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  1. The LCDH was great! The staff was more than accommodating and they have an awesome mojito bar inside as well that serves some fantastic mojitos for a reasonable price, I think they were 6.50-7.00 a drink. The BHK 52 was going for $800
  2. Finally got my hands on a box of QDO 54 MSU Sep 18 at LCDH St. Kitts. They even had the BHK 52 in stock, too low on funds to pick up a box.
  3. Two nice selections during my trip to St. Kitts LCDH. My first regional and it was fantastic!
  4. I don’t see a problem at all. Just a diverse collection!
  5. To echo @JohnS the Xikar XO is one of the best and sharpest cutters I have owned. I hope I never need the warranty. However, it has been my experience that many companies that offer similar warranties are not thrilled to honor it.
  6. There is something about the flavors and aroma that I absolutely love about Cuban cigars. There are NC that I also really enjoy but I am obsessed with Cuban cigars.
  7. CLE Prieto Y Prensado a nice boxpress chocolate and coffee flavors.
  8. Agreed! Add this to the list of reasons I am not a Patriots fan.
  9. @MD Puffer Very well stated. You brought up a few points that I did not even consider. That being said, I smoke a few cigars a week and that’s usually during spring/summer.
  10. That person is very very lucky. If I don’t know what I’m handling, I do not touch it. Buuuuttt, some people aren’t that bright and are the reason ambulances and emergency rooms exist.
  11. The remington humidor. Its also $1,000 under budget. It has heating and cooling with internal humidifcation system. Also, it will hold approx 2,000 cigars.
  12. The cold is coming my way. Tomorrow’s wind chill -30 F. Soooo thrilled 🙄. Is it spring yet?
  13. How are the secretos doing? I remember reading a while back they had some issues and the wrappers looked rough. Have they began to improve?

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