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  1. Hey all FOH, Finylly will fly to CUBA after many yyears lurking on the forums (FoH and others).... I just wanted to share my future and first trip to Cuba in May 2020 (4th - 20th ca.) After a long time waiting to get the possibility to travel again, I decided to fly to the Cuba finally and also I wanted to gift my dear mom to discover it too. Will travel there to an acquaintance parents in Havana and maybe a few days in a resort (has to be defined at this moment... ). Will also be very happy to meet with any Foh Members who will be there on these dates PS: More infos will follw here as I get confirmations
  2. Just tried openning a new Thread/ Topic and it is OK Update infos: The option to minimize the Chatbos in Chrome isn't available too Will do more test when back home (at office currently) with other browser such as Mozilla
  3. Typing in ChatBox is OK ; just not loading itself automatically (history) I didn't try opening a Topic or to post currently Just trying to help FoH Tech Team
  4. Hello Techies, Here is my issue at the moment . I cannot see the chat on my Windows computer with Chrome too. Best regards
  5. I agree on the Perfect Draw too Can save you smokes ... Enjoy your day and smoke

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