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  1. Last one I had was in Germany about 4 years ago. Pure Bolivar..great cigars. Wish I had a box.
  2. Probably the upmann Connie A Aug 2018. Got the box clearance from our host a couple of years ago. Have had a few intermittently and they were good but the last couple of months they have turned into flavor bombs. Almost overwhelming. Had a friend over this past weekend and he had one. He usually likes non Cubans, likes the occasional stuff I give him, but this cigar floored him. Honestly reminds of the habanos I hade in the mid 90s siglo 3 unknown box code is a very close second.
  3. Closest drink I’ve had to 100 was fonseca vintage 1977 drank in 2000. Closest cigars davidoff no 1 and a 90s cohiba siglo V. Cigars are different IMHO. I’ve had tons of great cigars, but that 77 fonseca was beautiful. That was a 99-100.
  4. On a side note...had a Connie A last Saturday night that was knock out good. Box from 2018 from our host. Had around 7 or 8 soon after I got them in ‘19 and they were good but seemed like there was potential...what a difference a year made. Total flavor bomb. friend of mine I was smoking with smokes a mix of NC and habanos. His quote was “Jesus Christ” when I let him try it. He never had a cigar with that much flavor intensity where it’s damn near overwhelming. I rated it at 92/100. I rate low usually (Best I had were a couple of davidoffs, a mid 90’s boli rc I had in 96, and a early to mid 90s siglo V I had in 98....I’d put those in the 95/100 range) That Connie A was the best cigar of the year hands down. Hopefully the others are just as good, goofy misspelling aside. This was a clearance box btw. Age them around 3 years and enjoy the hell out of them.
  5. We’re doing key west in the summer. Looking forward to it and sounds like it matches what you’re looking for. 17 yo son and I will be tarpon fishing. If it’s good enough for Hemingway it’s good enough for me. Spain might be a good option if you’re wanting to travel further. Like you said, your question was pretty open ended and what folks want to do on vacation varies a lot. Vietnam as the boss suggested sounds cool but that’s a long haul from where we’re from.
  6. I think these are machine rolled. Would explain the ash not holding. Haven’t had one in a while but smoked a lot of machine rolled partagas as a student because I liked them more than the more expensive domestics. Very cheap with plenty of Cuban twang.
  7. Had a SD4 from 2013 last night. I have one left. One of the best cigars I’ve had this year. Solid 92/100. Just beautiful. Need to get another box
  8. Love the BRC. Always has been one of my favorites. First great cigar I ever had was a BRC gifted to me in 95. top 5 smokes I’ve had. The bolivar profile fits my taste like a glove when it’s done right. The BRC doesn’t have the power they used to be but still a staple cigar. My go to cigar along with the bpc and BCJ
  9. I have a handful of monte petit edmundos....about half are fantastic...the other half underfilled...starts well. Tons of smoke...then gets hot. Set it down for one minute. Then fighting to keep it lit. Goes out. Relight. Rinse repeat. Luckily I have issues. Have had more issues with underfilled cigars, particularly with the short fat cigars they’ve been pushing. No issues with the old trusty Coronas and petit Coronas.
  10. I had a boli royal corona in 1996 which was outstanding...a gift along w a gift glass of maccallan 25 yr....guy was showing off and I was happy to oblige...still one of the best cigars I’ve ever had. Good dirty power bolivar. boli rc is still one of my favorites but I have to say the cohiba robusto has now beat it for modern day production. I’d give my left nut to try a dunhill cabinetta.
  11. Lamb or prawn vindaloo. With a lager. (From the teachings of red dwarf: a lager is the only thing that can kill a vindaloo)

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