointment. Dry, bitter, harsh, flavorless.. We have discussed on the forum before
  8. 👆🏻I was thinking the camera was fogged due to heavy breathing. It Happens. Good box codes fwiw. H.Upmann Magnum 50 GEL AGO 20. Cigars look/feel very tightly packed. Hoping they have a decent draw still.
  9. Your flavor preference will change as your palette changes over time. One cigar that has always been good to me was partagas D4. If you’re coming from Nicaraguan cigars you may want to stick with full bodied CC smokes for now. Someone mentioned Bolivar. Cohiba is expensive but fits the description. Good luck.
  10. HQ Monte Edmundo UTO JUN 20 HQ Monte Media Corona EGT NOV 20 Thanks FOH. Can’t wait for Edmundos to pop up again on 24:24. The ROTT one I had was a 96 pointer dragon that we often chase and never find.

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