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  1. @hrs1 if it makes you feel any better I had to ash it before i wanted to. The baby woke up and I had about an inch and a half left. I suspect when the kids are around 5 is when it’ll be easier. I guess till then the DC and Churchill’s will age. Good luck!
  2. Very sturdy stick. No give but not over packed. The draw is on the loose side, but luckily I hardly clipped the cap so the resistance is perfect. Cold draw is a bit of dried fruit and cedar. First third kicks right out of the gate with flavor. If I were tasting this blind, I’d say someone gutted and re wrapped a BBF. Meaty, woody, and savory. Full bodied. Plumes of smoke which I love. The finish is long with each puff. Flavors stick around for 10 seconds. Second third starts with a little bit of chocolate. That’s doesn’t last long at all. Coffee notes slide in place but the overall flavor is that BBF meatiness. I have to take the first of the two bands off carefully. I don’t know who’s job it is to glue the bands in Cuba, but Jesus do they take their job seriously. A retro hale brings out some cookie dough notes. I’m seriously enjoying the complexity of this stick. The smoke is viscous and oily. Not much of a transition from the second third to the final third. More woodiness is there. I usually don’t care for woodiness, but this is pleasant. Tons of cuban twang. I picked this stick out because it’s not too long or a smoke and the kids are napping. I was able to get my 2 mile run in before i finished off the rest of my ribeye I bbqd last night. My New Years resolution was to get in better cardio shape again. Having a toddler and a baby is not easy to find time to workout. Instead of napping I’ve been hitting my home gym hard. Summer bodies are made in the winter. 92/100. Cheers.
  3. If my wife brought home Ben and Jerry’s id mail it back to corporate postage due
  4. Oooof 5er for $200. That’s a steal of a deal. I started in 2016. My wedding had a cigar bar and I loved it. Fast forward a couple months and my wife got me a humidor with a bunch of cigars. I think the only cigar I have from that bunch is a Davidoff special R. But, I still have boxes of CC I started purchasing soon after that. Can’t bring myself to smoke that davidoff even tho I know it’s probably meh
  5. Sorry for your loss to those that knew him. Hope his family finds peace. I will light one up tonight in his respects.
  6. @coug28 I smoked one today to see where they are sitting. I plan on laying the rest down for a while. The one I had today was nothing special. Slightly plugged, and no flavors that knocked my socks off. PD4 would beat it by 7 points out of 100.
  7. Tatuaje black I think corona gorda. Smoked on the drive home while listening to David Goggins’ “Can’t hurt me.” I got home and ran even though it was freezing and I just finished a long weekend at work. This dude is truly an inspiration.
  8. Samuel L Jackson if cursing is allowed. If not, sir David Attenborough
  9. @porkchop I just got it all so I won’t know what’s the best three. The prices are listed in the attachment but price isn’t everything. We just had the 2012 kenwood reserve which is $50 and it out drank the 2014 freemark abbey which is $120. I’m loving it all
  10. @B44 I had the Freemark abbey 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013 Joullian reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2012 Kenwood reserve Cabernet Sauvignon which were all sublime. I shared with my wife and father in law. I had a montecristo media corona on my outdoor balcony with my father in law and it was amazing. Even though it was 43 degrees.

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