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  1. Thanks! Agreed...IL is in bad shape and no sign that things are going to get better anytime soon. I was thinking about moving to CA, but that's Where to go, that is the question?
  2. This project took a whopping eight months. The first two months were spent on planning and design. The next six months on general construction, millwork and furniture selections, fixtures, AV, flooring, ventilation, spray foam insulation, electrical, etc. The millwork took the longest. We used a small family owned furniture maker out of Chicago. They were not able to allocated all their resources, so everything took longer than expected. However, the quality of their workmanship was off the rails I didn't sweat it too much. They really did an outstanding job. Here's some before
  3. I appreciate the shout out. I hear you regarding the ozone. I'll do some more research on the topic. One thing for sure, I only use it when nobody is in the room. That being said, I hear what you are saying. Thanks again.
  4. Christmas music. Yeah...I said it. I love christmas music this time of year in Chicago. HA!
  5. Thanks! Agreed that color really looks classy. We took a chance with it and it paid off. Thanks for the welcome!
  6. Thanks! We spent quite a bit of time on the planning and execution.
  7. Will do! Any FOH members live in the Chicago area?
  8. Founded of an e-commerce and wholesale distribution company. However, we recently sold the you could say I'm retired...although I don't like that term. You make a good point regarding my humidor. Keep in mind, my previous box held less than 50 cigars and I had been using the cigar room and inviting friends over pretty much everyday before the video. One thing for sure, I love cigars and look forward to learning more. I'll also let you in on a little secret. I've got an area behind the glass door in the Cigar Room that could be converted into a small walk in humidor. So

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