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  1. Interesting, somewhat similar to my experience. Mine did have a salt component to it as well, now that you mention it.
  2. I measured mine, it was a Robusto. Sounds like you got a dud!
  3. Looking good, Ray! I experienced the same thing yesterday with a maduro NC. Crisp flavors and enjoyable, but lacking that "umami" aftertaste. There's just something missing.
  4. Alex custom Corona thanks to @kevpro First custom I've ever had, have to say it was creamy yet full bodied.
  5. I voted San Juan after having my first last month. My close second would have been Epicure Especial.
  6. '15 Partagas Shorts, thanks @HopeUgood! Started full strength, full spice and coffee and sweetness. 2/3 toned down a ton, brought refinement and a mid bodied creamy blend of the same flavors that lasted to the end.
  7. Hi, Some friends (non cigar enthusiasts) just came back. They said had a great tour of a farm in Vinales, Manolo farms, and were given a demonstration by this man - see link: They also bought a bundle of 25 farm rolls for $75. They're going to send me a few to try. Has anyone heard of this particular farm? They said they had a great time. Thanks!
  8. Jerry. Would love to discuss all the times cigars appeared on Seinfeld.
  9. I second this - after a couple days of not smoking cigs, and just cigars - it will be that much easier. Continue smoking cigars - but not cigs. You will feel better every day after.
  10. Interesting. Not sure how similar it was to my experience. Good thing you enjoyed the experience.
  11. Everyone always has an interesting story how they got those authentic Cubans hehe. Good for you for telling him about the bugs.
  12. Did you get to talk with the storekeeper about these cigars, find out the story behind how they got these fakes? And maybe even let them know they were bad cigars?
  13. Mid day enjoyment with this UBM JUN 18 HdM Le Hoyo de Rio Seco.

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