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  1. Euripidespants

    Louisville KY

    Drink enough’ll find a place to smoke a cigar. I understand the papa johns at the off 2nd street econo lodge is tip top. Also, I recommend finding hunter s Thompson’s house and taking a swig of wild turkey in front of it. Get a reservation for the angels envy tour.
  2. Euripidespants

    Peppery Habanos?

    Indeed...partagas shorts and boli corona jrs
  3. I would recommend a fake cuban cigar. Buy the cheapest esplendido you can find on the internets. It will taste nothing like a cuban cigar. seriously though....cuban tobacco has a certain flavor profile compared to other countries. If you prefer another profile who cares. Smoke what you like.
  4. Euripidespants

    Baby names help

    Mavourneen. May for short. Irish name. Derived from my beloved in Gaelic
  5. 1982 davidoff chateau haut brion I smoked after my daughter was born in 2000 a one bedroom apartment. Couldn’t afford a cigar like that at the time being a 22 yo recent college grad. Cigar was gifted to me in a “trade” with someone off the internet. (I sent him a 98 boli royal corona for a mystery cigar). Knew he had a helluva collection but didn’t expect that. I mentioned in a forum that the 5 pack of 98 boli Coronas I got were great...he said he hadn’t had one yet so I sent him one along with a Fuente. His handle name was poker. If you’re out there poker can’t thank you enough. He sent me the Davi along with a 155th partagas Solomon. Smoked it late morning with a cup of coffee. Still my number one cigar experience. After the birth of my first child, strong realization that if I want good times like this I need to get serious and work my ass off. Also helped feeling that there are great selfless ppl in the world that just love the satisfaction of being nice and overly generous to others they don’t really know. The partagas 155 was excellent too.
  6. Euripidespants

    What are you listening to?

    Been rotating recently between Townes Van Zandt, Stone Roses, and Albert Hammond Jr....if smoking with friends Willie Dee is played frequently.
  7. Euripidespants

    Davidoff advice needed

    At the risk of being a d-bag threadjacker, I highly recommend trying a Cuban davidoff at some point if you get a chance. I’ve been lucky enough to try a few and they have all been outstanding. I can’t believe how good they’ve been despite the decades of age on them. I realize I may have gotten lucky as I’ve read reviews on line that weren’t great. I think the cigars smoked in those reviews weren’t properly kept. Eitherway... Some of the best cigars I’ve smoked but I’ve always been in little to no company and on a special occasion when I smoked them. The four I’ve had came from London. I have two Davi no.1s left. with that being said I’ve always found the noncuban davidoff line to be of excellent quality production and construction, but the tobacco just isn’t there. Money better spent and saved on habanos. JMHO
  8. Euripidespants

    None Cubans

    I used to like the thinner opus x...hard to find, expensive, and that was years ago. With that being said I just strongly prefer habanos. The non- habanos tobacco is often outrageously overpriced for what it is. Like it was said before, overpriced tobacco for a starving American market.
  9. Euripidespants

    NYC Cigar Lounge

    I’m new here...wanted chime in and say agree completely on Carnegie club. Very nice place with good drinks and a very nice smoking environment. Great time talking with ppl, including one fellow who gave me a beautiful Ramon allones and gave us an excellent dinner recommendation. it isn’t cheap, but it’s NYC.

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