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  1. Make sure your newair is squared away before you invest in drawers. They can be finicky at times. I used Forrest for my drawers about 4-5 years ago. Craftsmanship and communication was top notch. I would use him again if needed.
  2. Any simple edit will keep it up right. I usually just crop it a little closer.
  3. Just freeze every cigar you get as soon as it comes through the door. Only cigars I do not freeze are singals, those go in a temperature controlled wineador. I have frozen many cigars and they smoke great (just let them thaw out first ) I vacuum seal (not required) and toss in the freezer for three days, from there the boxes thaw out on the counter and then go straight to my tupperdors.
  4. Speaking quality, what constitutes a box of bad quality cigars in your opinion? Assuming you’re only judging them by appearance (not smoking). What would keep a cigar from entering into the PE rating?
  5. Oh, I've ordered some garbage from Swiss sites. Ditto, I’ve also gotten amazing ones to be fair.

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