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  1. One of my first cuban box purchases is a MEG SEP 15 monte 2. Bland and semi plugged. I almost got turned away from Monte 2 until the RAT 2020s came out.
  2. Haven’t posted here in a while. Here’s some standouts in the last couple weeks. SW TRU JUL19 PSP2 MSU SEP 19 Mag54 OER MAY 20 PSD4 EBM AGO 17 Tatuaje La Verite 2013 Lusi UEB JUN 17
  3. My wife has one of those in her bedside table.
  4. @FrancisK7 you win the internet today. Congrats on that box.
  5. @Islandboy you called it. Three Cubans. The other two being the BBF and RA #2
  6. In regards to “ready to smoke” cigars... I gave the example of the sir winston from 2019. They were amazingly smooth and only got a little harsh toward the nub. Same can be said about the 2019 Siglo VI. That said, is “ready to smoke” to be expected from super premium cigars with better quality tobacco? Or is there less aging potential from these cigars than blends from decades ago?
  7. I’m watching Bond Roberts and I see a lot of the cigars being posted are from 2017. I got into cigars in 2016 so most of my collection is 2017 making it vintage by definition (4+ years). That said, I’ve been sampling my cigars and noticed they have mellowed out a tad bit. Granted they are hardly vintage, but they’ve definitely smoothed out some. I was beginning to think about some of the cigar reviews done by our hosts on YouTube as well as other reviewers. Many say “these have some great aging potential.” For those who had the opportunity to watch your collection age, what do you look for in fresh cigars that make you believe they will age well or poor? Is it marca? Level of woodieness? Bitterness (Tannins)? Some of the theories behind aging contradict itself. I’ve heard that tannins lead to great aging. The box of Sir Winston I have from 2019 have no bitterness, but historically Sir Winston age well...
  8. @GVan I have some Siglo 6s that are MTS NOV 19
  9. Best cigar I ever had was an epi 2. Pure cream and toasted nuts. Flavor that kicked you in the mouth with a silk shoe. It’s a dragon I’ve been chasing my whole life and I’ve yet to find again. The three other boxes of epi 2 I’ve gone through have been sad examples. I wonder if the blend needs to be exact for the flavor to be on. Because, it seems to be off more than on for me.
  10. If you don’t like the smell of your hands after smoking a cigar, are you in the right hobby? Not that I walk around all day smelling my fingers like I just picked a weggie, but uh ya.
  11. @dominattorney first test will be cutting the head. If it passes that, should smoke fine. Thanks for the pics
  12. I used the PerfectRepair on a few sticks. Seemed to have done the job. Won’t know until I smoke it as the wrapper was too far separated.
  13. At least the lid is see through so you can see the beetles eat through the cigar like an ant farm.
  14. Cohiba Siglo VI GR and H. Upmann Sir Winston GR. But... I’m playing the lotto tonight so if I win I’m buying everything

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