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  1. JIK

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Sharing some fundís with the fam. Don’t mind little bro, he always removes the band before he starts smoking.
  2. Congrats to the winners and thanks for the opportunity.
  3. JIK

    Flavor Profiles

    Or learn to associate your own taste with El Prez’s descriptions. I screen shot every box I buy from 24:24 and go back to the descriptors to learn how Prez is describing what I am tasting.
  4. JIK

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Only a few days out the freezer so the burn was a bit wonky but the flavors were quite nice. Excited to revisit these.
  5. Explorer II more often than not
  6. JIK

    24:24 MONDAY

    Punch score
  7. JIK

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Arroz con pollo followed by an 898. These recent ones from the last 24:24 don’t need a bit of age, they are more than ready now.
  8. JIK

    Share your Cuban haul

    Anyone want to share how much a box of HUSW is on the island? My brother is going soon and I’ll have to give him funds aread of time.
  9. I wonder if you were in Cuba, where the people don’t speak freely out of fear. Go to Miami and ask around. You’ll be surprised. I was born in Cuba myself, grew up in Miami. I was not born yet during the time of Guevara’s “revolution” in Cuba, however, the general consensus amongst family and friends that were, is that he was a cold blooded murderer. Did he do some good, yes but it was greatly overshadowed by the ruthless violence he ordered on Cuban civilians. The history is there, if you look at older more reliable sources. For some reason in the early 2000’s he was sensationalized as some sort of hero rebel figure. I suspect by people who do not themselves live under a communist regime or have family that did. Anyway, perhaps you are a marxist and believe the end would have justified his means. I am not trying to change your mind on that, just disagree with your statement about Cuba being better off with him than Castro. Imo both were terrible, in fact without Che Castro would probably not have been as “successful”.
  10. You should ask Cubans how they felt about El Che. Lesser of two evils, at best.
  11. I have the opposite problem, the cigars that remain in my humidor are the truly unspecial ones.

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