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  1. Just tried openning a new Thread/ Topic and it is OK Update infos: The option to minimize the Chatbos in Chrome isn't available too Will do more test when back home (at office currently) with other browser such as Mozilla
  2. Typing in ChatBox is OK ; just not loading itself automatically (history) I didn't try opening a Topic or to post currently Just trying to help FoH Tech Team
  3. Hello Techies, Here is my issue at the moment . I cannot see the chat on my Windows computer with Chrome too. Best regards
  4. I agree on the Perfect Draw too Can save you smokes ... Enjoy your day and smoke
  5. I know and have been there this past year Hang in there & Stay positive as much you can ...
  6. Same here Wish i found some nice art when I will go there as a retirement gift for my Mom 🙏

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