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  1. So sorry to hear about Mike. He was a kind and generous BOTL.
  2. Smoked cigar #3 about 2 weeks ago one cold evening. Per my notes: Sweet nectar, oh so sweet all throughout. No thirds here. This is a wonderful mellow cigar. I was so engrossed in the creamy sweetness of the cigar I didn’t take a decent photo. 😄 It’s got to be either an RyJ Belicosos, or an aged San Cristobal La Punta. Some RyJ Belicosos I’ve had had such a light creamy hyper sweet flavor like this cigar. An aged La Punta can develop such a creamy sweet flavor as well, although maybe not quite as mellow - I haven’t smoked a ton of aged La Punta to be certain though. I’d leave out BBF or the Sancho Panza Belicosos, this cigar had none of those marcas’ usual characteristics.
  3. So I have smoked cigar 1, 2 and 3. All I’ll say was number 1 was very familiar. How many PCs have that unmistakable milk coffee and vanilla sweetness? There were definitely flowers. Milder than number 2. Number 2 was, per my very limited notes, rich in flavor. Even had a delightful spice to it. I will say that number 1 was an easy one for me to identify. While number 2, I’d say being fairly fresh, took a bit more until I came to my conclusion.
  4. Happy weekend to all. Is today the day I smoke Cigar No. 1? She smells great, that much I can say. Nice short video! Ken’s tasting notes were not entirely helpful 😆 Or maybe he was spot on? Hmmm 🤔
  5. Sweet, I just emailed Diana. Looking forward to tasting some great cigars.
  6. I’ve had all those many times over and still didn’t do well…
  7. Got tripped up last year where the BRC I thought I was tasting was a D4. And the JL2 was actually a CORO. And so on. So maybe 2-3. Let’s do this!
  8. Nice aged Choix during work hours, thanks @Thirds!
  9. Freaking fantastic old band Coronas Claro, thanks @lovethehaze. What a treat on this hot spring day.
  10. Nice Sunday afternoon Coloniales from @inter4alia the other night. Aged delight. PLMC from @TTP21. Great warm weather cigar.
  11. Haven’t posted in a while but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been enjoying daily CCs! Last couple...all winners.
  12. ‘20 BRC, midnight cigar hitting the spot after an afternoon biking. For such a young CC it was very very good.

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