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  1. Is this your first from the box? I almost pulled the trigger on a box of these a vendor had some supply recently but I was skeptical.
  2. HDM Epicure No.2 OBM APR 17. Put together my daughters toy. Thankfully she wasn’t there for me to put it together so she didn’t learn new bad words.
  3. @Theophilus that’s straight cigar porn right there. Careful the cigar doesn’t slip out of your hand with all those oils
  4. Just an update on these Esplenditos I received a couple weeks ago. I was pretty disappointed at first at the wrappers and how under filled they were. Since then, the moister has settled so they don’t seem so under filled and the sheen has come out. Overall happy with my purchase and glad I didn’t pursue returning them. Pays to wait and see. I took them out of the cardboard packs and found them a home in my desktop.
  5. Dip no2. RAT AGO 20. 2020 was the year of the pyramid.
  6. HDM Epicure No.2 OBM APR 17 draw was a little loose but the smoke output couldn’t be beat. Flavor was meh but overall great smoke and relaxing
  7. Dip them in water (head first and stop short of the foot) and try smoking. FOHrensics tested it on the Monte 4 and it turned out fine. That said they were intentionally dried out for a short period of time if I remember correctly. Check out the video.
  8. Thanks, that answers my question. I can’t find myself to spend several thousands on a unit unless it’s perfect. I know aristocrats are scarce, but my coolidors will have to do for storage for now. Especially with two little ones running around, I’m in no rush to have a nice piece of woodwork with permanent marker on it. Thanks for the info.
  9. @Markspring1978 any update on your unit? Worth the $? Would you buy again?
  10. I have a wineador full to capacity, Coolidor full to capacity, and another airtight container full to capacity. I realized I have three more boxes on their way so I bought another coolidor. I was done buying for the year after scoring some sir winnies from 24:24. As some others said, 19/20 vintage is amazing. I feel like I’ll kick myself later if I don’t jump on some extra boxes now. Honesty, the 17/18 offerings on 24:24 don’t even tempt me. I’d rather have 19/20 quality then age.
  11. 15 Esplendidos GRM AGO 20. Some of these seemed underfilled. I’m hoping they just were over humidified as they felt a bit moist.
  12. ROTT HU2 beat out a HUSW with a couple years on. Both fantastic though.
  13. I love partagas, and I can’t get enough D4. I bought a ton of E2 a couple years ago but I’ve yet to have one that impressed me. I want to like them but my luck hasn’t been good.
  14. My box of JUL 19 I got this time last year was $530
  15. “I can’t help myself! I am the town perv!” “just look at the hole in my pocket. until you’ve tried it, don’t knock it.”

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