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  1. Well there's at least one person in here who doesn't lol. I would drive a bowling ball shaped car if it got me from point A to point B reliably, and was cheap.
  2. I have a GOS OCT 17 box, cigar has a very similar wrapper and seems very close to your experience. I have to agree, there's a lot of potential, and as of right now its just a great cigar with the right amount of complexity to keep your attention. The creamy aspect really does jump out at you. I have high hopes for what this cigar will be like with another year to it. Great review!
  3. I'll be the minority here: cannot tell whether a cigar has been aged in a petaca or a box. I usually smoke through 3 and 5 packs faster than boxes, because I use them to see if I like a cigar enough to buy one. But I have some laying around here and there that i've just kind of forgotten about. I definitely cannot taste any cardboard or anything.
  4. lol it really was an eyesore. Had to smoke it just so I wouldn't have to see it in the box.
  5. Old band QDO. About 4 years of age on it.. And man, this cigar keeps getting better. Creamy the entire way through. I also got some pretty heavy mocha notes about half way through that I didn't pick up on when it was younger. When it was younger it had some pretty interesting sweet spices, that I can now only pick up on through the retrohale. But I'll take the desert flavors that I'm getting. There were some notes of leather throughout, but predominantly a sweet cream. Will definitely let these rest for even longer. It also had some of the most impressive smoke production of any cigar I've had. Burn was wavy, but didn't require any attention (it had just rained, so I'm gonna attribute it to that) Also this was definitely the ugliest rapper of the box. None of the rest are as mottled as this one. But 🤷‍♂️
  6. Hah, I always said that the RASS had a raisin-y note to it. But I can definitely see the stewed fruit/plum! Also definitely agree with Sancho Panza being a real experience and good change. Definitely unique. Also the QDO really is a classy cigar. I have half of a 4 year old box that I struggle not to blow through lol excellent write up.
  7. when I can't taste a cigar in the morning its usually because allergies.. or i'm just stuffed up. Might be something worth considering.
  8. Honestly I won't go out and smoke much below 60F
  9. I prefer smoking outdoors. I just really love being outside, and smoking a cigar just lets me stare into space and enjoy the scenery. I feel like I'm only outside to get from one place to another 90% of the time.. So slowing down, and looking at the birds passing by my bird feeder is really meditative.
  10. The aroma really is amazing. A perfect humidor smell. Now if it'll just warm up a bit for me to be able to smoke one.
  11. Pretty dark wrappers on these RASS's! Im excited.
  12. My first cigar was when I was 18 years old, and it was what was called a "don diego -prelude" that came in a little tin. It was a graduation gift that my parents got my older brother for college, that he didnt really want. A small cigar but still long filler if I recall correctly. (I think they might even be still available.. Might be worth taking a trip down memory lane) I cut the cap poorly with scissors, overheated the thing, but still enjoyed it. I got into cubans pretty soon.. I'd say 2-3 years afterwards, because I was interested in the history and I was still trying to try everything to broaden my palette. It was an H. Upmann magnum 46. In one of those 3 count petacas. Ordered online. And it really blew me away... Still love a good mag 46. after that I tried as many petacas as I could, and bought a pretty big sampler of singles from here for my birthday. And yeah. Thats how I got started. Now I buy by the box and enjoy aging and seeing all cuban tobacco has to offer.
  13. That QDO packaging lmao... Im definitely keeping my old box for as long as I can.

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