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  1. Fonseca 1 is the most obvious to me that smokes better at a higher RH. I’m starting to think montecristo smokes better as well. I do believe those marca that tend to have sweeter notes will smoke better when stored at a higher rh. Overall I have moved my storage from 62% to 65% the past year because my smokes were becoming flavorless and tannic. That said, I don’t have a temp controlled unit so my storage is very inconsistent throughout the seasons. Five years in and I still haven’t figured it out. Trial and error.
  2. @smbauerllc I keep smaller smokes for winter times and because I have two small kids. If time wasn’t a factor, I probably wouldn’t reach for these. They aren’t bad, but there are better.
  3. @Lrabold89 thanks. On the mend. I couldn’t wait any longer to have a cigar. I actually switched to nicotine pouches for a few days just to have some enjoyment. I didn’t need them but I said screw it. I started to feel better after I saw your legs in the precious post.
  4. Montecristo Media Corona EGT NOV 20. Getting over the flu and sinus is shot. Couldn’t help myself though, it’s 100F
  5. Sorry if this was already addressed in the previous supply updates... what is happening to the leaf since they are not being rolled? Is there a potential for blends to be different in the coming year due to the leaf being aged more before being rolled?
  6. First, you can breathe easy they aren’t ruined. You can wipe them off and put them back. Check the foot for mold though. Some will say toss them if the foot is moldy. Check your humidor lining for mold as well. From what the pics show, they are salvageable. But you may need to rest them for a bit longer. This was suggested to me when my wineador malfunctioned and I had whole boxes get damp. Someone made an interesting position that the cigars may go through an unintended maturation process.
  7. Siglo II SEP 17. Half the box gone and this was the first that blew me away. Really reinforced cohiba pre 2019 needs time down. @dshot congrats on the kid. I’m sure it’s bittersweet restarting again but that first smile they give you makes it all worth it. On a positive note, all your SW will get plenty of age since you won’t have time for them. Sorry, that was mean.
  8. Montecristo No. 4 UBM MAY 18. While bbqing some ribeye. Paired with an Alpha omega Chardonnay 2016.
  9. Birthday smoke Trinidad Coloniales GRM OCT 20
  10. @TheFullMontecristo I was curious because I have the same box date/code. Interesting you got cocoa butter. Never seen that in a D4. I’ll have to pay attention to it

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