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  1. Thanks @lovethehaze and @mtd057! Staying safe by staying home with just the family! And great cigars of course.
  2. Began my birthday month celebration, today having a cigar I have kept for a while now. Thanks to @mtd057 for this special Montecristo! Thoroughly enjoying it, Matt!
  3. Exhibición No. 4. Been loving RyJ lately, Mille fleurs, Petit Corona now this.
  4. Had an early ‘19 Maduro No. 3 from a box a friend bought in Havana early this year. Rested 4 months since my buddy had one when he got back and said it was wet and yucky. Right off the bat, getting chocolate mixed with some earth and a light sweetness. The rest period did it a lot of good. Great flavor, medium bodied, probably due to the tupperdor dry boxing at 62-63 RH. Didn’t notice any transitions, just solid flavor, no harshness, a nice amount of sweetness. Wonderful cigar, it was a great experience. Had to be a 93. I’m sold!
  5. Short and sweet review. Haven’t touched one in months but I always keep a few around.
  6. Wonderful DEC ‘16 HUPC, thanks buddy @lovethehaze. Enjoyed the baking spice and coffee flavor. Tons better than Regalias which I love. Happy Father’s Day all.
  7. Just finished this beautiful, very satisfying Maduro No. 3, young, ‘19 box I believe, that’s has probably 4 months rest. Love the sweetness over the chocolate flavor. No harshness whatsoever. Probably helped that my tupperdor was at 62 RH for the last few months. @Thirds thanks for sharing from your Cuba trip!
  8. I second that, old Saab was first car that came to mind. Possibly older BMW as well .
  9. Stoked to find I had one ‘16 Picadores left that I had picked up over a year ago from an acquaintance.
  10. ‘18 BCJ that’s also smoothened out. A little wet as I’m trying to work out my humidity, but still smoking fine. Mostly a floral sweetness at this point, not getting the strong coffee and leather that the BCJ is known for.
  11. Mid ‘18 Upmann from one of the generous BOTLs I’ve traded with. This one has aged out any trace of pepper or spice. Just a mellow smooth smoke with traces of a cream coffee tea blend, to my palate.
  12. ‘18 Monte Petit Tubo with an oily wrapper and a flavor I’ve found richer than regular Monte No. 4s. Enjoying this while dreaming of being on a Hawaiian beach 🏝

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