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  1. Everyone I've had has been magic. Light dark oily dry. All outstanding. I'd say just diversify and get multiple boxes.
  2. I went potter. It hurt me inside to do so. I shall live with this choice forever. Damn you 50/50. Original star wars are great but recent movies and games have been lackluster. Potter books were great, movies had alan rickman, that's gotta count for something.
  3. My understanding of the fridge after freeze is to just ease the crazy temperature fluctuations. If i skip the fridge and get cracks or splits, id blame that. If I do the fridge and still get splits at least I did everything. Itll be fine, dont overthink it. Also buy a vacuum sealer. Great for food prep storage as well.
  4. This is my first grand edmundo and my first montecristo aged this long, just barely beating out a monte open junior by one month. Great rich chocolate and light creamy coffee right off the bat. The chocolate goes from rich fudge to more of a bitter sweet cocoa and some very light pepper kicks in. This is surprising robust and packs a punch while still being smooth. Not sure what I was expecting but Im loving this. Middle has some nice oak and cedar notes, and the rich chocolate kicks back in. Random waves of baking spices and a subtle hint of white pepper and paprika (not quite like partagas but like a spicy bell pepper and my adjectives suck). A subtle sweetness kicks in too which makes this all a little reminiscent of the dry rub I make for pork shoulder. I rarely get this but when I do all the poor financial decisions and purchases are justified. Im loving this. Coffee and cream kick back in. Like sipping a macchiatto from a cedar cup. That sounds gross but its great. No new flavors but all the previously described notes bounce around as I enjoy the rest. So I cant say the final third evolves but it plays like a greatest hits clip show. This cigar was decadent and an absolute joy. I have a couple more that I will revisit. The problem with ELs like this is I dont know if I should enjoy them all when they hit or let them sit. Good problem to have. I value this stick at $32 cost ratio = 1.47 cuba ratio = 3.02
  5. Not a daily smoke by any means. Grand edmundo. Killing time, working remotely at cigar bar.
  6. The good thing is no matter what strategies and techniques try, it wont help your chances
  7. Thanks @Ken Gargett for the reality check. I was gonna say godfather because they could remake lotr movies but the godfather will never be matched. Books and all...? Lotr all day
  8. I will say I love soyrizo. It's not the real thing but I can happily have a yummy breakfast scramble without a 24 bout of the squitts after. Never gonna give up all meat but I love how far the substitutes have come in the last couple years. It's only gonna get better. Even Tyson is looking into vegan alternatives for chicken nuggets. Replacing low grade trash meat with more environmentally and healthy alternatives is great for everyone. Will veggie subs replace wagyu in my life? Not a chance
  9. Unsolicited soap box long rant time! Go easy on washing eachothers balls fellas. I understand that the majority opinion in most societies is that boys are boys and girls are girls. It's simple and makes sense and if we can understand it, we can respect it. The hard thing is respecting things we cant understand. There may very well be a few gender fluid or non binary people here. You cant tell by their avatar photo or user name. But in my experience, queers like fancy shit like the rest of us, hell sometimes more. Even if none out themselves publically they shouldnt have to. I'd assume they are part of this community which I've always found welcoming and generous. I used to think gays were weird until it clicked that most people like the opposite sex and some like the same. Okay. I dont feel that way but I can understand how some people like girls and some like boys. Gender is binary, preference is binary. I can respect that. But bisexuals are weird, pick a damn side! Until i spoke with one who wasnt blessed with the simplicity of only liking one sex. They've struggled in ways I cant imagine and as a straight white male I've struggled plenty in finding love or sex (luckily got both going strong, yay monogomy) so I cant imagine adding in a whole other variable to the mix. I cant understand someone who likes two genders but I can listen to the struggle and I can respect it. Now we got trans. That's just silly. Until I met someone who explained it was sillier to not be honest with themselves. I cant imagine anyone would opt to feel this way on a lark. I will never understand what this is like, and I'm trying to respect it's even though its confusing as all hell. Then we have nonbinary and who knows what else. When does it end? Maybe it doesnt. But also maybe it doesnt matter. The few trans and non binary people I've talked to about this are just trying to get through life without living a lie. Anyways, this is a community of friendly people. Non binary people are people no matter if we understand or respect their lives and journey. they may be people we've done trades with. They may have SLR dcs and be willing to share at a fair value. They may have a disposable income to spend money (and that's the most important value a human can have) I get that times are changing and pc culture has run amuck but cool it with the ball washing and congratulating eachother on being normal.
  10. Terrible photo. First time smoking a plmc. 2018 box, been avoiding since I heard they needed age, but recently read they are fine young. Fir3d one off with a buddy for a weeknight birthday nightcap. Good lord. This is a new favorite. Into my regular rotation for you! Best value smoke I've ever had (huhc has been dethroned).

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