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  1. That's too bad. This one burned great all the way. True, this had a wide open draw. I smoked it very very slowly and it lasted a good 50 mins. It was just one of those perfect cigar days, low humidity, not breezy, everything working just right.
  2. @FatherOfPugs Congratulations my man! I'd say the little one is enjoying staying in, so I'd say May 31, 5 AM. Thanks for having a contest!
  3. It is a great pairing and has opened up my taste buds!
  4. This Short Churchill is all nutty, light fruity undertones and milk chocolate to my palate. It's still young so I can see it developing the rich RyJ flavors over time. However, it was still delightful, and my palate was greatly aided by the orange juice in identifying some of these flavors already present. I highly recommend this as a smooth, daytime smoke. Medium bodied, medium flavor. I was able to sample this thanks to @slowsmoke.
  5. MigsG

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Montecristo Petit #2 It's a tasty one and creamy, but I enjoy the Monte #4's blend of flavors much more.
  6. Nice review! I have one stick from a trade and look forward to trying it.
  7. MigsG

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Por Larranaga Petit Corona LGR ABR 18 Barely had these sticks a month, resting at 62RH. I pulled out the driest one from my tupperdor. Suprised at how mild it is, caramel over light toast all the way from beginning to end. Last time I had one of these, 2 years ago, it was strong and rough, basically mongrel. That was my first time so I avoided it since. Thanks to 24:24, had to give it another go. This one behaved like an aged stick, a winner. I could smoke these all day long, and then switch to a full flavored marca like Bolivar or Partagas for a nightcap.
  8. MigsG

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Juan Lopez No. 2. Full bodied, medium-light flavored, citrusy, toasty, tasty.
  9. This is a real labor of love. Very very appreciative.
  10. That's awesome of you and will require a lot of patience on your part! Cool, and thanks.
  11. So how does that work - the person who originates the box starts with putting in cigars - and then waits till the box makes its way back to him at the end of the route? Guessing that will be you?
  12. Amazing, just amazing. One of my golf buddies texted me, shouting in delight in all caps.. but I have a feeling he was actually crying tears of joy.
  13. MigsG

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Over the weekend, had this RyJ Short Churchill, MSA May 18, AND Orange Juice. Nutty, light fruit and milk chocolate undertones. Loving this OJ as new drink of choice for my daytime cigar. RASCC ETP ABR 16 Aging nicely, all vanilla nut creme and light stewed fruits.
  14. It's Mexico!!! LOL. It's ALWAYS the foreign guests. Mexicans are cool with it.
  15. Having an RyJ Short Churchill with an orange juice now. Wow I concur with the results!
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