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  1. Sweet, I just emailed Diana. Looking forward to tasting some great cigars.
  2. I’ve had all those many times over and still didn’t do well…
  3. Got tripped up last year where the BRC I thought I was tasting was a D4. And the JL2 was actually a CORO. And so on. So maybe 2-3. Let’s do this!
  4. Nice aged Choix during work hours, thanks @Thirds!
  5. Freaking fantastic old band Coronas Claro, thanks @lovethehaze. What a treat on this hot spring day.
  6. Nice Sunday afternoon Coloniales from @inter4alia the other night. Aged delight. PLMC from @TTP21. Great warm weather cigar.
  7. Haven’t posted in a while but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been enjoying daily CCs! Last couple...all winners.
  8. ‘20 BRC, midnight cigar hitting the spot after an afternoon biking. For such a young CC it was very very good.
  9. C&C time! ‘18 Monte Petit Tubo, just recently received this box. Really nice. Great cocoa notes from first puff.
  10. Nice cigar, hope it was great! I have a single gifted to me and hope to enjoy it this year. Which regular production RyJ would it be like, if any?
  11. Happy Valentine’s everyone RyJ Churchill tonight, age unknown, I know it’s a couple years old.
  12. ‘19 D4 had strong floral notes along with the usual D4 profile. Fantastic.
  13. ‘19 Punch Punch Punch so good with a coffee/hot cocoa concoction.
  14. That’s really cold but you were well prepared. Great cigar for the weather. I personally like Bolivar in the winter. Nice review too, makes me want to get some, although I have some BRC coming!
  15. Feels like a special night for a midnight cigar. Completely still and quiet outside. Cold but no breeze. Lit up a ‘18 Diplo 2 and poured a little Hardy XO rare cognac gifted by a generous BOTL on another forum. So good. These are the days of our lives, so they say, and this was one experience I won’t forget.
  16. You’re the first to post a selfie and review this weekend. You should be given a prize! Nice review and selfie. Too bad though the P2 didn’t impress.
  17. Just received this box of TUA MAR 20 Partagas Shorts not even a week ago. I decided to smoke one on Sunday night to get a baseline. Blown away by how good it was. Not a fluke - I just had another one - again it was amazing. Tastes like it’s been rested for at least a few months. Rich chewy smoke full of the flavor we love. Can’t explain it but I don’t know how long this box will last this winter. Could be my nightly cigar.
  18. Smoked the ugliest of my newly received ‘20 Siglo II earlier. ROTT. Pretty good considering shipping in winter plus reship by my box split host.
  19. Sorry as you know I’ve been busy on the other forum, ?. I actually thought it was a good creamy, medium bodied with some light sweetness. I’d smoke it again. In fact I have procured a few more.
  20. I enjoyed this article. I’ve always been intrigued by the notion of owning a smoking jacket. Like @Zaxeiler I have smoking hoodies and a smoking wool coat for winter. Maybe it’s time to go for a bit more luxury.
  21. First Punch Short de Punch. SEP 19. Thanks @lovethehaze.

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