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  1. As someone relatively new to this hobby it took a while for it to sink in just how important the 90 day rest period is. Your odds of having a good smoking experience per cigar go up considerably after 90 days. It can be frustrating because I usually like to smoke one ROTT and often it’s a good smoke but I have to remind myself that I just got lucky and it is almost always a waste to try another without letting them rest. Also, do you freeze your cigars? If so, consider not freezing them. the freezing process draws moisture into the cigars and imo causes them to then need a much longer than 90 day rest period (more like 180 days minimum).
  2. I have a box of LGC MdO4’s with the same box code and can confirm that it is the same as Johns with the text actually printed on the box. I was also surprised when the box first showed up, and the box code is only printed on the outer cardboard box not the actual varnished box that holds the cigars.
  3. Just got my first cab of PLPC, MAR 18... and I think I’m in love! Just smoking one ROTT now and it is so so good to my taste. I really enjoyed smoking through a box of PLP so I decided to get a cab of these and am so glad I did. These have to be the best value in CCs, can’t wait to see how the cab progresses.
  4. It’s a perfect Saturday here in eastern PA... and I’m getting married this afternoon! Feeling all around pretty lucky right now.
  5. Reading this thread makes me super excited to try my first Bolivar, can’t wait to see what all of the controversy is about. Laphroig is probably my favorite single malt and their latest marketing tag line is “dividing opinions since 1815”, any product that people enthusiastically love/hate is probably worth checking out a couple times. I certainly did not like Laphroig the first time I tried it.
  6. Alright, here are my approved puts n' takes. This is truly epic for a noob like me, this is such a generous community. I'm still waiting on direction as to where the box's next destination is but I will make sure to get it in the air ASAP. Puts: Ramon Allones Specially Selected EPM MAY '18 2 points. Bag 15 Slot 2 Jaun Lopez SL2 UTL FEB '18 2 points. Bag 23 Slot 4 Sancho Panza Non Plus BOR AGO '16 4 points. Bag 16 Slot 1 LGC MdO #4 ETP MAY '17 4 points Bag 22 Slot 2 HDM Epi#2 ARB ABR '18 2 points Bag 25 Slot 3 RyJ Short Churchill TOU MAR '18 2 points Bag 25 Slot 5 Por Larranaga Panetelas REG JUN '17 4 points Bag 24 Slot 2 Partagas E2 MSU MAY '18 2 points Bag 4 Slot 3 Punch Punch REG SEP '18 2 points Bag 27 Slot 2 RyJ Wide Churchill MSA MAY '18 2 points Bag 27 Slot 3 Total Points: 26 + 10 handicap = 36 Takes: RyJ Churchill MSA JUL '17 4 points Bag 15 Slot 2 HdM DC UGO NOV '16 4 points Bag 23 Slot 4 QdO Corona ETP AGO ' 16 4 points Bag 16 Slot 1 ERDM Choix Supreme BLP JUL '08 6 points Bag 25 Slot 3 H. Uppmann Conn A MEG AGO '15 4 points Bag 24 Slot 2 Bolivar Liberator ??? MAY '19 8 points Bag 25 Slot 5 Cohiba Siglo II UGO SEP '18 2 points Bag 4 Slot 3 Cohiba Robusto PUR AGO '16 4 points Bag 22 Slot 2 Total Points: 36 Freebie Put: Crowned Heads 2018 Las Calaveras Toro Freebie Take: Alex Corona
  7. Haven’t tried PCs yet but I regularly smoke SCs, they’re one of my favorite regular smokes. I’ve smoked a handful of WCs and usually find them disappointing. WCs definitely have the same DNA as the SCs but are much more bland and lack a lot of the flavor that I like in the SCs.
  8. The box has arrived! Thank you @Koehlkm12 for getting it in the mail quickly. I'm less than 2 weeks out from my wedding and I have to say wedding planning fatigue is setting in big time. I have some wedding prep stuff I have to do tonight but I can't wait to inspect the contents of the box and I will do my best to get my put/take requests emailed to @FatherOfPugs before it gets too late tonight. Then hopefully I will be able to get this box in the mail tomorrow.
  9. Wow. These cigars paired with those beverages... that’s my kind of afternoon. Thanks for the review!
  10. As a peat head I agree. Laphroig 10 is probably my favorite go to single malt. I do think there is a sweet spot though but the smoke quickly becomes more dull with older Islays. For example I definitely prefer the 12 y/o Lagavulin over the 16 but I think the 8 is a little young and rough around the edges. I also really like what Ardbeg does with their Uigeadail and Corryveckan, up-market NAS bottlings like these allow for a mix of really old casks with young casks that make for really great full flavored scotch.

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