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  1. Same here with luck in regards to the 46s. I have half of an oct 16 box that I’m leaving alone for a couple years. Glad to see they are beginning to turn.
  2. ULA JUL 14 from, you guessed it 24:24. Hoping MSU will show it’s face on FOH sales in 2023. Couldn’t be happier with the appearance of these sticks.
  3. Bri Fi

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Partagas 898 REG JUN 18. Baby is fed and sleeping. Hell of a cigar to end a hell of a week vacation in Tahoe. Back to reality tomorrow.
  4. Bri Fi

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Punch 48 LCDH. LGR OCT 18. Ready to smoke. Yum.
  5. Bri Fi

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    These will be my daily smokes this week. Family vacation in Lake Tahoe. My favorite getaway spot. Usually try to get there three or four times a year.
  6. I was gonna say the same thing. You can buy an eight ball of crystal meth in California and the dealer will throw one of these in for free. Tweaks love em.
  7. Bri Fi

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Partagas Serie E no2. Fireproof binder for the first two thirds. Construction was shit. My first E2 but it was ROTT so probably some moister content issues. Next one will be a year from now. Trinidad Reyes ARS SEP 17. Had put the E2 down. You can see it blew up in the background. Crazy how you can want a cigar to relax and if you get a bad one you end up with a worse mood than when you started. Much better now.
  8. Nice! I was waiting for you to tell us how it tasted...
  9. Considering my wife’s engagement ring alone costs more than my entire cigar collection I’m shutting her down quick. Is she persists I’m taking engagement and wedding ring back and doubling my collection. That said, she would never do that. Especially because she got me my first desktop humidor. So to answer the question, something gran reserva.
  10. This weeks haul: 15 Tubos PSD4 ATP SEP 18 15 Tubos PSE2 SMA NOV 18 25 Upmann No2 BRE JUN 18
  11. Bri Fi

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    24:24 clearance H Upmann BRE JUN 18. Construction was great. Flavor was good but should be better with some down time.
  12. Partagas serie P2 RUM NOV 18
  13. Bri Fi

    FOHrensics at home

    I’ve tried the OJ about four times now. Only worked once and the cigar was a fresh JL2. Other than that it didn’t do anything. But that one time was a cream A bomb. I’ll have to see if it’ll work again
  14. Bri Fi

    Never again 🙏

    I feel your pain. I commute to the Bay Area 4 days out of the week minimum. Bought a commuter car to smoke stogies in.
  15. Sorry for the confusion. I thought a factory could have multiple codes. I think the only confirmed one at this point is UAO.

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