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  1. No no no no no no no no Nope I have Zero social media for this exact reason.. I don’t consider this forum social media lol Maybe I’m wrong😳
  2. 60 days Monte no 2 Reg September 19 Dark chocolate Oily wrapper Cocoa, chocolate sweetness Pre draw perfection This is the final smoke in our study This box has definitely lost its new car smell, it has mellowed significantly First third Little pepper on the first few puffs Hint of cocoa and chocolate ash is pure white Second third Very heavy smoke on all puffs Construction is great,burn is perfect Flavors have not changed much Final Very smooth no edges Big hits of chocolate have now arrived Very enjoyable Over the course of the experiment The most noticeable difference to me is the aroma at cold Very fresh pungent chocolate to a much more mild smooth cocoa The cigar over 60 days does not seem like the flavor or complexity has evolved much Nice cigar but more rest needed boxes below in order Arrival 30 60 days Thanks FOH! Its been fun being involved How bout we pull these out at 120 days and reflect one last time!! I would love to see if the flavor profile develops
  3. Buffalo Bills DT Ed Oliver arrested in Houston on DWI, weapons charges What a weekend for the NFL
  4. 30 days Monte no 2 Reg September 19 Box has a heavy chocolate smell Draw is very tight I Had to perfect draw it Opened up nicely after one poke Lots of chocolate on the start up With a little bitterness A good amount of smoke as I draw Medium to full body There is a very nice roasted tobacco Flavor coming through with a little cocoa and cream on the second 3rd. That bitterness is slowly melting away Last 3rd very Similar to the 2nd Not much evolution Very solid 89

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