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  1. SOU MAR 21. Seriously, I wish I had a thousand boxes like this one. Every one is a winner. Kicks Cohiba and Trinidad in the ass. 95 pointer after 95 pointer. Will they get better?
  2. Hell of a prize @Bijan congrats and enjoy!
  3. @Kaptain Karl were those shorts and lighter sold together?
  4. @djrey I say this but I also swung and missed on some COLA on 24:24 today. I guess I mean I can’t afford the price point. Or maybe it’s just hard justifying spending almost $100 more for the same box last year. I’m sure I’ll end up buying more boxes down the line when I have that rare 95 pointer monte 4 and I start to chase the dragon.
  5. Monte 4. Probably my last box. Not sure if I can afford these anymore. Great looking
  6. Can you put some of that flood water up on 24:24? California could use some of it. In all seriousness though, I hope everyone here is ok and unaffected
  7. @El Hoze let me know if you need help getting to the bottom row.
  8. happened to me in 2019. Ray told me to unplug the unit and I did. Haven’t turned it back on since and no issues. I thought I needed the temp control but my sticks have been fine. Sometimes my house gets in the mid 70s in the summer and thought I’d be battling mold with high temps but the humidity hasn’t been an issue. Hope this helps and good luck. Luckily you stopped it before it got to total disaster
  9. With prices rising, I jumped on a deal for these 15 padron 1964 maduro presidente tubos. Beautiful tubes
  10. @hrs1 if it makes you feel any better I had to ash it before i wanted to. The baby woke up and I had about an inch and a half left. I suspect when the kids are around 5 is when it’ll be easier. I guess till then the DC and Churchill’s will age. Good luck!
  11. Very sturdy stick. No give but not over packed. The draw is on the loose side, but luckily I hardly clipped the cap so the resistance is perfect. Cold draw is a bit of dried fruit and cedar. First third kicks right out of the gate with flavor. If I were tasting this blind, I’d say someone gutted and re wrapped a BBF. Meaty, woody, and savory. Full bodied. Plumes of smoke which I love. The finish is long with each puff. Flavors stick around for 10 seconds. Second third starts with a little bit of chocolate. That’s doesn’t last long at all. Coffee notes slide in place but the overall flavor is that BBF meatiness. I have to take the first of the two bands off carefully. I don’t know who’s job it is to glue the bands in Cuba, but Jesus do they take their job seriously. A retro hale brings out some cookie dough notes. I’m seriously enjoying the complexity of this stick. The smoke is viscous and oily. Not much of a transition from the second third to the final third. More woodiness is there. I usually don’t care for woodiness, but this is pleasant. Tons of cuban twang. I picked this stick out because it’s not too long or a smoke and the kids are napping. I was able to get my 2 mile run in before i finished off the rest of my ribeye I bbqd last night. My New Years resolution was to get in better cardio shape again. Having a toddler and a baby is not easy to find time to workout. Instead of napping I’ve been hitting my home gym hard. Summer bodies are made in the winter. 92/100. Cheers.
  12. If my wife brought home Ben and Jerry’s id mail it back to corporate postage due
  13. Oooof 5er for $200. That’s a steal of a deal. I started in 2016. My wedding had a cigar bar and I loved it. Fast forward a couple months and my wife got me a humidor with a bunch of cigars. I think the only cigar I have from that bunch is a Davidoff special R. But, I still have boxes of CC I started purchasing soon after that. Can’t bring myself to smoke that davidoff even tho I know it’s probably meh
  14. Sorry for your loss to those that knew him. Hope his family finds peace. I will light one up tonight in his respects.
  15. @coug28 I smoked one today to see where they are sitting. I plan on laying the rest down for a while. The one I had today was nothing special. Slightly plugged, and no flavors that knocked my socks off. PD4 would beat it by 7 points out of 100.
  16. Tatuaje black I think corona gorda. Smoked on the drive home while listening to David Goggins’ “Can’t hurt me.” I got home and ran even though it was freezing and I just finished a long weekend at work. This dude is truly an inspiration.
  17. Samuel L Jackson if cursing is allowed. If not, sir David Attenborough
  18. @porkchop I just got it all so I won’t know what’s the best three. The prices are listed in the attachment but price isn’t everything. We just had the 2012 kenwood reserve which is $50 and it out drank the 2014 freemark abbey which is $120. I’m loving it all
  19. @B44 I had the Freemark abbey 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013 Joullian reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2012 Kenwood reserve Cabernet Sauvignon which were all sublime. I shared with my wife and father in law. I had a montecristo media corona on my outdoor balcony with my father in law and it was amazing. Even though it was 43 degrees.

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