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  1. The report doesn’t list any of the injuries the currier sustained, if any. Based on the information, The courier should not have entered the property. Not sure if the company relayed the information to leave packages without signatures. The officer was probably dispatched to a dog attacking a person. There is no information available for this either. Was it a passer by that called it in? Was it the courier? Was it the home owner? You can imagine how each caller would report the information differently. Based on the information from the caller and what the officer sees when he first arrives on scene will determine action. This article is incomplete and leaves you with a couple pieces of the puzzle to lead you to believe the dog did nothing wrong, which could be true but still skewed. FYI: I love dogs and generally dislike people.
  2. So let me guess, your furniture is spaced out symmetrically. Couches against the wall, overhead lighting centered on room, area rug centered. And you run at the sight of swiss cheese... All yes except Swiss cheese. But my one year old baby has made my OCD go away. There’s shit everywhere. The couch could be halfway out the window and I wouldn’t notice.
  3. Trypophobia. Makes me wanna grind my teeth.
  4. Bolivar Belicoso Finos SUM DIC 16. First two thirds were great. Cream, licorice, and leather. Last third was bitter and too woody. Overall 88/100 and getting better. Only a third of the box left.
  5. Usually when I pull a stem out the cigar become very bland and I have to throw it away. Could be due to tunneling
  6. @Jonboy4074 I already have a couple boxes from 2018 I haven’t hardly touched. Amazing smokes.
  7. MSU ENE 19 RA Superiores. And a six pack of Fonseca No 1
  8. MSU SEP 18 Partagas serie P2. I got this box partially because it was my daughters birth month. I had one last night on her first bday. Man it’s been a roller coaster ride. Kudos to you parents with multiple kids and double kudos to those who have twins. I don’t know how you all do it haha. Amazing smoke I look forward to having every bday. Today I had a Fonseca No1 from a six pack. New favorite under the radar smoke. Mushroom and sweetness bomb. I’ll be buying a box soon.
  9. Oahu and Kona, Hawaii for our three year anniversary and the baby’s first bday. Some great snorkeling, food, and family time. Except for the part when my daughter got an ear infection. Everyone said don’t travel with a one year old. We were stubborn. Only had time for a few cigars.
  10. @db13 have you been having issues? I haven’t all year until a couple five count boxes of UAO partagas E2s cleared customs in LA and I haven’t heard from them in almost two weeks. Called the post office and they are looking into it.
  11. Partagas Serie D No.4 EBM AGO 17. Vacation in Oahu for a few days then off to Kona. Meanwhile trying to schedule inspections and finishing escrow paperwork on a house we never thought we could get back in Cali. Life is good. @Islandboy I envy you these views
  12. I can only speak to UBM and LMB. Both boxes of E2s are absolutely stunning. I also have a couple of five count boxes of UAO E2s en route but I’m sure those will be great. MSU was amazing in 2018. I ordered a box of Superiores MSU ENE 19 a couple days ago so hopefully the partagas factory kept on rollin 😎
  13. @JohnS what’s your YouTube channel?
  14. I thoroughly enjoyed the Dr Joe Show. I know many people thought he was too much but I appreciated his enthusiasm about this hobby. He took a lot of time to prepare his show and kept it entertaining. Also, he took great photographs of his cigars. Got a lot of my beginner knowledge about cigars from him before this forum.

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