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  1. Sweet, I just emailed Diana. Looking forward to tasting some great cigars.
  2. I’ve had all those many times over and still didn’t do well…
  3. Got tripped up last year where the BRC I thought I was tasting was a D4. And the JL2 was actually a CORO. And so on. So maybe 2-3. Let’s do this!
  4. Nice aged Choix during work hours, thanks @Thirds!
  5. Freaking fantastic old band Coronas Claro, thanks @lovethehaze. What a treat on this hot spring day.
  6. Nice Sunday afternoon Coloniales from @inter4alia the other night. Aged delight. PLMC from @TTP21. Great warm weather cigar.
  7. Haven’t posted in a while but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been enjoying daily CCs! Last couple...all winners.
  8. ‘20 BRC, midnight cigar hitting the spot after an afternoon biking. For such a young CC it was very very good.
  9. C&C time! ‘18 Monte Petit Tubo, just recently received this box. Really nice. Great cocoa notes from first puff.
  10. Nice cigar, hope it was great! I have a single gifted to me and hope to enjoy it this year. Which regular production RyJ would it be like, if any?
  11. Happy Valentine’s everyone RyJ Churchill tonight, age unknown, I know it’s a couple years old.
  12. ‘19 D4 had strong floral notes along with the usual D4 profile. Fantastic.

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