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  1. Just saw this! 246lbs 111.6 kg Hope I'm not too late but will participate from the sidelines if I am
  2. Saw it in previews. Waited in long line and won a raffle. 10 buck seats. It was outstanding. Original cast was perfect. Was dying the whole time. I remember in the playbill there was an ad that said "you've seen the play, now read the book!". lds fully embraced it. Saw a second time for full price in la. New cast was still killing it. Highly recommend to anyone with even the vaguest interest
  3. Plmc all day everyday. Fresh or aged. Monte especial, haven't had fresh but 2016 is magical.
  4. Just over a year old, these still need time but it was good to get a baseline. Hit hard with sweet hat and cedar and a touch of coffee. Lots of pepper at the start. Very tight draw. Will open up with some drying out but I won't be touching this again for at least a year. Middle third loses all sweetness. It is all dark coffee wood and pepper. This is robust and strong and enjoyable but I'd like this to a budget NC short smoke and not a high end Cuban. Still pleasant but not hitting it's potential. I get little citrus kicks and touches of cream but they don't last long at all.
  5. Dry draw coffee cinnamon and sweet tea. First light this thing is decadent. Smooth sweet rich tobacco flavors right off the bat. Transitions quickly into oak and cedar notes. These are nicer than I normally get but not my favorite note. Quickly moves to a subtle spice and vanilla coffee with cream. I get little hints of lemon and other citrus but these are fleeting. This has some flavors reminiscent of some aged trinidads I have had in the past. Really enjoying the expedited evolution of each round of puffs. Quickly turns to fresh cut grass and I get some slight tannic bitt
  6. Really appreciate all the feedback. I've averaged out all the input and come to the conclusion that with all the red flags one cannot for sure 100 percent confirm illigitimate stick and since this is a trusted supplier all I can do is express my concerns and why we are sending it back. If this were cheaper reg I may feel okay smoking one to see if Cuba indeed being Cuba. Def seen crazy stuff occur before just not comfortable with bhk. Since this such a high risk stick (cost and reputation for scams) I can only take on this risk solo. If I ever say this in a box pass I'd lose all respect for
  7. That about seals it for me. Thanks guys. I did both. Part of the seal being off was the black light whitewashing. Also seemed lower res. The microprinting was harder to read but also matched. Barcode cam scans apps read the barcode. Works on all boxes and matches number. Wouldn't read this one. Just another flag that it wasn't original seal even though number matched the box. Lots of red flags. Enough to walk away. Thanks everyone.
  8. Haha I meant a full decade. I know we barely coming up to the initial release. Poor word choice on my end. I will edit Also caps seem fine in person. This one just had some overlapping and I'm a shitty cameraman. The idea of if you gonna do fakes why you would skimp on the triple cap part. I have stopped looking for that most times.
  9. No derision taken! 100% agree. That's where I normally am. I do little random barcode and black light checks from time to time for that warm fuzzy of I know my stuff and am doing things right. This one just got me insecure since I'm asking all the questions a buddy is split these with might ask me.
  10. The number of times my mom would say "oh my son would never do that".... I'm having flashbacks to childhood. I trust the source, just don't know who the source trusts. I just know there's others involved in the chain that could have done things. I've heard supply horror stories from the island, lcdhs and other vendors. Just doing a sanity check here as I know some have been smoking bhks for nearly a decade. Mainly looking for validation that this happens or I'm right to be concerned
  11. Thanks fellas. 50 50 response is good. Mainly looking for validation that these things happen or you are right to be concerned. All feedback welcome

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