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  1. I had my first petit Edmundo last weekend. I’ll admit I’m not into flavor descriptions but yours is spot on. Quality bob seeger. Mine was also from 2017 from our host.
  2. The link I sent above is the first of 3...Franklin bbq is the best brisket (close second is snow’s) those videos do eveything right and you’ll still f it up until you know your smoker right. It’s a long process. The thing to know is brisket is the art of’s the hardest thing to cook right, but when done correctly it’s a beautiful thing.
  3. I have a thing for special occasion cigars. Big fan. had a davidoff no 1 last May to celebrate my daughters graduation. Paired with blantons...absolutely fantastic. I have another Davi no 1 for my sons graduation. I’ve had two Davi 1’s so far and both cigars have been top 5 if not best I’ve had. Both have had excellent draws (my greatest fear w laguito 1’s)...Long skinnies with aged complex perfection. i had a partagas 155th anniversario salomones at my own last graduation about 14 yrs ago. I don’t remember shit about it...drinking beer and talking with folks too much. I remember thinking time and again this is a damn good cigar, but still too many distractions. I think I’ve learned my lesson. If it’s a special occasion cigar only smoke when I have the time to really enjoy it. Otherwise do it later when you have time to contemplate (i smoked the Davi with my brother the day after my daughters graduation). I ended up finishing the bottle of blantons and a few vieux carre’s and transformed into a wonderful deconstructed but still self contained and stained piece of gorgeous humanity. I did a lot of trapeze acts but they were all in the fifth dimension. Edit to say..I consider my kids graduation a personal goal...didn’t mean to derail the the topic. also, when doing the flying trapeze...has anyone ever farted on you? That would totally break my concentration. Asking for a friend.
  4. That’s a bummer. Upmann corona minor tubo is the first cuban cigar I smoked...think we got 3 of them (my brother and I). This was in 1993 or 94. Cigars weren’t very pretty but were flavor bombs. I was hooked. Completely different flavor profile from the Fuentes, Ashtons, etc I was smoking at the time. Been hunting since. gonna miss those boli tubos too.
  5. 898’s in a box of only 10 cigars? Am I the only one bothered by this? Cigars look good, but that’s still faking the funk.
  6. Great review. Ken needs large sideburns. Rob needs a mustache.
  7. Monte 3 is one of my favorites. Less commonly produced along with the 1. The 1, 3, and 4 have a very similar flavor profile for me but the 4 is less consistent (my theory is due to mass production of the the 4). The 1 and 3 seem to have more depth. With that being said I need another box of all of them.
  8. I was infuriated. Stupid rule and stupid VAR. completely ruined the game. I’m fine with VAR for goal line decisions.
  9. Wow...had a box of ryj Churchill from 94 that was one of the best boxes I’ve had (smoked them from around 98-2000)...have had a few singles since but they’ve been disappointing for the most part. Tried to get a box today on 24:24 but lost out (big time). Y’all can host a review on my patio any time...I dig the’re welcome to all the beer, bbq and bourbon you can stomach. thanks for another quality review
  10. This was my cook today for the 4th. 3 bone plate beef ribs. Rub is super secret. 50/50 salt and pepper. Smoked (9 hours) at 275 F on oak (I'm from Texas). You know it's done when you can push a toothpick through it and it has the consistency of room temperature butter. Simple but when cooked properly it cant be beat. That bark on there is key. The sun is always shining in the heart of flavor country. Had a boli BF afterwards to help recover from my meat coma
  11. Went through two boxes of HU super Coronas in the late 90s...back when I was broker than Gilligans ship. Still have a single one left. Outstanding. The other is des dieux. Never bought a box but I’ve loved everyone I’ve had. First batch of habanos ive had larger than a minuto. Completely got me hooked.
  12. We opened a can in my brothers kitchen with a group of folks hanging out....the can sprays putrid gas when opened. Smells like if a 10 day dead fish had explosive diarrhea on a pile of vomit. Everyone that tried it puked shortly afterwards, including myself. Stunk up the kitchen for two weeks. The picture in the original post is not what the real thing looks like once opened. I’m sure it’s more tolerable if it’s opened outdoors and washed off with water, but that’s faking the funk. Try it. Be sure to open indoors for maximum effect, and eat directly from the can shortly after opening. I bought another can. Saving for a special occasion.

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