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  1. What is you favorite sporting event to watch or Attend
  2. Juan Lopez no 2 (NTYRW) ORA DIC 14 This is my first one of these! Purchased from the PCC aged program Construction is incredible and the draw is outstanding. First 1/3 From the first puff the smoke is very thick Very woody a hint of cedar and roasted tobacco, a light spice and a touch of clove very similar to the epicure no 2 I smoked on Friday night Second 3rd This cigar is very smooth with no aftertaste and the burn is fantastic Not much has changed with the flavor The smoke is just pouring out of this cigar which I really enjoy, I set it down to walk in and get another beer and I walk out to a wonderful aroma of roasted tobacco Final 3rd Still no evolution to this cigar the smoke is rolling out and I’m trying to detect anything else in the flavor profile but it’s just not there.. you know what I don’t need it to change because I’ve enjoyed the hell out of this cigar... As I say this I’ve been just slapped in the face with a big burst of coffee and a light cocoa and it has faded away as quickly as it appeared I have 5 of these left and I can’t wait to have another Score 93
  3. Montecristo petit Edmundo BUP 17 (OFRW) The pre-draw is slightly tight, it provides a rich tobacco taste along with some cedar notes. Every time I light this cigar up I know it’s going to be a treat.The first puff is woody sweet cocoa With a hint of spice. The construction is perfect with ton of smoke rolling off. As the first third winds down I get a wonderful blast of chocolate that last for the next 30 minutes. This cigar is very smooth and is great for a Sunday afternoon this entire box has performed. As this cigar ends after on hour of smoking there is still a slight taste of chocolate with cocoa and coffee to Finnish. I have three left from this box and can’t wait to smoke them.
  4. I have to say I’m very impressed with all of these collections and the methods of keeping track of them!!
  5. How many cigars are in your collection?
  6. Nope, all the ones I’ve seen are a perfect circle, I’ve had a few little holes or pokes like this no beetles

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