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  1. Thanks this will help to come on Zoom for a chat and Smoke with all Foh Members connected It is nice to see some Virtual Herf here too... Stay safe and smokey all ! Peace !
  2. Thanks for the infos . Will send a message ( Better a bit late than never)
  3. Wow Nice will try to get free a few during it Working from Home here in Europe (Switzerland) Stay smokey but stay safe all
  4. Hello Monterrey Much apreciated from you Will try to come visit Nacional and definitively will smoke one together Thanks a lot
  5. Updates : Dates are confirmed => May 7th until May 20th 2020. Last 3-4 days will be in Varadero in a Resort for a few days rest before to fly back home. I was wondering what's the Custom roller to visit for skinnies Rg cigar ? ( like some earthy and floral cigar notes in general but I am open to discover new thing, as I am still a young CC smoker). Vinales will for sure be one location I am going to visit. (Jorge will be the driver) Any paladares to visit for a nice sea food meal ? As the person travelling with me as her birthday just around the dates of the trip, I wish to make surprise and get a nice surprise meal at a good place with your advices. Nothing planned for the moment for excursion and all, but have contacted Jorge and will arrange all with him ( what a great person he is) Thanks all for your advices and inputs Enjoy your day
  6. Mostly I am alone to enjoy my habanos, 'cuz my fiends don't smoke CC. So I mainly stay and enjoy them where /when I can.... Always happy to meet new SOTL & BOTL to get together and enjoy a cigars. (Don't hesitate to PM for CC Time if you are around in Switzerland ) Most of the time I feel the same in my CC Times
  7. As I also live in Switzerland I am waiting your Feedbacks on this Cabinet as i also search often for a good solution outside our pricey country. ☺️ Don't hesitate to PM me fellow swiss BOTL Enjoy your day
  8. Thanks ROB & all FoH Team ( And of course all Members posting on forum) It is by far one of best cigar community I know. Many thanks to you all Keep going like this

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