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  1. This is pretty much a one for one with a recent pyramid smoke except for all the tiny littl nuances that are throwing me off. Rather than over analyze I gotta go with my gut. A bit woody, some black and white pepper from time to time, a little dry in the second half, some bready and bbq spice notes. Unfortunately I've tasted all this in all 5 options. We shall see
  2. Got this little guy as a bonus fiver on a CC for NC trade on another forum. Never had these before so I was excited to try it. No crazy flavors or evolution. Just good solid short filler smoke. Never had a young one but 5 years down gives a smooth, mild but bland at times, tobacco flavor. Little kicks of richness but very rare. Short filler falls off in my mouth from time to time. Perfect for walking the dogs I'm taking care of. I'd value this at 3 bucks. Terrible photo, you all deserve better, but I also deserved a better cigar, so we even. Cuba ratio: 1.36
  3. I have a few of those in the coolidors. They eat up batteries quick. Just open and cycle every few months and you'll be fine. If you have really wet sticks then a fan is good to speed up acclimation. If all are good, just burp the containers every so often.
  4. Star wars for sure. Maybe theyll spinoff a secret spy plot in some of the new ones
  5. Dont overanalyze it. With long term Tupperware it shouldnt be fluctuating in rh too much. If you put in dried out sticks they will slowly but surely acclimate. If you want to have airflow, then sure space them out. Maybe tightly packing them will be like vacuum sealing where it slows the aging process (good or bad) but theres too many variables to blame it on boveda location. In a container this small.
  6. rustic looking wrapper with some decent sheen. I am afraid this will be fireproof but it burns very well. Heavy rich ramon allones flavors, fruit, spices, cakiness. The cocoa LE standard flavor is subtle but a great compliment. The rich baming spices transition to a peppery hit at times. This is what I always want an LE to be, a deep rich exploration of the marca. I still love the chocolate bombs I've had with others but it's nice it retain the flavors I want. Unfortunately the wind and my focus on conversation let this go out at the midpoint. I relight and it is still great but nowhere near what it was in the first half. I'm curious if this is just the stick in general or my fault. I hope I give it more attention next time. Luckily I got a bunch left and cannot wait to revisit these. Seems like it has legs for more age but are definitely good to go with 4 years down. I value this at 24 bucks Cuba value 2.89 Cost value 0.87
  7. They're really good. Some people dont care for em. One of my favorites. Enjoy em!
  8. Without delving too deep seems legit. I have a box of those le and nothing seems off. The little sticker with the barcode implies it's from a vendor that I've used ans trusted. Obviously that shouldnt be the make or break authenticity check but all signs point to legit from a quick look. Theres a suspect thread in the forum that may be more appropriate for getting responses. I've been pointed there in the past https://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/forum/3-suspect-cigar-forum/

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