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  1. Just arrived from a recent 24:24. PSP Principe LGR JUN 17.
  2. Partagas 898 REG JUN 18. You can smell the picture.
  3. Yes please continue to post. This is the definition of cigar porn.
  4. Bri Fi

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    How did you like it? Bought a box and I wish I spent my money on something else. 90% plugged and hardly any flavor.
  5. Here’s another question. It’s been five plus years since they’ve come out. I believe I read 2013 was the last box date. How much for a box in 2019/2020?
  6. Based on threads, it seems the current trend is Cuba is turning out a better product the past couple years. It could be quality of crops, better quality control, or both. That said, is it time for HSA to bring back the coveted and much waited upon LGC MDO2? If not now, then when? I’d like to think it hasn’t been officially discontinued for a reason. I only ask about LGC MDO2 cause that’s what I’ve been waiting for since I started buying Cubans. I’m sure there are others you all have been waiting for that haven’t been officially discontinued.
  7. Carpet. Can’t explain it but ive gotten it several times. Please don’t ask if it was shag or Berber cause I don’t know.
  8. Carpet. Can’t explain it but ive gotten it several times. Please don’t ask if it was shag or Berber cause I don’t know.
  9. Bri Fi

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I love that cigar. Bought two. Smoked one right away and held onto the other for a special occasion. $23 a cigar was too expensive for me to buy a bunch. Well worth it though
  10. Couldn’t be happier with this clearance box from 24:24. Silky smooth wrappers and great construction from what I can tell. Gonna be hard to let these puppies rest. Thanks to the FoH team for this box.
  11. Bri Fi

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Great coffee company!
  12. Not sure what happened at the table when a cigar is Underfilled. Not just spongey but completely underfilled. I got two in a box of JL2. It’s almost like they completely forgot to put a leaf in the filler. Haven’t smoked it yet so who knows maybe it’s great. just curious because you can have 24 spot on and one dud. On a a side note, any boxes you don’t want rob I’ll be happy to take off your hands. 😝
  13. Bri Fi

    Hello from California

    Where might that be?
  14. Bri Fi

    Hello from California

    Sacramento aka Sac of tomatoes.
  15. SRO FEB 18. Wrappers are just eh (even lighter than the pic). Starting to care less and less about the wrapper appearance as long as the construction is well done. Either way, I haven’t heard of the SRO 18 box code. Hope they taste good.

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