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  1. The hu 2 that I've been smoking with just 2 years on them are outstanding. I'm excited to see how much better they can get
  2. Bucky McSwensen

    Lower humidity/ Loss of oils?

    Rtic coolers are great and they have random sales. Costco has a really well insulated (7 day ice retention it claims) cooler for 99 but its ugly. I throw an ice pack wrapped in a dish towel in a ziploc bag in mine when the internal temp hits 70 on a hot day. Cycle through that process until the heat wave dies down. Rest of the year it's good to go on temp.
  3. Good series. Two of my biggest reboot fears are mash and the Marx brothers. Glad they have remained unsullied so far
  4. Bucky McSwensen

    Lower humidity/ Loss of oils?

    For smokable in the next few years I think you are good to go. Long term aging I keep mine at 65+. I think you need low 50s for drying out oils to really kick in. Curious what others experience as well
  5. Please tell me they have a frozen yogurt dispenser
  6. Forgot the factory code on this 3 pack but remember the date. Definitely one of the lighter smokes I've had. Lighter papery wrapper compared to most Montes but still some good flavors. Starts off with good coffee notes and a hint of chocolate. Not as much cream as I prefer but a bit more age should hopefully bring that out. Other spices like cinnamon and nutmeg creep in and disappear from time to time. A bit of a wonky burn and some relights are required at the midway point. Each relight gives me some bitterness which is a bummer but it eventually corrects itself. Finishes off with a smooth coffee flavor with just a hint of bitter chocolate. More time should help round this one out, but I'm still enjoying the random peaks of flavors it gives me young. A good solid staple for the humidor. I shy away from sharing this one with people new to Cubans because it definitely gives me the "what's the big deal" reaction. Still a good smoke but too inconsistent and not enough wow factor. I value this at $9 Cuba ratio = 0.93 Cost ratio = 0.92
  7. My endless slog of grading continues. This smoke follows a 2009 EL Bolivar Petit Belicoso so my expectations of joy are high but I need something a bit more standard after that rich chocolate bomb. The P2 has been a solid performer even so young. Dark and oily wrapper. Great draw. First light gives rich earthy tobacco flavors. May be regular production but this is well above average. Transitions to some light bbq spices and rich creamy coffee tones. This is a heavy cigar (weight and flavor). It puts out smooth volumous smoke and barely dents the stick. This one lasts much longer than other sticks I've been enjoying lately. Second third adds a little breadiness and the flavors subside for some standard rich tobacco flavors. Creamy earth comes and goes. Final third gives some more hints of paprika and a bit of tannic bitter coffee. A solid smoke the whole way through. Very excited to see how this develops with more age, though I seem to being going through this box too quick to find this out. I value this stick at $14 Cuba ratio = 1.71 Cost ratio = 1.55
  8. End of the school year so I am nonstop grading this weekend. What could be better than pairing this mind numbing effort with a few smokes in the garage? I dont have the box code on hand but it's obviously a 2009. I am inexperienced with LE sticks so have very limited things to compare it to, especially with this much age. I've snagged a few other ones via trades and such but was really excited for this one. BBF is my all time favorite so a shorter fancier version has me excited. Appearance is a bit rustic but still pretty with some sheen. Draw is perfect. First puff is dark chocolate fudge. Little hints of standard BBF flavors (leathers, earth, and cream) but no the spice and sour woody notes I can sometimes get. Second third the fudge gets creamier as it switches to hot chocolate. I get some guiness like flavors and then more chocolate. Final third gets bit drier in the mouth, the hot cocoa creaminess becomes a bit bready or cakey, with a touch of sweet stale icing (think day old sheet cake) and really finishes well. I'm having ice coffee and it really pairs perfectly. Well I may have just shot myself in the foot financially. This was one of my favorite cigars of all time. Might just be the shear uniqueness of it but it made its statement. An expensive calorie free desert? Yes please. Definitely fits the expectation of the bolivar marque crossed with rich sweet chocolate. I'm intrigued to explore more LE and see how they fare. Some may harp on the size but it was perfect from start to finish with a bunch of transitions around creamy leathery chocolate. I definitely paid more for this than others would have but it was worth it. I value this stick at $34 Cuba ratio = 5.31 Cost ratio = 1.13
  9. The one benefit of foot bands is no cracked feet. As gawdy as they are I think they can add some value for longer sticks, especially single coffin ones like the monte A.
  10. Daniel Craig has been my favorite. Obviously Connery is amazing and the original badass. I'd say I'm 52 48 on this
  11. Bucky McSwensen

    Major Obstacle Returns

    I bought some blocks that are like half inch by half inch by four inches. Place thos on the bottom to rise up the boxes. Then just store in the boxes on top. Gives the cedar scent, moisture control, and a rise in case god forbid you get standing moisture it's on the bottom. A cedar tray here and there for loose sticks but now I have enough empty cabs for that though
  12. Maybe I'm amazed is a favorite of mine. I know I'm basic.
  13. Bucky McSwensen

    HDM Epicure #2 MAY 18 (PRRRW)

    Two main variables that tend to cause uneven burn for me are age and construction. Bad roll is just bad luck. Enough age seems to merry each part together and I get a better burn. Not guarenteed but you might be a victim of a young stick with poor construction. Humidity is also an issue that dry boxing helps with but you flavors seemed nice so doubt that was it solid review.
  14. A review worthy of a win. Nice work
  15. Bucky McSwensen

    Behike 58

    I would love a behike lancero. Therefore it shall never exist

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