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  1. Love westerns and love baseball. Couldn’t decide between the two.
  2. Bri Fi

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    May I suggest a “jealous” button next to the heart and others. Some of the sticks posted by members today look out of this world. Anyways, today I had a RASS MEL FEB 17.
  3. Habanos S.A. likes to put two or three bands on my cigars so why not. Jk. I have seen some cool man cave designs with a wet bar having cigar bands under glass as he bar top. Maybe one day, but not anytime soon. Until then, I collect in a mason jar and put that on top of my desktop humidor.
  4. If you do decide to open them, please let us know what’s inside in case one of us runs into a similar situation.
  5. Bri Fi

    24:24 TUESDAY

    That’s what I was thinking but I’ve never had a Siglo VI so I can’t say.
  6. Bri Fi

    24:24 TUESDAY

    Siglo VI and 50 cab of Lusi are the same price. Which would you rather have. That’s a good question for the poll
  7. Nice review. One cigar per year for a 50 cab? I hope I’m able to still wipe my own @$$ in 50 years. I’m doing the same with a box of lusi but that’s 25 years lol.
  8. Bri Fi

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    UTL ENE 18. Paired with orange juice. They weren’t lying. Takes all the youth/edge out of the cigar and turnes it into a cream bomb.
  9. Bri Fi

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I’ve always wondered what the big deal about these sticks were. I have a box of 2016 and they don’t taste good at all. Waiting for them to turn. To the point I refuse to buy any other H Upmanns. Did you notice a big difference from rott to now?
  10. Bri Fi

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    OTL FEB 17
  11. Do you have a box code and date for the esp 2?
  12. Bri Fi

    Humidor crisis

    Feel free to derail! This is to help others from having mold issues or storage issues in general. We are all learning here. What you’ve done for so long works for you. Others who are new to the hobby are looking for proper storage.
  13. Bri Fi

    Humidor crisis

    @PigFish I was hoping you’d throw your two cents in at some point. I’m pretty sure you’ve exhausted yourself trying to explain best storage practices over the years... my house typically stays around 65-72 year around. An ideal situation is I keep my house at 65 all year around. Unfortunately like most men, our ladies run super cold so I have her complaining to deal with. Also, I have a baby and 65 is too cold for her. So, I need to keep my house in the low 70s in the winter. My only option is to use a wineador to keep the cigars in the mid 60s. I believe i had the temp too low inside the unit and too high outside the unit causing there to be about a 15 degree difference. Condensation formed and the rest is history. I was able to identify one cigar which had a good amount of white mold. That cigar has been wiped clean and stored separately until its stabilized. About four boxes of cigars were saturated. The cigars have been removed from their boxes and placed in ziplock bags with 69% boveda packs and some paper towels to the side of the bag. When those have stabilized, I’m going to put them back in their original boxes for storage. As suggested, I’m going to leave those cigars alone for probably a year until they have completely stabilized. Moving forward... I will not be packing the wineador so tightly. I’m utilizing a Coleman cooler for additional storage until a better permanent solution has been identified. Im all ears.
  14. Bri Fi

    Humidor crisis

    @Kitchen good point about the cigars being rolled wet. I’ll leave these alone for a good while. Of course it could be a new way of leaping the first maturation. Soak your cigars and re-ferment. Joking of course
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