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  1. Love both but no 1 was flawless and true to the book. Love the origin stuff from part 2, even loved the new stuff but the whole hyman roth stuff felt like fan fiction. Really good fan fiction mind you, but nothing can touch the original
  2. Bucky McSwensen

    FOH DIY Thread....could we use one?

    Borrow a chainsaw? This sounds like the perfect time to buy one! I love when I have a problem that is solved with "honey, dont worry, I bought another chainsaw"
  3. @FatherOfPugs June 3rd 3:14 am What fun! And congrats
  4. Bucky McSwensen

    FOH DIY Thread....could we use one?

    I am a civil engineer and would love to be of service in this thread. My specialty tends to be helping make the binary decision of get a permit and do it legit or you can wing it and no one will know. Too many times I have to help fix something that's a violation which is way harder than doing it right the first time. Love this idea.
  5. Nice review! I have some with age that are lackluster and I'm trying to stay away from my 2018 which look amazing. Thanks for taking one for the team and providing a fine review
  6. Bucky McSwensen

    Whaaddya get...? Easter Coupon

    Grabbed some tacos at a good price. Had a 6 pack a while back and pulled the trigger on a box. Hopefully the PE grade still wows me as I missed the recent PSP grade
  7. I think they have a 25% off thingy now. I got one of the 145 quart ones a while back for 40% off. Definitely keep an eye on them, snag em when you can and lord knows you will fill it. I thought the big one would solve all my potential storage issues for years. It's full now.
  8. Not the best recommendation but if you are really in need of more space, store the boxes elsewhere and organize large bundles of "loose" sticks. This will create a lot of space but not solve it as you have the same addiction we all do and there is no stopping. Mine started as my ultimate solution to storage, that quickly filled, now it's my "singles" stash so I dont need to open my coolers each time I want variety. You can definitely cram more, I think I've capped around 400 of all different sizes. But you will quickly need a cooler set up. Thick wall, high r value, marine grade. No regrets. Rtic randomly has sales. Highly recommend them.
  9. Oh boy. We can see who voted for what. This is dangerous
  10. one of my favorite go to sticks! thanks
  11. A solid review of a rare unique stick! Congrats on the win
  12. This is my first. Its young, I’m trying to keep my expectations are low but I am so excited for this. Picked them up about a month ago so not the ideal rest time but this contest is too much peer pressure. Dry draw is firm. Makes sense for a double corona. Flavor at cold is spicy tangy and nutty. First draw is delicious. Lots of young cuban kick but nothing unpleasant. All the good traits. Citrus, spice, and lots of cookie flavor. This mellows out to a very tannic (not bitter) earthy and spicy twang. Definitely a young stick but very pleasant. I cannot wait to have this with some years on it but am fully enjoying the light and sour flavors. The dreaded fear I have been blinding myself to arrives in the middle third. It gets bitter. The retro remains light and delicious but the flavor in the mouth is no good. I try purging midway and get some positive results. Burnt pie crust, slight charcoal flavor, no citrus earth or stone fruit that I typically get from ra. Then back to all bitter tannic blech. Last third is all bitter no good. I chuck it because I have things to do and am not enjoying any part of this smoke anymore. This was a bummer but could have been expected if I weren't so naive. This is 7 months old, I didn't rest it enough after shipping and it could have used a dry boxing. The first third was great but only justified the price of a petit robusto. Luckily theres a ton of potential from the tannic bitterness (not dull just not good) and I will gladly have these left allones for a year or two before I revisit it. Glad I experimented but a 13.60 entry fee to test these will not be worth it for a while. I value this stick at $4.00 Cuba value: 0.38 Cost value: 0.29 (Ratings are based on a ratio of value/cost. 1.00 means I value it the same as it cost. Less means it wasn't worth the purchase. More means it was a deal.)
  13. Good draw, good rich ra flavors at cold. First one I'm trying and really excited. Starts off with standard toasted bread, baking spices and some hints of stone fruit. I really dont like stone fruit so the subtlety is amazing without turning me off. Really compliments the other flavors 2nd third develops some mild tannic bitterness. Only for a like 5 min so I get to know it has more time to develop with without being punished today. Retro gets into some very pleasant whole breadiness which I love. Has a lot of the character I expect from a ssc but more refined. Makes sense since the price is more and I'm glad its smoking this way. Final third mellows out to some sweet cinnamon and stone fruit. Little cakiness. Kinda like pie crust with a bit of filling. Retro ramps up to a pepper. Some mild citrus aftertaste lingers on my pallet. This has been smoking beautifully with a bunch of evolution. By far the best RA I've smoked. Cant wait to see how it develops with age. I value this stick at $14.00 Cuba value: 2.43 Cost value: 1.27 (Ratings are based on a ratio of value/cost. 1.00 means I value it the same as it cost. Less means it wasn't worth the purchase. More means it was a deal.)
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