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  1. Diesel 777

    If you are looking to hire a driver in Havana

    My wife and I used Jorge last Thursday. Everything you have read is true. Very proud and knowledgeable of the area. He is educating himself into the cigar world to accommodate the FOH members. He is making contacts and took me to see Alex on the first day he was back at his shop. Honest is an understatement. My dumbass self accidentally left my wallet in his car at the end of our day. I realized it about 30 minutes later in a full panic tearing our cabin apart on the ship. As I am trying to retrace my steps the phone rings. My wife blurts out “there’s your wallet”. Jorge had found it and was at the port with it. The Royal Caribbean staff along with the Cuban customs and security were great at getting back down quickly. He is standing there with my wallet. Hands it to me and immediately says “check it”. I did and the 600 CUC and $200 US were still there. I go to give him something for his honesty and he backs up and refuses. I then try to give him a hug in appreciation and he backs up thinking I’m going to hide it somewhere on him. Needless to say, he is a great man. Yes, my stupidity would’ve been a nice score for him but he would rather have the constant business from us to make more money in the long run. If you have and questions about Jorge or Cuba, let me know. I hope I can return sooner than later! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Diesel 777

    FOH shirts ? y not

    I did and we are discussing this after Jan 7th. I will not make anything without approval. Not worth the legal trouble. I appreciate your inquiry,
  3. Diesel 777

    FOH shirts ? y not

    I can screen print and do DTG printing. Looking at the Zazzle pricing, I can do better. I'm looking into embroidery cost now.
  4. Diesel 777

    FOH shirts ? y not

    No rompers or banana slings. I need to to get permission to use the logo etc. Once that is finished I’ll set up my website to take orders. I’ll also mock up a few designs for feedback but with caution. Too many cooks can ruin it. I would also like to do some brand cigar shirts. Just throwing out ideas.
  5. Diesel 777

    FOH shirts ? y not

    I screen print shirts. I can get the embroidery done as well but not in house. I can take orders and ship them out as well. I would like to offer several different designs to meet everyone’s needs. Let it me know if this is still an option. Thanks, Brian
  6. Diesel 777

    If you are looking to hire a driver in Havana

    My wife and I just booked Jorge for our upcoming trip. Very excited and thankful for the posts to get in touch with him. I'll fill in the details once I return.
  7. Thanks to all. Started smoking in the late 90's. Kids slowed it down for a while but the smoke was never fully extinguished. Back to smoking quite a bit the last few years. The site is already a wealth of information for me. Thanks again,

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